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Hair colorist studio business


In today's beauty world, coloration is an essential component. Only some hairdressers can use dyes and oxidizers to create the exact color the client wants. So this profession is an art. A good hairdresser can start his own business and make a good profit. But for a good start, you need a business plan and appropriate tools to automate business processes. This article will teach you everything you need to open your beauty salon.

A colorist, who has learned the intricacies of color combinations in theory and practice, is a narrower specialization than a hairdresser. Simply put, colorists are not just hairdressers who cut and style curls. Their specialty is coloring.

2,427 € is the average salary of a colorist in Germany for 40 hours per week.

The easiest and most effective way is to connect with a salon software that offers a website as one of the options. EasyWeek software, for example, does not charge extra for this feature. You can also use one of the free website builders.

Colorist as a profession

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a studio as a colorist

Opening a hair salon has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before deciding if this is the right path.


  • Creative opportunities: you could develop your salon concept.

  • More money: an opportunity to earn more than you would as a hairdresser.

  • Share passion: making your customers beautiful!


  • High startup costs: renting a space and buying equipment is expensive.

  • Competitive market: the market is overcrowded with hair salons.

You can stay competitive in the market with proper marketing and well-organized business management. For example, try the EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software and optimize your salon work processes.

Appointment for coloring in a beauty salon

Create your business plan

Every business needs a plan. It serves as a guide to lead your startup through the formation process and align it with its most important goals. In addition, a business plan allows potential partners and investors to understand your business and its vision better.

The components for your colorist studio's business plan:

  • Executive summary

    Summarize all the information about the entire business plan in a few sentences.

  • Overview of the company

    Summarize the overview of the company, vision, mission, ownership, and business goals.

  • Product and services

    Describe your offering in detail.

  • Market analysis

    Assess market trends, such as demand fluctuations and growth prospects, and conduct a SWOT analysis.

  • Competitive analysis

    Analyze your competitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and list the advantages of your services.

  • Sales and marketing

    Examine your company's unique selling proposition and develop sales, marketing, and advertising strategies. Consider setting up an online appointment system.

  • Team

    Make an overview of the team, including job duties, work experience, and the company hierarchy.

  • Operating plan

    Your company's operational plan includes purchasing, office location, major facilities and equipment, and other logistical details.

  • Financial plan

    Prepare a multi-year financial plan, including startup costs, profitability analysis, profit and loss estimates, cash flow, and balance sheet.

How to make money as a colorist

Opening costs

To open a salon, you will need to spend 40,000$ or more to rent a space, prepare the premises and buy all the furniture and equipment.

To successfully open a hair salon, you will need several things, including:

  • Chairs, wash bowls, towels,

  • hair dryers and other hair styling equipment,

  • shampoos, dyes, and hair care products.

Main costs for startup

  • Organizational expenses – 300$

  • Business licenses and permits – 1.000$

  • Insurance 1.500$

  • Marketing 2.000$

  • Preparation of premises 10.000$

  • Chairs, shampoo bowls, other equipment and accessories – about 17000$

More about marketing

Use your website, social media presence, and live events to promote your offerings and build your brand.

How can you promote your brand?

  • Signage: Put up eye-catching signs in your salon and on your website.

  • Create videos: Post a video about your hair salon services. With a bit of humor, it could go viral!

  • Email marketing/newsletters: send regular emails to customers and potential clients.

  • Start a blog and post content to it regularly. Then, change your content and publish it on multiple websites.

  • Referral marketing: offer bonuses to attract new customers.

  • Press releases: Issue press releases about new products, sales, etc.

  • Paid social media advertising: choose websites that reach your target audience and place targeted ads there.

  • Influencer marketing: pay people with many followers on social media to promote your hairdressing services. You can also find micro-influencers with fewer followers and lower prices.

  • Online appointment making: set up an online appointment software for your salon's hairdressing and coloring services. This will attract even more new clients because it's so convenient!

Hair dyeing in bright colors

EasyWeek appointment software for colorists

EasyWeek is a trusted software provider for beauty salons operating around the world. We serve more than a 10 thousand partner businesses and have been providing cost-effective solutions since 2018.

The benefits a salon receives after connecting with EasyWeek include the following:

  • 24/7 online appointment scheduling,

  • Free widget and website creation,

  • Business and financial analysis,

  • Employee motivation through convenient appointment scheduling and understandable booking,

  • A package of marketing helpers: QR codes, emails, SMS, push notifications, etc.

EasyWeek offers a two-week free trial. So make your salon business more effective, and sign up with us if you have any questions or feedback.


Starting a business is a big challenge and requires a lot of nerve. We know how difficult it can be to create a new business. So we are happy to make your working life easier with user-friendly CRM software.

EasyWeek takes care of all the processes you used to have to do manually, minimizing initial investment and human resources. It is also an excellent tool for employee motivation, as the system works clearly, and you can see who is doing what and what results have been achieved.

Just let us prove that we are worth your trust. Try us out, test the CRM, and decide if it is the right software for your studio. We guarantee professional support and constant updates to keep your salon innovative and trendy.

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