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How to get more beauty salon clients


Starting a new beauty place means dealing with dozen of business processes all at once. An aspiring entrepreneur has to select and purchase beauty salon equipment and consumables, think about a unique salon name, hire professional staff, decide on the marketing strategy, and much more.

All of the mentioned items are important, and no one doubts that. However, advertising is essential for beginners. You can get all the best equipment and team, but for what if people don't know that you exist. Presenting a new beauty salon, SPA, or hair studio is an art. Later, it will determine your income, success, and even reputation.

Talented employees + clever marketing = you win this battle.

Let's analyze the importance of clients. First, here are a few logical assumptions:

  • More customers you attract = more profit to spend on high-skilled staff, best quality equipment, and professional cosmetics.

  • More clients visit your salon = you can get higher the prices faster.

  • More guests = faster ROI.

This material will be helpful for those who want to attract more guests to their new beauty salons. Aren't you a beginner but still want to get more attention? Then also, continue reading to grab a few inspiring things you may use later. We've collected efficient ways to attract clients to beauty industry businesses to save your time and effort. So let's start our journey!

Who is a perfect beauty salon customer

One of the most common mistakes of beauty salon marketers is wasting money, time, and other resources on attracting the wrong audience. Of course, beauty salon staff are pleased with any guest who visits their beauty shop. They pay for the procedures, so it is okay. But you, as the leader, must distinguish "the right" audiences.

An ideal beauty salon client:

  • She/He maintenances her/his beauty regularly, visiting nail salons, SPAs, or barbershops.

  • She/He is always satisfied with your beauty salon services. The client respects the place and its team, recommends you to friends and relatives, and trusts you.

  • She/He makes appointments pretty often and consistently appears on time.

  • She/He is easy-going and pleasant while serving.

  • She/He is eager to recommend the place.

  • She/He brings profit to a salon: purchase memberships, book various services, buy cosmetic products you offer, etc.

These items can be generalized as "being loyal to your beauty shop." The fact is that a loyal audience is your ideal client. The one who likes you, trusts, and respects you. Once you've attracted your first visitors, analyze whether they coincide with the description we've just mentioned. And if something goes wrong, there is always the ability to change it. So, let's find out how to get these loyal clients and what to do next.

A beauty salon owner should determine the target audience before opening. It is vital to launch targeted advertising, create a visually pleasant image and find the right words to "catch," and never lose your ideal client.

Seven steps to attract new clients to a salon

Let's go straight to the point and see what is needed to attract such a desirable audience. Here are the set of simple rules, following which you will be able to "catch" and retain customers.

We've collected 7 things you can easily cope with when starting a beauty salon. They don't cost much but work very well. We hope it'll boost your inspiration to create something original and stand out.

Promote your salon on social networks

Every day we spend approximately 2.5 hours scrolling feed, liking posts, and chatting, using various social media. So why not use it in your favor? Start with creating a beautiful Instagram profile of your beauty salon. You can do it by yourself or hire a professional SMM specialist. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are trending all around the globe. Losing the opportunity to attract clients via such a good source would be a shame.

Get a website

Any business wins when it gets a website. The beauty industry is fond of visual content – the image is extra essential. So a beauty salon needs a friendly, functional site to present itself. Opening a beauty business, you must remember that everything your audience sees has to stay beautiful, aesthetic, and trendy.

A client will barely trust you if you own a poorly made website. It doesn't mean you have to spend thousands just on the site – some software offers it for free.

You can, for example, try EasyWeek. Why not check how your site will look there. We offer a landing that will be a perfect solution for those who want to have a page but don't want to spend a lot on its creation.

The current market offers many options for website creation. So let's take a look at them.

  • Use ready-made templates on Tilda, WordPress, or any other constructor. There is also a Taplink solution to create a personal page for free or pretty affordable.

  • Hire a web designer from a marketing agency or a freelancer to do a website for your salon.

  • Another solution is getting a landing by connecting a salon CRM system. We've already mentioned that EasyWeek offers a personal page that works like a site 100% free. You have to enter all the data when signing up for the service, and then the site will be created automatically.

Optimize Google

Did you know that more than 150 000 requests of "a hair salon nearby" are googled every month? "A beauty salon nearby" and "a nail salon near me" are also at the top. People google beauty salons about 60 000 times per month. Therefore, there are many potential clients of your beauty salon. All you have to do is to attract their attention.

