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Showroom booking software

Showroom booking software

How to promote a showroom and attract new clients with the help of online appointment software from EasyWeek.


Showrooms are famous for displaying and selling clothes, kitchen sets, cars, and many other categories of goods. Whatever you sell, the principles of management will be similar. The business owner needs to keep records of applications and establish continuous communication with customers. It is also good to have automated financial accounting and analytics to understand the vector of development.

EasyWeek online appointment software will help you organize customer appointments for consultations with stylists or individual fittings. If your showroom rents space for photo shoots, the service will also help you manage these processes.

A showroom is a specially equipped room or place where a company exhibits its goods or services for public viewing and customer selection.

With some professional skills, you can use website builders such as WordPress or Tilda to create a free website. You can also install the EasyWeek online appointment system, which automatically provides a free website with a widget and business management tools.

The monthly subscription cost depends on the number of staff, locations, and the provider's pricing policy.

Showroom business plan

Types of showrooms & their services

Showrooms can be different:

  • Private: visits by appointment;

  • Public: free access.

The owners of online clothing stores often open showrooms to provide an opportunity to try on the goods before buying. There are many small business owners among showroom owners. They often use social media to promote their showrooms on the Internet. Additional showroom services include consultations with stylists, makeup appointments, and renting space for photo shoots and parties. For such events, businesses will need online booking software.

Opening a showroom is a challenge, but it is worth it: you need to rent a room and buy goods. For a successful break-even start, we recommend preparing a detailed business plan and selecting a suitable online appointment solution for ease of management.

A private showroom

EasyWeek for showroom client management

EasyWeek is a multifunctional solution with an intuitive interface. So, managing the flow of customers will be as easy as never; just install the application on your smartphone and always be aware of what is happening. EasyWeek is ideal for both a low-budget startup and an extensive network management. Consider this option if you organize services and sell clothes: consultations with makeup artists and stylists, shopping with a stylist, and the work of a beauty therapist or photographer.

Top 7 reasons to connect EasyWeek

  1. Appointment widget for your website or social media. Direct customers from your social media page directly to your showroom.

  2. Online booking allows you to control the flow of customers. Schedule visits to maintain social distancing in the showroom.

  3. Everyone who has visited your page will be considered for the program. In the future, you can prepare targeted mailings for potential customers and inform them about upcoming promotions.

  4. A free website for business with a built-in online appointment widget.

  5. EasyWeek will create employee schedules, and on the correct dates, it will calculate salaries and bonuses.

  6. The system eliminates outdated paperwork. Not wasting paper is environmentally friendly and in the spirit of the times. Not engaging in useless labor is also environmentally friendly.

  7. Compared to its competitors, EasyWeek is inexpensive and does not charge for transactions and updates. The service also has round-the-clock technical support.

Autumn wardrobe

Online appointments as a business trend

Working with clients always motivates you to develop yourself and your business. It has been proven that using an online appointment service increases the number of online customers by a third. When you start a service sector business, install an online appointment widget on your website and allow customers to make an appointment through the application. All this is possible with the EasyWeek. Why not give it a try?

You can freely test EasyWeek's full functionality within 14 days after registration.

Unlimited access for all plans for 14 days

Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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