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How to manage a SUP surfing school

What is SUP surfing

Water sports are pretty popular. Some clients enjoy surfing as a fun activity, others like it for staying fit. In any case, surfing is a good combination of physical activity and mental relaxation. The history of traditional surfing is rather long. This water sport was invented in the 12th century somewhere in Ancient Polynesia. Historians found the first scale paintings precisely there. Even at that time, people enjoyed riding waves, using tools similar to the modern surfing boards.

SUP or Paddleboard surfing is still a new thing for many people. But what does it mean? SUP surfing is a hybrid of traditional surfing and paddling. A surfer uses paddles to ride waves. He does not need to lay down on the surfing board. This kind of surfing is an instead standing one.

So, SUB surfing is the second, more popular name for SUP Paddleboard water sport. The abbreviation SUP means stand-up paddleboarding. It gives a general understanding of this water sport to those who barely know its terminology. SUP surfing offers the pleasure of active physical training and funny water activity. Stand up paddleboards are pretty affordable to rent and even buy if you will do the sport professionally.

Alright, I want to start SUP surfing as a business. What should I do? That is the right question. First of all, write down a SUP surfing business plan. We will tell you how to do it in this article.

Sure, it is. SUP surfing offers a wide range of possibilities. People can do it as freelance coaching, full-time jobs, hobbies, etc. If you would like to grow a robust business out of a SUP surfing hobby, consider looking for a partner in crime. You can launch the startup much faster as a team, not alone. The second crucial detail is your business plan. It all starts with planning and budgeting. Think well about your business plan to succeed.

It may be easier, but this kind of sport is just different. For example, you may stand or sit on the SUP board so that it may look more accessible for many clients. Anyway, the sport still requires careful preparation.

You can. Everything is possible. If you have no budget, consider looking for investors. They may cover the initial investments and even help later. If you want to find an investor, write down the startup's business plan. Make sure the paper looks reliable and show it to potential investors. Usually, those interested in startups choose projects to invest in according to business planning. Now, you understand why your SUP business plan is that important.

The modern online appointment and scheduling system will be very helpful to get new clients. For example, try EasyWeek scheduling system for free.

SUP surfing school business plan

We have already understood that SUP surfing business planning is essential. So let us show you how to write down the business plan step-by-step. If you are familiar with starting a business, there will not be any surprises for you at all. Sure, SUP surfing has its features, but the basis is the same as when starting a beauty salon or gym.

SUP surfing school business plan consists of the following steps:

  • Create your community. This first step will determine the service and the prices you may offer. Look for similar businesses to collaborate with. You will exchange your clients and double each other's profit.

  • List the resources needed to start your work. Usually, they include equipment, personnel, and intellectual property. Once you understand the key sources, the performance will appear more evident. Then you will be able to proceed to the following step.

  • Determine the services you will provide: look at your partners and sources.

  • Set up pricing. The price list has to be clear both to you and clients. Think about it in advance. We advise starting with medium pricing. There are several reasons why it is better. First, too low prices can scare off your audience. Second, too high pricing may look like an unreachable luxury for many. According to the current market situation, the best option would be to set up the average market price and correct them.

  • Decide on your marketing strategy. Advertising SUP surfing business will maximize its revenue and minimize expenses. First, you may start with online marketing. Create your SUP surfing school website for free. Social media is an excellent tool to use, also. For example, create an Instagram account, add several photos, mix them with some quality content, and here you are. Your first followers may become your first clients. After that, you can go on with traditional marketing, for instance, order colourful leaflets, printed ads and other handouts.

  • Find the proper online booking and management program. Use EasyWeek for free if you are a private SUP instructor, or use EasyWeek professional plans if you manage a SUP surfing school.

SUP surfing business starts with the right community and finishes with clever management. Make sure you understand your client and start working to make a dream come true!

How to choose SUP school software

SUP surfing schools are becoming more and more popular. Do you know what it means? Right, you will attract customers. Sounds nice, right? Indeed, clients will help you to succeed. A good scheduling and management software is a perfect solution for your surfing school startup.

How does SUP school software optimize the business

  • Provides a SUP school with online appointments.

  • Offers handy staff scheduling.

  • Has many marketing tools, including landing and widget.

  • Notifies employees and customers about upcoming events.

  • Protects your business from no-shows and late cancellations.

  • Works when you don't (24/7).

How to choose the proper software for the SUP surfing business?

  1. Write down the features you need.

  2. Compare the list to the CRM's functions.

  3. Study reviews on the software you've just chosen.

If you don't know what software to choose, start with the EasyWeek online appointment system.

EasyWeek software for surfing

We offer SUP surfing software to optimize your business. How does it work? Once you connect to the EasyWeek scheduling system, you get a website to present the surfing school online. The landing is created based on the data you enter while signing up. It is pretty easy and swift.

Your business also gets access to the EasyWeek widget and booking link. This marketing set allows you to manage the business even from the phone. EasyWeek offers free and PRO tariff plans. The free version is available for one user and location.

Free features

  • Online appointments.

  • Widget and a booking link.

  • Landing.

  • Integrations with social media and other services.

PRO plans include

  • All the basic plan features.

  • Business analytics.

  • Financial module.

  • Inventory options.

Free and paid options offer all the important stuff to start a SUP surfing startup. The main difference is in the number of users.

An online appointments system – is the best business solution to boost sales and attract clients without being pushy.


SUP surfing schools and rentals are in demand. Yes, the business may look challenging, but it is worth starting. If you want to open a surfing school, follow the simple steps we have just mentioned. An online appointments software is an essential tool to optimize your startup. Join the EasyWeek team and try the system for free!

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