The internet is a perfect space to find your audience. However, the work will be fruitful only if you have a website and spend on SEO optimization. If you are a low-budget beauty salon, use some other methods, keeping this one for later.

Launch internet advertising

Imagine how useful it is to show your beauty salon ads to the people who live nearby and are looking for a haircut or nail services. It's just a tiny part of all the functions targeted, and contextual ads offer.

Create a special offer + talk to the client effectively + launch targeted ads = success!

This formula is pretty helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking about beauty salon promotion. These 3 steps are pretty simple but so effective. So don't hesitate – try and check their power right now.

For the best results, use "actions to book." For example, "book now" and "make an appointment right now and get a 10% discount". Targeted ads work for warm and even hot audiences, so never lose such a good opportunity to present yourself to the people who are ready to listen.

Connect online appointment scheduling

Maybe you've noticed that we previously mentioned that clients have to receive "an action to make an appointment online." Modern beauty salon audiences have no desire to call and make an appointment via the phone. Instead, they'd be happy to book a service, having a cup of something in a comfortable chair.

Before launching a beauty salon, it'd be desirable to select a handy scheduling software or CRM.

A client goes to an online form, then selects a beauty expert, time, and service, and just books it for one click. The system will remind both the client and the expert. And the event will go right to the beauty specialist's schedule.

Work with clients' friends

Referral customers are a good way of attracting clients to a beauty salon. Create a special offer, so your loyal guests will get a discount for recommending your salon to their friends and relatives. The discount has to be available once the referral client paid for an appointment.

There are many variants of different loyalty programs. Decide which one you'd like to implement or create your unique one.

Intense PR before opening

Public Relationship is a great way to present any business. In this case, you have a perfect reason – opening a new beauty salon. Make all-around talk about you, and half of the battle is won. There are several ways to cope with this task:

  • Collaborate with similar beauty salons online.

  • Organize a master class with a famous beauty expert.

  • Run a promo campaign before the opening.

Even if the locals don't visit you while starting, they'll remember your beauty salon's name when looking for a haircut or manicure. And that's all we need!

How do online appointments increase revenue

Online booking is a perfect method to increase your revenue without much hard work. Its connection is easy and affordable, and it greatly boosts your beauty salon's profit. The online appointment allows round-the-clock booking. Now, your clients can book a service any time they wish. EasyWeek offers a smart CRM with many cool features.

Statistics show that CRM connection reduces no-shows.

Just express that you appreciate the attention. For instance, call back after the client made an appointment. Stay laconic and friendly – check the details of the procedure, time, the specialist, etc. It is enjoyable for new clients.

EasyWeek will be pleased to help with implementing online appointments quickly and effectively. The company also supplies you with a widget. You can add it to any social media. It means you won't lose clients anymore. And together with a free website, it is a perfect deal.

The importance of a flawless website

The leading role of a salon website is to convince a visitor to make an appointment. Therefore, it is crucial to understand whether your site copes with its task. So let's analyze the essential aspects.

3 main items to remember when launching a salon website:


Is it okay for different gadgets? Your website has to work well both on laptops and smartphones. Make sure that the site is readable and looks suitable even from the phone.

Remember that 80% of your clients will make appointments via smartphones.


Website design is better to be minimalistic and laconic. Don't overload it with useless elements. Then double-check all the texts. Be sure there are no typos or poorly formating. Clients can be strict, and they don't forgive mistakes.

A client will never be sure that you are good at beauty services if your website looks strange.

Starting a beauty blog can be useful for attracting attention to the site. Prepare materials about beauty, handy life hacks, reviews, etc. It will boost the landing in the search engines, driving traffic.


Make sure your website provides all the necessary information:

  • contacts,

  • hours when you work,

  • services

  • a price list,

  • an online appointment form.


Clients are the living energy of your business.

Their loyalty is significant for beauty services. They are tightly associated with comfort. Effective communication in a beauty salon, good relationships with customers, and convenience are your everything.

Before starting a beauty shop, make sure you are aware of the hidden rocks. We'll be happy to save you from many silly issues by offering our services. We wish you luck with starting the new page of your life in the world of beauty.

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