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Opening a medical laboratory

#1 Introduction

Health is an essential thing for every human being. So, naturally, people are ready to spend a lot on staying healthy and fit. However, we often choose comfort and speed even if it is more expensive. That is why medical labs have to provide quality medical testing and fast and comfortable service. Sure, if they want to succeed. And we are sure you do!

Many labs still have no desire to change and implement innovations, so they lose. Pathetic, but it is not that bad for those ready to develop in new, modern ways. Just select a handy booking system to stand out among the nearest competitors, attract more patients and get a positive image.

Some people think that state medical laboratories are more popular as they cost less and provide the same services. But are they the same as private labs? Well, actually, not really. Private labs have a list of advantages:

  • Private medical labs are more customer-oriented: no queues, quarrels and angry medical staff.

  • Offer 24/7 online booking: clients can make an appointment in a few clicks even while having a coffee at home.

  • The results are ready much faster, so patients can start treatment way earlier.

You see that medical laboratories win over the state ones. Mainly because they are ready and can develop their medical services together with implementing innovations. So, let's find out the secrets of a successful Medical Lab Startup.

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Medical lab startup

#2 Opening a medical laboratory from scratch

The medical business is not among the easiest ones. First, there are many competitors, especially talking about big cities. Second, the medical field is under strict control. But do not be afraid. All you have to do is take a closer look at all the details that have to be mentioned when opening a private medical lab. And, the most important factor is that laboratory testing is always on demand as it is a must-have to get the proper treatment.

Higher medical education will significantly help when starting a medical business. However, if you have any other education and still want to open a medical laboratory, you should hire a specialist with appropriate skills.

Features of opening and maintaining a medical laboratory business:

  • The need to obtain a medical license + strict control from the government's side.

  • Higher medical education for medical staff is a must.

  • Networking in a medical field is highly desirable: contacts of best doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc.

  • The premises have to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

  • Purchasing of the needed equipment.

  • Clinical lab is a promising but complex business niche.

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The two best ways of opening a medical lab in 2022

  1. Opening a medical laboratory from scratch: create a business plan, invest in advertising, etc.

  2. Opening a medical lab by franchise: get a ready-made business plan together with support from the management company and a famous name + medical contacts.

Provided services

Decide on the services your medical lab will provide. Firstly, it is better to give only the most popular services:

  • general and biochemical blood tests,

  • clinical urine tests,

  • hormone tests,

  • allergy testing,

  • biomarker testing for cancer treatment,

  • and ultrasound examinations.

Later, sure, you can add some services. But remember that to do it you will need more staff and more expenses. Once you are ready, get the required medical equipment and hire more professionals to provide the new testing.

Medical laboratory staff

Laboratory staff usually consists of administrators and medical staff. The number of employees depends on the provided services and the size of the medical lab. Very often, before passing the medical tests, patients also want to consult a doctor. Therefore, medical laboratories additionally hire therapists, pediatricians, urologists, gynecologists, and other specialists. Sometimes these doctors also provide medical tests. It is the best way, but you have to train the team to perform everything in the best possible way.

Laboratory for testing

#3 Premises and equipment for a medical laboratory

As a rule, sampling of analysis and analysis conduction take place in separate rooms. When selecting premises, remember that you will need a separate room for sampling and conducting medical laboratory analysis. No doubt, medical labs require a lot of investment. You will have to spend on purchasing laboratory equipment, furniture, and renovation.

The medical lab has to be well-thought-out as this type of clinic is under strict government control.

That is why new medical laboratories often collaborate with famous ones. They deal only with attracting patients while more prominent labs conduct medical analysis.


Your location is as important as your team. It is essential to think well about selecting the right place where your future clients will find you easily. The area has to be convenient and the signage memorable. You can open a lab near a medical clinic to attract their patients as well. Or even collaborate providing medical testing for the medical center situated nearby. Locating a medical lab in the residential area will also work very well.

Arrangement of a sample point

  • Reception area: furniture for administrator and guests, a shoe basket for the front door, and a water cooler.

  • One or more medical rooms.

  • Bathroom.

  • Technical and administrative premises.

  • Medical room equipment.

  • Medical furniture: tables, chairs, couches.

  • Refrigerated storage systems.

  • Ultrasound, ECG machines (depends on the list of services).

  • Pressure meters, thermometers.

  • Instant analysis kits.

  • Test tubes, disposable syringes, disinfecting wipes, bandages, clamps.

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Opening a test centre

#4 Medical activity licensing

Before opening any medical business, you will need to obtain a medical license. To do it, be ready to collect the following papers:

  • Your CV.

  • Medical verification.

  • Documentation of USMLE exam completion.

  • Diplomas.

  • Post-graduate training verifications (if applicable).

  • References.

  • Fingerprint cards.

  • Summary of derogatory information.

Remember to start the process of license obtaining in advance.

It usually takes up to a few months to get all the documents collected, approved, and receive the medical license itself. Plus, always consult local authorities as the needed documents and time frames can change from state to state.

Getting a medical license is a long and sometimes complicated way. Be ready to wait and work a bit harder than usual to open a medical lab successfully.

#5 Get started with promotion

Attracting customers is essential for any business. Talking about medical labs, they are a bit easier to open as these types of medical services are always in demand. So, naturally, many patients want to get them. Anyway, to get the best results, it is better to think about a sequential marketing plan.

One of the easiest ways is researching the nearest competitors and then offering similar services but with a discount.

Ads will be effective both on social networks, TV, or journals/magazines. However, the best way is an online presentation. To present a new lab online, you have to:

  • Create a laboratory website with online booking feature. How to create a website for free, read here.

  • Sign up your medical center on social networks.

  • Connect the lab to Google Maps.

Once you attract customers, handy CRM will help you to retain them. Plus, it will also attract new customers as CRM systems offer valuable tools for medical labs promotion.

This type of software increases the quality of services and, as a result, the average check. The system will also deal with a client base, staff scheduling, reminders, and finance. For instance, EasyWeek offers a Finance module to calculate salary, reward, or collect fines. It is also packed with different types of notifications: email, push, and SMS, a widget for online booking, and a personal page that works like a mini-website.

Instal online appointments via Instagram.

Set up an online appointment in a medical laboratory

#6 Lab franchise

A franchise is a right to open a medical lab under an already existing name, with the help of the management company + with a fully ready business plan. It is a good option for those who want to start a medical business without deep knowledge about this field.

We have prepared a checklist on opening a medical lab by franchise:

  1. Read about the company, study clients' reviews, and speak to those who have already opened a company using this franchise.

  2. Register your business with guarantee authorities.

  3. Sign a franchise agreement.

  4. Prepare all the needed franchise documents.

  5. Select a location, renovate it.

  6. Hire medical staff, administrators, and cleaning.

  7. Install an online appointment booking system.

  8. Welcome patients!

Check the list of possible franchisors as they vary from state to state.

Business in healthcare

#7 Conclusions

To open a medical laboratory, you will have to work hard and be ready to invest a lot. But, the niche is prosperous as it is in high demand.

There are many details to remember if you want to succeed. Usually, constant business analysis, thought-out planning, and a handy CRM system will make you win.

CRM system is an excellent solution for any medical business. However, it is especially convenient for medical labs as it optimizes all the work processes by automating daily routines.

Try EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for free to see how well it works for your medical lab. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team, they will be glad to help you!

And remember! Quality sample testing, high-speed results, and pleasant prices are the key to medical laboratory success.

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