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Loft rental software


There are various startups in the modern market: beauty salons, co-workings, lofts, etc. But some of them fail even faster than launch. But why?

New business is always a good idea. The key to success is proper planning. Today, we will talk about loft and its software. Have you ever used one, or are you planning to start a loft business? If you are reading this article, the answer may be somewhat optimistic. Keep reading to check all the steps of creating a loft business in 2022.

Write down a business plan and mention there both analytical and financial parts. It means you have to make a budget and step-by-step planning.

Usually, it may cost you up to $30 000. However, the loft business does not require expensive equipment or super expensive professionals. Start with basics, for example, premises and marketing tools. Then connect EasyWeek loft appointment software and look for extra stuff your clients may like. It may be tasty coffee or cool decorations, interactive booking or a creative website.

Loft CRM is a system made to control all the daily routines the business may face. It includes business and financial analytics, staff scheduling, online appointments, marketing tools, etc. There are many loft software providers, for instance, EasyWeek.

What is a loft business

The loft is a space for parties, birthdays, educational courses, training, etc. A client rents some space and its decorations. Usually, customers ask for some particular decor to suit their events. Then, you make extra money, while customers get more free time and fewer worries.

The loft is a good idea to start. It doesn't require much money or equipment: just a spacious room, creativeness, and a dash of proper management.

Now, you see that loft is simple stuff in general. Anyway, it requires time and effort to start. So let's see how to create a loft business right now.

Loft as a business idea

Loft starts with location and premises. After that, you better look for some marketing helpers and staff. That's it. Now, let us show you all the processes step-by-step.

Guidelines on starting loft:

  1. Create a business plan. It includes location and premises, staff and marketing tools, additional expenses and regular stuff.

  2. Look for the right location and premises. Lofts are usually opened in the city centre or the local areas.

  3. Hire staff. First, you better hire an administrator and SMM. The first will manage the startup, the second will advertise it. Then go cleaning team, accountant and others. You may look for a freelance accountant, and it will be much cheaper than a full-time specialist. The other option is managing the business by yourself. It is more complicated but very cost-effective.

  4. Create a marketing strategy. It deals with all the stuff you need to launch and maintain a startup. Firstly, you may deal with everything by yourself, and later it is better to look for a professional marketing agency.

  5. Connect loft online appointment system. This type of business software will solve many of your issues, starting with basic financial analytics and finishing with marketing tools to grow.

Loft scheduling software

Loft software is a CRM that controls daily routines and plans appointments for your business. It is one of the trendy options to get in 2022.

How to choose a suitable loft solution

  • Choose a reliable provider with positive client reviews.

  • Research your needs and the offer well before actually paying for something.

  • Ask for advice. CRMs are in demand, so the chance to get professional advice on their selection is exceptionally high. Ask your colleagues and friends first.

  • Take your time to compare. Do not rush. CRMs are emerging every day. Make sure you know what you require before getting one.

You can also trust us and choose EasyWeek appointment scheduling software to avoid issues. Here we are to show you why it is a good idea.

EasyWeek loft online appointment software

EasyWeek is a startup that is already trusted all around the globe. We work with various developers worldwide, making the software better every day.

Now, we do offer a free tariff plan for small companies. Would you like to try it? But then, let's find out what it is first.

EasyWeek basic free plan

  • Online appointments via your website, widget and a booking link.

  • Free integrations with all the most popular social networks and other online platforms.

  • Fast technical support.

This plan includes one user and one location. If you need more, please consider getting the EasyWeek PRO plan.

EasyWeek PRO tariff plan

EasyWeek PRO plan fits for many branches and users. It includes all the features we've just mentioned, and also:

  • Business analytics.

  • Financial module for salary calculation.

  • Marketing helpers and team motivators.

  • More than a dozen of reports just in case.

  • Instant-search client base.

  • Inventory module.

  • And much more.

So basically, you can start with the free option and see how it goes. According to the statistics, free plans work well for small businesses, then most of them scale to the bigger paid ones.


EasyWeek appointment software will gladly help you with opening a loft space and attracting clients in 2022. We deal with IT solutions that win the world now, so let's scale together. Try EasyWeek for free right now!

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