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Hair removal studio business plan


Unwanted hair bothers both women and men. Smooth legs, beautiful silky skin, and no ingrown hair are the basic features of a beautiful woman. Of course, every female wants to look perfect. That is why various hair removal salons are becoming increasingly popular as a business. Electric epilation is one of them.
Men also often choose electric epilation to remove unwanted hair on the chest, back, and belly. The myth is that men do not need beauty salons, but basic hygiene and health standards shatter them. Very often, ingrown hair interferes with life, and hair removal helps solve this issue.
Today we will discuss launching an electric epilation studio, software for this business, and the differences between laser and electric epilation. Let's get started!

Initial investments will depend on the location of the beauty studio, services, and equipment. The minimum budget is $50,000. This amount is due to skincare, equipment, and rent costs. Marketing and team salary expenses come after.

A good option is to find a basic business plan, for example, for a beauty salon. Then, point by point, optimize the sample for your business. If this is difficult, you can contact a specialist to do it for you.

The market offers many options. Compare your requirements with the market offer. EasyWeek stands out from the competition by offering effective planning, appointment scheduling, a free website, and handy analytics.

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Electric epilation studio business plan

A well-thought-out business will definitely bring profit. That is why a business plan is a key step when preparing for the project launch. We have already written about launching a beauty salon, barbershop, waxing studio, etc. All these materials will help you to navigate the variety of business processes of a beauty salon.

Let's see your first steps to launching an electric epilation studio.

How to open a hair removal studio?

  1. Analyze supply and demand. It is important to define the market and customers clearly. Your services should attract a solvent audience that is interested in your offer.

  2. Define the services and price. It is better to focus on the average price and basic services to get started. Then, after seeing how the business is going, you can add services and revise the price.

  3. Choose location. The location is important because customers want to walk or drive to the location easily and get a good impression of the studio. The ideal option would be a busy place like a shopping center or mall.

  4. Make cosmetic or major repairs. The premises should be prepared for working with people.

  5. Buy equipment. Electric epilation requires special equipment. The choice is yours; we recommend purchasing equipment and care products online. It is cheaper.

  6. Find your dream team. It is the beauty salon team that makes your offer stand out. Even the best equipment won't help if the team doesn't work well together.

  7. Invest in business promotion. At the start, it's important to recommend yourself properly. Promotion on social media is a great option for free advertising.

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Inventory & consumables

Here's a list of inventory and consumables for an electric epilation studio, along with average prices for reference:


  • Electric epilator machine – $500 to $2,000;

  • Disposable epilation needles or probes (various sizes) – $15 to $30 per pack;

  • Sterilization equipment (autoclave or UV sterilizer) – $500 to $2,000;

  • Magnifying lamp or lighted magnifying goggles – $50 to $200;

  • Client chairs or beds with adjustable height and comfortable padding – $200 to $800;

  • Mirrors for client visibility during the procedure – $20 to $50;

  • Storage cabinets or carts for organized equipment and supplies – $100 to $300;

  • Disposable gloves for practitioners – $10 to $20 per box;

  • Disposable bed covers for maintaining cleanliness – $20 to $50 per roll;

  • Disposable headbands – $10 to $20 per pack.


  • Antiseptic solutions or wipes – $10 to $30 per bottle or pack;

  • Cooling gels or creams – $10 to $30 per tube or bottle;

  • Cotton swabs and cotton pads – $5 to $10 per pack;

  • Alcohol or sanitizing solution – $5 to $15 per bottle;

  • Disposable towels or tissues – $10 to $20 per pack;

  • Epilation wax or sugaring paste – $20 to $50 per jar or cartridge;

  • Pre-epilation powder or oil – $10 to $20 per bottle;

  • Post-epilation moisturizers or lotions – $10 to $30 per tube or bottle;

  • Disinfectant sprays or wipes – $5 to $15 per bottle or pack;

  • Sharps container – $10 to $20.

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Electric epilation & Laser hair removal

This section will be useful if you are unsure what kind of business is more profitable. Hair removal is a rather broad concept. Nowadays, laser epilation is especially popular. What is the difference between those two?
In fact, both methods are both aimed at hair removal. Laser hair removal removes dark hair with a laser that sees the dark pigment. Electric epilation uses a current that passes through the hair and removes it. This option is suitable for any type of hair. Thus, electric epilation can easily remove blond, red, or gray hair. The laser is not capable of this.
Obviously, electric epilation is suitable for more people, so it's more profitable to launch such a project.

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Scheduling software for hair removal studio

Electric epilation appointment software will help to plan your business and attract your first clients. CRM is the perfect solution for an electric epilation studio that plans to grow but doesn't have thousands to spend on promotion. The marketing and quick integration that CRM provides will easily create a good online presence for your company.

CRM features:

  • Online appointments. Clients will be able to book a session online anytime.

  • Website and widget. The software will automatically create a website and a widget for online appointments.

  • Notifications. CRM will remind clients and employees about the scheduled appointments.

  • Marketing tools. This type of software integrates with social networks for even more effective online promotion.

These and other useful CRM features will help you launch your business quickly and efficiently.

CRM for beauty business


Starting an electric hair removal business requires a significant initial investment ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. It may take 1 to 3 years to recover the initial investment and achieve profitability. To foster growth, consider offering related services and collaborating with other beauty professionals. However, there are risks to consider, such as competition and changing market trends. To attract customers, create a website with online registration and connect a CRM system for efficient salon management. With careful planning and excellent service, this business can provide opportunities for growth in the beauty industry.

EasyWeek scheduling software helps to achieve success faster as it offers a handy solution for beauty businesses. The company provides online appointments, a free website, a widget, and more. The service wins competitors due to its features and pleasant pricing. For example, you can try the system for free right now. EasyWeek offers a free trial: beauty studios with 1 employee and 1 location are not charged at all, they can use a free EasyWeek plan.

Good luck with your beauty business and get in touch with EasyWeek!

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