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Starting a cryotherapy business


Beauty and healthcare businesses have a high chance of becoming profitable because clients are ready to pay for quality healthcare, especially when it makes them look better.

Many people still didn't experience cryotherapy, which is great. It means that your salon has even more opportunities for success.

As with any other startup, cryotherapy involves careful planning and initial investment. A business plan is critical in this game as it helps optimize performance and save money. It is crucial for businesses that only have a little to spend initially.

Today, we will see how to open a cryotherapy salon from scratch and how appointment scheduling software can automate its routines quickly. So let's start!

This type of business is expensive as you must invest in equipment. The initial investment is at least $50 000. This number includes equipment, rent, organizational expenses, and staff salary.

A great deal of software is suitable for cryotherapy. The final choice will depend on what your business requires. For instance, there is no point in overpaying for a fancy system to use as a simple online scheduler. So, write down what you want, then choose the software corresponding to your request.

It depends on the software. EasyWeek offers a free tariff plan for small businesses with 1 location and 1 employee. Flexible Pro-tariffs are available for bigger companies. You can sign up for the system and calculate how much it'll cost. 

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Cryotherapy business plan

Business planning is an essential part of preparation. It is only possible to launch a good project by calculating risks and thinking about the financial aspect of the business. The good news is that writing down a business plan is relatively easy. It requires some patience and research, but it is 100% possible to deal with.

EasyWeek has prepared an ultimate shortlist for creating a cryotherapy business plan. It does not require any additional knowledge, just some investigation and time.

Cryotherapy business plan shortlist

  1. Research the current market. Your offer should differ, so make sure to check what competitors offer.

  2. Understand your audience. To sell a service, you should understand who will buy it. That's why client portrait is significant to work with.

  3. Find a suitable location. For cryotherapy, it is better to choose residential or highly-populated central areas.

  4. Purchase equipment. It will be the biggest part of your budget, so look at what you buy. We advise selecting stuff online. It is often cheaper.

  5. Hire staff. Depending on your business size, you'll have to hire a few main employees, administrator, cleaning, and accountant.

  6. Marketing. The first thing to do after opening, or even before, is to attract clients. Social media and your company website will help you cope with this task quickly.

  7. Online appointments. Last but not least is online booking. It increases your chances of being noticed and doesn't cost a fortune.

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Cryotherapy scheduling software

Cryotherapy businesses often use CRM. This intelligent software offers many handy tools, including online appointments, free website creation, and transparent business analytics.

CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management software. It is a popular must-have for smart business optimization. Whether you own a small business or a chain corporation doesn't matter. There are a lot of options for any situation and budget.

What does CRM do:

  • Organizes online appointments for your business;

  • Creates a free website and widget for cryotherapy;

  • Offers a set of notifications for staff and clients;

  • Provides you with clear business analytics;

  • Optimizes daily routine performance.

Shortly speaking, it covers all the organizational details, offering more free time for your staff. It is essential as the system helps humans. It doesn't try to replace staff. CRM + skillful employees = the best tandem.

Cryotherapy in beauty industry

EasyWeek CRM for cryotherapy

EasyWeek is a German software that serves various medical and beauty businesses worldwide. Customers trust EasyWeek thanks to multiple reasons.

Instant online appointments

Your clients can make an appointment 24/7 and in a snap. It is an excellent tool for better customer interaction.

Free website and widget creation

EasyWeek creates a free website and widget for your business during signing up. This feature is included in every tariff plan and does not require any additional skills or payments.

Beauty salon website in the EasyWeek system

More than 4K integrations

EasyWeek integrates with the most popular services, including Meta and Google.

Clear management & analytics

The system covers you starting from reports and up to the financial module. You receive a multitasking tool for optimized work.

Fast & professional technical support

The EasyWeek team works 24/7, so you will be able to solve your problem any time it's needed.

You can easily connect the booking software and offer convenient online appointments for your clients. It doesn't take much time or effort. EasyWeek provides a free trial as well. Try EasyWeek for free right now.

Unlimited access for all plans for 14 days

Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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