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Martial arts appointment software


Sports-related businesses are popular all year round. As a result, gyms, fitness centres and martial arts schools are becoming more common. Many women work out to stay in shape, men work out to build muscle, and kids work out to relax and have fun. The martial arts, we will discuss today, develop reaction, endurance and agility.

For most children and adults, monotonous work, daily routines and lack of exercise are hard on them. Sporting activities are therefore in great demand. Most people feel the need to distract themselves and choose a martial arts school for this purpose.

When you open your sports school, it is crucial to automate the business so that a specific program handles all routine tasks and you can focus on working with your students. So today, we will show you the opportunities for appointment software for your martial arts classes.

A dōjō (道場, Japanese pronunciation: [doꜜː(d)ʑoː]) is a hall or place for in-depth learning or meditation. This is traditionally the case in martial arts but is increasingly used in other areas, such as meditation and spiritual practices.

There are four main categories of martial arts – Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Brazilian – and within each category are some styles. There is also a martial arts category called Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, which uses a mixture of techniques from other martial arts and combat sports.

Findings on famous martial artists and current masters and instructors show that starting at age 6 or older gives a better chance of continuing into adulthood than starting younger, but starting at age 10 or more senior still provides a better opportunity.

Martial arts training for kids

Online appointments for martial arts classes

The software offers an innovative way to manage your business effectively and quickly. All schools need management done well, and martial arts schools are no exception. Management software for sports schools helps solve many problems a martial arts school faces.

The software makes running your karate, judo or other martial arts studio, school or camp easy. Automation will help increase the number of customers, develop promotional campaigns, improve interaction with visitors and monitor the work of coaches.

What does sports management software mean?

Sport software is also called CRM. Customer relationship management is an IT solution for companies that deal with customers.

Functions of sports CRM software:

  • online scheduling,

  • business analysis,

  • employee scheduling,

  • reminders and notifications,

  • marketing tools.

There are also many other benefits of fitness software that you will use every day. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of sports software.

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Advantages of booking appointments

Fitness software has several advantages for the organisation of sports schools. It starts with business automation, which leads to overall optimisation capabilities. CRM optimises all grind processes, which previously you have done manually. The software saves time and effort and enables staff to do their work better.

For example, a trainer has to teach his students to avoid bothering with paperwork. By using the software for gyms, the trainer has more time to devote to his primary task – providing professional sports services. The system automates paperwork, schedules and appointments at the same time.

Advantages of martial arts school software:

  • Trainings booking 24/7 via the website or a widget

  • Free website

  • Business analytics, including financial calculations

  • Staff schedule

  • Booking link to share on social media

  • Reminders for both staff and students

How to choose martial arts school software?

Here are several advices:

  • Read the quote. You need to understand how the particular system works: at least in theory, you need to understand it to avoid hassles and inflated prices later.

  • Understand your needs. Every sports school has specific marketing and organisational requirements. First, establish the essential requirements, then compare your list with the current offer. You should take this step seriously. There is no point in choosing the most expensive rate offer, especially if you only need the basics.

  • Pick three providers that suit you best. Then, show this list to your friends and colleagues. They can help you choose the best offer. Keep doing the previous step until you find the best option. Also, ask friends and even strangers on the internet for advice. In this case, it is constructive.

  • Rely on reviews. They do matter. Other people share their experiences and can avoid the same problems.

Martial art classes for adults

EasyWeek appointment and scheduling software

The EasyWeek software provides a free tariff plan for trainers who start their businesses. The tariff is valid for one user and one location and is ideal for personal trainers. In addition, the software provides all the essential features you need to get started.

How to use EasyWeek for free?

The requirements are pretty straightforward. The free plan only works for one user. You then go to the EasyWeek website, enter the application, and you're ready to go!

What does a sports business get by accessing EasyWeek?

  • A website that allows you to present your business online. For this purpose, we offer a landing with all the essential modules with which you can create a website. No IT skills are required to get started.

  • Online appointment booking. Use our primary function 100% free of charge. Booking works 24/7 and does not require attendance; your clients can book a service outside your working hours.

  • Another helpful feature is integration possibilities with various services and all popular social networks. The online presentation is essential – that's why EasyWeek offers many integrations in its marketplace.

Fine, but what if I work as part of a sports school team? Well, we have a solution for you also!

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If you start a new martial arts school, you can find your dream job this year. But unfortunately, there are many pitfalls to consider. CRM can minimise any potential damage.

This form of business management software is known worldwide. For instance, it has already boosted the business performance of beauty salons, medical centres, educational institutions, etc. Likewise, martial arts schools, gyms and fitness clubs have joined the digital onslaught. Try EasyWeek and see its effectiveness for yourself!

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