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How to start a yoga business

Yoga as a prominent business

Yoga is among the most popular business to start. Why so? Because this kind of sport is in extreme demand! People all around the world enjoy various yoga practices. So they invest millions in certified yoga teachers, comfortable yoga equipment and clothes, etc. Even the most crowded niche as the yoga market can be prosperous for you. Any ideas why? Creativeness and quality build trust. A loyal audience creates a powerful company. That's it.

If you are wondering about the yoga business and its pluses & minuses, read this article. We have collected real-life experiences, some handy tips and much more to save you from typical troubles.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that focuses on finding the right balance between the human soul and body. Some experts claim that yoga is the art of health. In other words, it is a sport and a psychological practice to help people find harmony in their lives.

Yes, you have to get a license. Then, check local yoga schools where you can obtain the certification. It usually takes some time to train and practise well and get the certificate. You have to be certified to teach yoga in the US, so there is no choice. Just choose the school and the yoga type wisely.

The final cost depends on the business type. There are two primary solutions: opening a yoga studio, working a freelance yoga teacher.

In the first case, the expenses are way more significant than in the second. And we all understand why. Rent and renovation cost a lot. If you are going to open a yoga school, be ready to spend $20-25 000. If you start as a freelance yoga instructor, make sure you have $5000-10 000 to invest in the legal business organization, certification, marketing and equipment.

How to become a yoga teacher

Yoga is, first of all, practice. So before becoming a certified yoga instructor, practice as much as you can. First and foremost, make sure you understand what type of yoga you want to teach. It defines the certification you need and the investment to spend on it.

Let's see how to become a yoga teacher step-by-step:

  • Practice yoga till you feel free in it. It is essential to understand yoga basics as a student, and only after you can teach others.

  • Choose the type of yoga. There are numerous yoga types and different certifications for each of them. First of all, select the one you prefer to work with. For example, if you'd love to teach yoga to pregnant women, start with it. Then, you can add some more skills and widen your speciality.

  • Select a yoga course and complete it. There are two basic options: 200-hour & 500-hour yoga courses. It is essential to see what yoga type you want to teach. Even if you aren't sure for now, the introductory yoga course will allow you to prepare and open a yoga studio.

  • Register the business legally. After all the certifications, you must register your startup with the local authorities. It usually doesn't take much time and costs up to $200.

  • Promote your new business. Use social media to attract your first clients. Then you can invest in a website to look more professional.

  • Keep growing! Obtaining the basic yoga certification is relaxed and fun, but keep learning. That's the best way to scale your business organically.

How to create a yoga school

Another option is starting a yoga studio. It may require much more time and expenses, but it will influence the profit. So now, let's see how to open a yoga school and won't fail.

How to open a yoga studio

  1. Create a business plan. Same as any other business, the yoga one requires essential planning.

  2. Form a legal entity. Register the yoga studio officially.

  3. Apply for taxes. It isn't the most pleasant, but a significant part.

  4. Manage finances. Open a bank account for the new business.

  5. Hire employees. First, you may start with an accountant, a few yoga teachers and a cleaning team.

  6. Recheck all the necessary licenses before opening. Make sure you've obtained all the essential permits.

  7. Stay safe. Protect your business with insurance.

  8. Market your business. Invest in digital marketing. It will help to cover more audiences.

  9. Create a website for your yoga school. The site will make your startup look professional. In many cases, it will also increase your company's revenue. How to get free website read here.

  10. Connect online appointments. The 21st century requires the best comfort even while making an appointment. Connect this handy feature before the opening to work smoothly. Manual booking may cause many overlaps.

TOP-8 hacks to start a yoga business effortlessly

You may be the best yoga instructor and still fail in the yoga business. No one wants it. Look at the handy lifehacks we've collected for you.

  1. Ask for advice. Help always matters, especially for yoga instructors who start. If you can ask for professional advice, do it!

  2. Appreciate networking. The more people you know, the more chances to grow you have. Visit some yoga events, communicate and scale!

  3. Draw a detailed portrait of your client before starting a business. You have to understand who will come for your service, and the best option is to research the market well and see your audience well.

  4. Offer online services. The world has gone online. Join it! Yoga via Zoom is an excellent tool to reach more people. On the other hand, it is also convenient for yoga teachers because it gives them more freedom.

  5. Build your brand. Yoga is a particular business. Most of the clients choose yoga schools according to their image. The same is about yoga instructors. The easiest way is to get an Instagram account and post some inspiring daily yoga practices and advice.

  6. Stay focused. Yoga is an extensive-term. We have already mentioned that you better choose one yoga type and practice it to perfection. Same with the offer. Select 1-2 yoga types to offer for your clients. Do not try to cover everything at once. In most cases, you may fail in everything. And, well, it hurts.

  7. Use creative marketing. Just posting some photos from your yoga classes won't help to grow. You can hire an SMM to help your social media blossom in the ideal scenario. In the beginning, you can also do it by yourself. Then, when you can afford it, hire a marketing agency or a freelance marketer.

  8. Use the online appointment system to be modern.

Yoga school software

There is an ultimate solution that allows effortless yoga business optimization. And its name is CRM! Customer Relationship Management services are popular all around. CRMs offer effortless business optimization from scratch. So look at how it can improve your yoga business.

CRM for a yoga studio allows:

  • Online appointments;

  • Business analytics;

  • Client base maintenance;

  • Marketing optimization;

  • Notifications for staff and clients.

A lot of entrepreneurs think that CRMs are too expensive. Well, maybe, but not EasyWeek software!

EasyWeek: best free CRM for yoga business

EasyWeek is an online appointment scheduling service for beauty businesses, medicine, and sports companies. We offer handy tools for yoga instructors and studios. By connecting to the system, you'll get access to the following free features:

And the best news is that features are free for any yoga teacher! So yes, we do offer a free tariff plan, while others increase the pricing!

EasyWeek PRO tariffs

If you are going to open a big yoga school, we have something even more sophisticated. EasyWeek has a set of professional tariff plans for big businesses.

What does EasyWeek PRO tariff include:

  • Online appointments;

  • Business analytics;

  • Website and widget;

  • Reports and financial calculations;

  • Various integrations;

  • Notifications for staff and clients;

  • Marketing tools to use daily;

  • And much more!


Yoga business is a promising startup. You will succeed in this field. Just pay attention to the simple hacks we've collected for you. EasyWeek offers free and professional solutions for your business. Feel free to contact our team in case of any queries. We are working to make your life easier. Join EasyWeek!

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