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Sports school management software


Businesses related to sports are among the all-year-round popular ones. Fitness clubs, gyms, and sports schools are becoming more common. Women make training to stay fit, men to get some muscles, and kids to relax and have fun. Sport is a basic need, especially now.

Most modern kids and adults struggle because of monotonous work, daily routines, and lack of movement. That is the reason why sports activities are in demand. People need to distract themselves, so they choose some sports clubs to do it. It is better both for the body and soul.

Are you thinking about opening a sports school? Perfect, do it! We understand that it sounds challenging, but it is possible. We will show you how to start a sports club in 2022 effortlessly. Keep reading!

They offer all the same services, but there is a difference in their amount. Gyms provide their clients with essential services, and fitness clubs give additional lux options. Sports schools or clubs are primarily for kids and their parents. These educational institutions offer different programs both to teach and entertain. Nowadays, the difference between gyms, fitness clubs, and sports schools is almost erased.

This business requires high education in fitness, careful planning, and experience. You may open a sports academy by obtaining several licenses. However, they depend on the state, so it is better to consult local authorities. You will have to prove your skills and education and register the business as an educational institution.

The choice is vast. Choose a system relying on its features and your needs. There is no point in overpaying for VIP software at the beginning. The proper scheduling software is EasyWeek.

Sports school as a handy business niche

When starting a sports business, the first thing to do is business plan creation. It is crucial as the business plan determines your goals and excludes many risks.

The business plan for a sports school consists of:

  • Financial calculations. It all starts with some budget. We advise you to calculate everything well before starting this type of company. If you are low on budget, consider looking for investors. Then the business plan will help to attract those who are looking for startups to support.

  • Premises. Sports school requires spacious premises and quality renovation. You will serve both kids with adults, so make sure you are ready for both categories. It would be nice to get a corner for children and a kids-free zone for their parents.

  • Team. Your business depends on your employees. Hire several coaches who understand their work very well. Some business owners wish to hire only skilful staff with years of experience. It is a good idea, but give some chances to beginners. Young coaches may help you even more than experienced ones. Make sure to train them well, and it will be fine.

  • Scheduling software. After planning the financial part, hiring a team, and finding the premises to start, think about the software to run your business. Yes, it may sound like a not compulsory option, but you better get a CRM to automate routines and minimize expenses. EasyWeek offers clear plans for small and big businesses. We have free and paid options, so be sure you'll find the suitable one.

  • Marketing. Advertising your sports school may help to attract the first customers faster. You can start with an Instagram and Facebook account and invest in targeted ads. The main idea is to keep your brand active online.

A good sports school business plan will help your business to grow faster. It will also minimize initial investments. All the investors look for thoughtful business plans to help prominent startups only. So make sure you have created a good business paper, and feel free to ask for some financial help.

Sports management software

Software is an innovative way to manage your business effectively and pretty fast. Any school requires very-well-made management, and sports schools aren't an exception. Sports school management software solves many of the common problems a gym may face.

What is sports management software?

Sports software is also called CRM. Customer Relationship Management is an IT solution for companies that deal with clients. The key features are:

  • Online appointments,

  • Business analytics,

  • Staff scheduling,

  • Reminders and notifications,

  • Marketing tools.

There are many more fitness software advantages you will use daily. Let's take a closer look at all the sports software perks.

Benefits of fitness scheduling program

Fitness software has a list of benefits to optimizing a sports school. It all starts with business automation that leads to general optimization. CRM takes control of most of the processes that used to be manual. As a result, it saves time and effort, allowing staff to work better with the things they have to do manually.

For example, a coach must train his students not to deal with paperwork. When working with gym software, a coach will have more time to deal with his main task – providing professional sports services. At the same time, the system will help to automate paperwork, timetables, and appointments.

Benefits of sports school software:

  • Round-the-clock booking via website or widget,

  • Free website,

  • Business analytics, including financial calculations,

  • Staff timetable,

  • A booking link to share on social media,

  • Reminders both for employees and clients,

  • Simplified paperwork,

  • And much more.

How to select sports school software

And now, we are coming close to one of the most critical questions. The only way to succeed while starting a sports school is to choose smartly. It concerns all the details: staff, premises, software. Since we are talking about CRM selection, let us show you some simple steps to choosing the system of your dreams.

Algorithm of the best sports school software selection:

  1. Study the offer. Make sure you understand how does the program work. You have to understand it, at least in theory, to avoid trouble and overpay later.

  2. Understand your needs. A sports school has particular marketing and organizational needs. Write down the main, then compare your list to the current offer. Do not neglect this step. There is no point in selecting the most expensive tariff plan, especially when you need the basics. And in the beginning, you will need the basic set.

  3. Select 3 providers that suit you best. Show this list to your friends and colleagues. They may help to select the best offer.

  4. Redo the previous step till you find the best option. You can also ask for advice from friends and even strangers online. Yes, it helps, in this case.

  5. Rely on reviews. They matter. People share their experiences, so it helps others to avoid the same troubles.

EasyWeek free sports school software

EasyWeek provides a free tariff plan for coaches who start by themselves. The offer is available for one user and one location, so it is perfect for personal trainers. It provides all the essential features you need to start.

How can I sign up for the free EasyWeek plan?

The requirements are pretty simple. The free plan works for one user only. Then, go to the EasyWeek website, fill in the application and start working immediately!

What will my sports business get from the free EasyWeek connection?

  • A website to present business online. We offer a landing with all the essential modules to cover you with a website. No IT skills are needed to start.

  • Online appointments. Use our main feature 100% for free. Online booking works 24/7 and does not require your participation. Customers can book a service even out of your work hours.

  • Integrations with different services and all the other popular social networks. The online presentation is essential – that's why EasyWeek provides many integrations in its marketplace.

Alright, but what if I work as a part of a sports school team? Then keep reading. We have a solution for you!

EasyWeek PRO tariff plans

EasyWeek PRO tariff plan is a good option for team business. Our PRO plans cover all the needs of almost any business.

What will I get with the EasyWeek PRO tariff plan?

  • All the features that we've already mentioned in free plan.

  • Teamwork option.

  • Business analytics.

  • Financial calculations.

  • Reports templates.

You get all the tools to manage a sports school. You can always change a tariff plan – the EasyWeek system is pretty flexible.


A sports school business is a good niche to start. The EasyWeek software can quickly help you with scheduling and online appointments. Join our EasyWeek team and contact us in case of any queries. We are waiting for your feedback.

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