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Permanent makeup business


Some time ago, tattoos were considered as something out of this world. Indeed, the image of tattooed people was slightly different 5-10 years ago. Time flies, clients require new solutions. As you know, a significant part of all the latest and popular stuff came from the past. The same happened with cosmetic tats.

  • Permanent makeup is the business of skilful cosmetologists who would like to develop their cosmetology.

  • Cosmetic tattoo is the new level of modern beauty art. However, there are several pitfalls and many benefits of starting this business.

  • Do not mix permanent makeup with thick unnatural brows or messy tattooed lips.

The technology allows creating the best natural makeup, which will last for months without additional treatments. That's one of the main advantages of permanent makeup.

Demand is here, so is the offer. Would you like to open a brand-new permanent makeup studio in 2022? Then, let's see how to do it effectively!

Yes, of course. As a business that deals with invasive treatment, a permanent makeup business requires certification. In the case of a permanent makeup license, you'll have to do training for at least six months. Then, prove that you've learned the material with an exam. The best idea is to ask for advice from the local authorities in your state. The laws are generally the same, but they can vary from state to state.

The expenses depend. Usually, you'll be able to start a permanent makeup studio with $25 000. The initial costs include rent, renovation and equipment. Later, you'll have to invest in marketing and the team. They are the heart of this business.

No, they are two different specialists. Since you'll have to obtain a license to become a professional cosmetic tattooist, it isn't the same as a cosmetologist, even according to law. Permanent makeup is an invasive procedure. It requires hard training and severe preparation in general.

Permanent makeup studio business plan

A business plan is a paper that may lead you to success. Or to a failure. It all depends on you. A permanent makeup studio is a challenging business, and you have to plan it carefully.

Cosmetic tattooist shop business plan has to include:

  • Initial expenses list. Include all the stuff you will buy to start a salon. The more detailed the list is, the better the result will be.

  • Rent & renovation. Make sure you understand the amount of money to spend on these items. They are essential. Usually, renovation may lead to some additional expenses. Remember about them as well.

  • Equipment and consumables. Starting a permanent makeup studio means getting a lot of inks, tattoo machines and needle cartridges. They are expensive, but they are worth their money. A permanent makeup machine will cost at least $400. Then needles and inks will require about $300 altogether. The expenses will also depend on the stuff you are buying. Sure, brands will cost more.

  • Team motivation. Include this item in your business plan. Employees have to be motivated to work well.

  • Marketing expenses. Your first clients have to find you somehow – use ads to help them. Later we will show how to use beauty salon CRM software for marketing purposes. It is one of the handy tools to have.

  • Extra expenses. Mention all the things you may ever need. Spend some time thinking about the stuff you may need while opening. Make sure you know where to get it and its price.

NB! You can save on the initial expenses by finding investors. It is the most effective way to minimize the initial costs without quality loss.

Equipment: permanent makeup machine and cartridge needles

So, you've just finished renovation, hired staff and thinking about permanent makeup equipment. Of course, there is a guilty pleasure to save on it by selecting cheaper or second-hand stuff. In the case of a permanent makeup studio, we advise investing in quality equipment.

Permanent makeup machines, needles and inks have to be expensive. But, unfortunately, that's one of the guarantees of their quality. One permanent makeup machine should cost at least $300-400. Usually, that's the average price for quality stuff. If you find cheaper options, make sure to check them very well. Quality eats budget. At least, in this case.

Marketing for a permanent makeup salon

Launching a permanent makeup studio requires many ads.

Top-5 tips for advertising a cosmetic tattooist shop well:

  1. Create accounts on social media. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are the best platforms for this. Post a few posts weekly, connect with your audiences and ask for feedback. Clients love the interaction, so they'll love your active and interactive profile.

  2. Collaborate. Choose several reliable influencers for collaboration. Your audience enjoys visual content, so make sure the blogger you choose coincides with your aesthetics.

  3. Use both traditional and digital marketing. Half of your clients will not bother to check your social media. Make sure you have vivid outdoor ads. For example, signage and leaflets.

  4. Be persistent, not pushy. Clients hate pressing. Some companies ignore this fact and bombard their audiences with numerous ads and constant reminders. You have to interact but do it slightly. That's the key.

  5. Connect CRM. Permanent makeup software helps to optimize ads. Many CRMs offer fine advertising features for pleasant pricing. Make sure to connect flawless software to stand out.

Permanent makeup studio software

Customer relationship software or CRM is the most effective IT tool to connect first.

Benefits of permanent makeup studio software

  1. Online appointments. Connect with your clients 24/7. Now, customers can make appointments even out of your work hours.

  2. Staff scheduling. Exclude overload and related issues.

  3. Business analytics. Understand your performance well. CRM clearly shows who is doing what. It is a handy tool to motivate the team and reward the best employees.

  4. Notifications. Remind your clients about the upcoming events. With CRM reminders, it's so easy!

  5. Get a website, widget and a booking link – the optimal tools to connect with your audiences and optimize sales.

EasyWeek salon software offers many accessible business and marketing tools. Connect with your audiences 24/7. It is much easier than it may seem.


Starting a permanent makeup business may be challenging. That's very normal. Write down a business plan, pay attention to details, and it'll be fine!

Salon software is the thing to think about last for many. However, it is essential. Try EasyWeek salon software for free to see why we stand out. Premium quality for the budget price is already here. Please, contact us in case of queries. We are waiting for your feedback!

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