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How to open a beauty coworking space

How to open a beauty coworking space

Explore the key factors to consider when planning and budgeting your beauty coworking space. From market research to equipment costs, get expert advice now.


Being a freelancer is getting more and more popular nowadays. No matter what you do, being your boss is beneficial. Regarding beauty freelance, there are too many options to start and even more ways to develop the business.

One of them is working as a freelancer in a beauty coworking. This way, you will feel engaged in the lifelike beauty business routine and make a profit without spending extra. A beauty coworking is a good business idea to open in 2023. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to do, as there is no need to obtain a special license or look for special equipment. Also, the idea is highly profitable. Freelance beauty specialists often look for a place to work permanently. Would you like them to choose your beauty coworking space? Then, read this article to see what beauty coworking is, who will use your services, and how to start a successful coworking for beauty now. We will also talk about software and related stuff. So, let's begin!

It all starts with a business plan. First, writing down your ideas and planning them well is better. Then, you can step-by-step implement the project in real life. This article shows how to start a beauty coworking without extra investment and risks.

The initial investment will significantly depend on your chosen location and the premises. Sure, spacious premises will cost more than a tiny coworking space – the same situation with an area. Business in the center is more expensive to start and also more profitable. You will need at least $20 000 to create a coworking for beauty.

The easiest and most effective way is to connect CRM, which offers a website as one of the use cases. EasyWeek software, for example, does not charge extra for this feature. You can also use any of the free website builders.

A beauty coworking space for makeup artists and stylists

What's a beauty coworking space

A beauty coworking is a space where freelance barbers or makeup masters can work – usually, such business charges for renting a chair in a well-equipped beauty salon.

There are many different types of beauty coworking spaces. They depend on budget, style, location, etc. The good news is that there is no point in spending a lot on opening such a space while the income is impressive. Due to relatively low initial investments, ROI is fast. A beauty coworking can return the money you've invested in 6 – 8 months. You can fasten this process if you connect CRM software.

Now, let's see who is the target audience of an average beauty coworking. It will help to plan the startup later.

A freelance hairdresser works in a beauty coworking space

Target audience of a beauty space

Understanding your target audience is critical to a good profit. First, the target audience is the customer who will pay for the service in the end. That's why it is essential to understand who it will be. Second, there are different target audiences for beauty coworking, so selecting the one you want to work with is competent.

Types of beauty coworking:

  • Mixed – the one that serves various beauty specialists.

  • Mono. The coworking is especially for nail-, hair- and makeup artists.

  • Sometimes, beauty salons also offer space for rent. In this case, you will be working as a part of one team but freelance.

The target audience of a beauty coworking is any freelance beauty specialist. We advise starting a mixed beauty coworking, which benefits workers who want to avoid extra competition. Also, the target audience for a beauty coworking space can be very diverse, depending on the services and products offered. Here are some examples of potential target audiences:

  • Makeup classes

    Women of all ages interested in beauty and makeup may be potential participants in makeup classes.

  • Makeup artist and stylist rentals

    Bridal couples, celebrities, and people with special occasions such as weddings or events can be potential customers for makeup artist and stylist rentals.

  • Bridal meetings

    Bridal couples, bridesmaids, and others involved in a wedding can be potential clients for bridal meetings.

The target audience may vary depending on the service and location. Therefore, conduct a precise target audience analysis to ensure that you are targeting your services and products to meet the needs of your target audience.

After you have chosen your audience type, it is crucial to plan the startup. Now, we will mention all the steps you must take at the beginning of the journey.

Rent a workspace for the training of beauty artists

How to start a beauty coworking

A business plan is the first step to starting a successful business. Here's the one for a beauty coworking.

Beauty coworking business plan

  1. Market research. First and foremost is to distinguish your offer from the active competition.

  2. Organizational part. There are just a few documents to consider, but it is still an important step. You can ask your local authorities about the documents needed to start your business.

  3. Location & Premises. They will significantly depend on your budget and strategy. Beauty spaces are popular almost everywhere, so location won't be a problem. It is essential to invest in spacious premises and stylish renovation.

  4. Team. Coworking requires administration, promotion, and cleaning. You can hire these employees as freelancers, and it will be cheaper.

  5. Software. Smart software will help to attract more clients and organize the performance better.

A makeup artist works with the client in a beauty space

Software for a beauty working space

CRM is the best choice for a beauty coworking space. Here are several reasons why:

  • Improved planning

    The more clients you serve, the more money you get. That is why planning is essential. CRM allows easy and effective load planning without risks and nerves.

  • Online appointments

    Clients will be able to book your service online easily. It means that you will get more customers.

  • Free website

    CRM will also create a landing for your business.

  • Notifications

    The system will notify staff and customers about the booking details. It is also handy for promotion purposes.

  • Integration with social media

    Software is easily integrated with social networks to get more clients from Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

EasyWeek software offers necessary use cases for managing your coworking space. Among them are online booking, customer database, lead management, and marketing automation. Try EasyWeek for free, or go to the EasyWeek blog for more articles.

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