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Wordpress appointment plugin for your business

WordPress appointment booking and scheduling plugin

Would you like to attract even more clients via your website made on WordPress? We have good news for you then. EasyWeek business software allows fast and easy online appointments from your existing WordPress site. How is it possible? Let's see!

EasyWeek & WordPress time slot booking

Many businesses use WordPress as a handy tool to create a website in a snap. The service offers a practical and affordable online page, so why not? But, then, many companies need an online appointment feature. In the case of WordPress, it would be better to connect CRM software with the WP booking plugin.

EasyWeek understands the issue, so we've created a handy tool to connect the online appointments widget to any website made on WordPress.

A widget is an innovative tool for any client-oriented business: a simple and effective way to create a sales funnel effortlessly. Once you connect the EasyWeek software to your WordPress website, the EasyWeek widget activates.

Yes, you can easily insert the EasyWeek online booking plugin to your Tilda website directly from the EasyWeek integrations library.

Fast and easy business optimization with booking WP plugin

EasyWeek offers a customizable solution for small and big companies. The EasyWeek widget does not require any additional setup: it is a ready-to-use WordPress time slot booking plugin.

EasyWeek widget & online appointment feature have a set of handy benefits, including:

  • You get instant access to all the necessary client data via one system.

  • EasyWeek client base allows loyalty program creation and related perks.

  • Online appointments increase client trust and help to scale business in general.

According to the latest research, the online appointment feature is crucial for companies. This is because customers rely on comfort more than on pricing. That's one of the primary reasons to connect CRM software that allows handy online scheduling.

Benefits of EasyWeek software

Why are we better than our competitors:

  • While others increase pricing, we offer a free tariff plan. For big companies we provide professional tariff plans. They include business analytic tools and a marketing set to grow your company organically. PRO EasyWeek plans pricing depends on the number of users your business has.

  • We offer a customizable solution. You can add a dash of creativity while setting up the EasyWeek widget. It is fully customizable, starting with colour and finishing with items on the background. It is, actually, a pretty important detail. As any business requires unique design, EasyWeek can offer that.

  • The EasyWeek widget works well both on PC, laptops and mobile phones. This feature is a must-have for any business that appreciates its clients and reputation.

  • The widget will notify clients and staff about the upcoming event via SMS, email or Push message. It is an excellent way to decrease no-shows and clients being too late. Statistics claim that CRMs help reduce cancellations and overlaps, and related misunderstandings.

  • The EasyWeek system automatically saves a new appointment into the WordPress database, allowing you to manage the business peacefully. If you need synchronization with any other service, we also do that: Telegram, Google Calendar, Facebook etc.

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WordPress is a perfect tool to use for your website creation. Together with the EasyWeek widget & online calendar feature, it offers even more handy options to scale. Feel free to try the EasyWeek software for free and decide if it fits your business.

However, we do offer one of the most effective systems on the current market, charging fairly. Would you like to get more information? Then, don't hesitate to contact us to get more details. We are working for your success!

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