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Gift card sales – a perfect tool for creating a loyal customer base

Gift card sales – a perfect tool for creating a loyal customer base

Certificates offer an attractive way to appeal to potential customers and keep existing ones returning. EasyWeek appointment software provides your beauty studio with a gift card management feature.


A beauty salon is where customers want to feel good and relax. Nowadays, gift certificates are a great way to give friends or family members time to relax. Not only will the recipient benefit, but so will the beauty salon itself. Vouchers and gift cards can be an effective way to attract and retain customers. This article focuses on the benefits of gift cards as a perfect marketing tool for beauty salon promotion.

To start your business in the beauty industry, you need a well-thought-out business plan. Please read our blog to find out tips on how to launch your beauty startup.

A website is an excellent way to showcase your business online and attract new customers. EasyWeek booking software offers a free website with plenty of booking software features.

If you want to simplify the management process in your beauty salon, installing CRM software with online appointment scheduling is recommended. For example, you can install the trial version of EasyWeek to familiarize yourself with the helpful software features.

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Types of gift cards

Certificates are a trendy way for customers to give a special treat to their loved ones. Especially in beauty salons, gift cards are in high demand because they offer the opportunity for clients to take a break from everyday life and pamper themselves. What gift card types are suitable for beauty salons?

Treatment vouchers allow the recipient to enjoy a specific treatment at the beauty salon. These may include massages, facials, or manicures and pedicures. The beauty salon management can offer gift cards to redeem for a particular treatment or a selection of treatments.

With value vouchers, the recipient can decide how to use it. The gift card can have a specific value, for example, 300$, which can be used for various services in the beauty salon.

An annual subscription can be a good choice for those visiting the beauty salon regularly. The recipient will receive regular treatments for a year at a discounted price.

Some beauty salons also offer personalized gift cards, where the gift recipient can decide which treatments they would like. The name of the customer can customize the certificate.

The variety of gift card types allows the beauty management to use any option that fits their business.

Gift card – is a good present for a loved one.

Advantages of gift card sales for your beauty salon

Gift cards are a profitable tool for businesses. Since over 60% of gift card recipients spend more than what is on the card, they can also increase overall sales.

  • Customer acquisition: Gift cards can attract new customers to a beauty salon. Those given a gift card for services at a beauty salon are encouraged to redeem the gift card and try the services offered, even if they were not previously your salon customers.

  • Increase the average check: New customers may purchase additional services or products on top of their original purchase, increasing the salon's average bill.

  • Incentives for repeat visits: If customers have a positive experience using gift certificates, they may become repeat salon customers and return as loyal ones.

  • Promotion of new services: A salon can use gift certificates to draw attention to new services or products. This can encourage customers to discover something new and further their experience at the salon.

  • Referrals: When customers receive gift certificates and are satisfied with the salon's services, they often recommend the salon to friends and family. So, launching gift card sales becomes an effortless source of new customers through word of mouth.

Gift certificates are an excellent marketing tool for your business. However, they need to be managed efficiently. EasyWeek salon booking software is ready to release new gift card creation and accounting functionality.

What else does EasyWeek software offer for its customers?

EasyWeek appointment scheduling software

Booking software – your best business assistant

EasyWeek offers a good combination of German quality and flexible prices. The software is developed in Düsseldorf and now is actively expanding a global market of appointment-based business.

Advantages of EasyWeek:

  • Online appointment scheduling;

  • Free creation of widgets and a corporate website;

  • Transparent booking analytics;

  • Payroll module and financial management;

  • Consumables sales;

  • Workflow automation;

  • Fast and helpful support.

The appointment service speaks your language – EasyWeek is available in over 20 languages. The software offers flexible pricing and a free plan for small businesses that only need one user and one location in the system.

EasyWeek knows how challenging the start of a business can be, so the development team is always in touch and happy to help and collaborate.

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Gift cards allow customers to fulfill their personal needs and desires. They provide an attractive opportunity to try, discover, and enjoy various services in beauty studios, barbershops, or brow bars. In addition, they play an essential role in the business profit. Thanks to their flexibility, gift certificates can sustainably increase sales and build long-term customer relationships. Look at the benefits of gift cards with EasyWeek booking software and take advantage of other opportunities the system offers.

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