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Car wash as a perfect business idea

Car wash as a business idea

Car services are among the all-year-round. People use vehicles to travel daily, go to work and live. It is tough to imagine everyday life without transport. No matter public or private. More and more people get second-hand or new cars. It means that car services are in demand. A car wash business is a trendy idea to start right now.

Are you thinking about opening a car wash or any other car-related business? The idea is profitable, but it requires careful preparation. We have written this article to help beginners start a brand-new car wash. However, skillful business owners will also find the article helpful. So keep reading if you'd like to optimize a car wash or start a new one. It is a challenging idea, but it is worth it.

Let's start the journey into the car wash world. Keep reading to act like a pro!

Opening any car-related business means starting with a business plan creation. Planning startups includes many pitfalls. Yes, the niche is relatively easy and profitable, and the demand is crazy. But if you'd like to prosper, work hard. What does it mean? Start with professional car services and implement marketing. After that, you'll be able to grow and develop the business organically.

It isn't the most expensive business idea to start. The most costly thing is equipment. In general, the whole startup will cost you about $25 000. It is the average price for any business. Do not be afraid to look for financial help. Investors may find your project attractive and solve some crucial financial struggles.

CRM is a perfect solution for any car-related business. Customer Relationship Management software allows convenient online appointments and business automation. One of the best car wash software is EasyWeek.

Car wash business from scratch

Car wash types

First of all, let us show you how to open a brand-new car wash in 2022.

Step-by-step instructions on starting a car wash

  1. Purchase or rent premises. They do not need to be spacious. At least 35 meters will be fine.

  2. Hire professional car wash staff. The service defines your revenue, so choose wisely.

  3. Invest in car wash equipment – select simple and effective solutions. You will be able to get more complex stuff later.

  4. Pay attention to marketing. Present the car wash both online and offline. We also encourage you to collaborate with some reliable influencers.

  5. Connect CRM. Car wash software is an excellent tool to attract first clients and retain existing customers.

That is all the five steps you have to do when starting a car wash. Have you already chosen its type? If not, let us show you the options.

How to start an auto-wash

Six types of car washes

  1. At-home car wash. The easiest solution is to start a car wash at home. You still have to form a legal entity, but there are less equipment and no team to worry about. Such car washes are usually tiny and local. Take into attention your local audience.

  2. Self-service car wash. This car wash offers special equipment for clients to wash cars themselves. It means that you get special car wash equipment and start a rental business. The main benefit of this variant is its price. A self-service car wash does not require any spacious premises or skillful car washers. A dash of marketing and customers are already washing their cars at your car wash.

  3. Automatic In-Bay car wash. One of the fastest ways of washing a car is going into an automatic In-Bay wash. The vehicle enters the tunnel and gets passed while doing it. It does not often 100% cleaning, but the car will look much better. The con of this type is its price. An automatic car wash requires a crucial investment.

  4. Tunnel car wash. This type looks very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that the car stays on a special conveyor belt. Compared to the last point, this car wash provides better cleaning and cannot harm a vehicle.

  5. Mobile car wash. Many people don't have time to go and get their cars washed. Mobile car services is a handy option to use. Mobile services are more expensive for clients, but they are very profitable for owners. Think about this option as it is one of the most attractive ones.

  6. Waterless car wash. This option provides careful cleaning, but its initial expenses are very high. The car is being washed then polished with special chemicals.

Try an online appointment booking system in your Car Wash Business.

Tunnel car wash opening

Car wash budget

We have mentioned the initial investment to open a brand-new car wash. $25-35 000 will be enough to cope with the task. If you'd like to save, create a strong business plan.

Why does a business plan matter?

  • First, it is your roadmap. The business plan makes the stuff clear, saving you from many failures.

  • Second, it can attract investors. Those interested in starting a car wash can ask for financial help and get it.

Handy car wash optimization tips

Intelligent car wash optimization starts with CRM selection and marketing. There are numerous car wash software to get and many marketing hacks to use. But, first, let's see why car wash software is a good idea on the EasyWeek example.

Car wash software optimization

  1. First of all, the IT-solution offers handy scheduling. It allows 24/7 online appointments, so boost your sales and customer trust.

  2. The second benefit is precise business analytics. To optimize a car wash, you have to see what has to be changed. Business analytics helps to fix many issues effortlessly. EasyWeek offers a valuable solution for any car-related business.

  3. The third advantage of a car wash CRM is staff motivation. CRM allows understanding even the tiniest processes. It means you will reward the best employees and motivate others to grow.

Marketing optimization

The next step you have to take is advertising. We are sure you understand what marketing is. Now let us show you the best marketing hacks for a car wash and other car-related businesses.

Car wash marketing hacks:

  • Several payment ways. The more you offer, the more you get. Even talking about payments, we advise offering many payment ways, for example, cash, online and credit card payments.

  • Keep in touch 24/7.

  • Use Digital and Traditional marketing. Many business owners invest in online marketing only. But do not neglect offline advertising. Signage, leaflets, outdoor ads help to attract more local clients.

  • Create a loyalty program. Offering these people discounts and special offers is a good idea. Start with simple suggestions, then scale them slightly. Being creative helps even here.

  • SMM and targeted ads. Social media is a reliable tool to grow. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are the most popular platforms to promote a car wash. Create a profile, add photos of your routines and results and advertise the account. Targeted ads will cover more users so that you will get more clients.

Car Wash management

EasyWeek Car wash CRM

We have already mentioned that CRMs are in demand. They are popular, practical and affordable. Now, let us tell you the key benefits you will get by connecting EasyWeek.

Advantages of the EasyWeek software connection

  • Round-the-clock online appointments.

  • We offer a free website, a booking link and a widget. All these notions are ready for your business in every EasyWeek tariff.

  • Transparent business and financial analytics: see who is responsible for what and how to improve the performance.

  • Handy marketing tools for daily use: create a loyalty program and offer discounts and other stuff to attract clients.

  • Innovative management and team motivation tools: we are interested in growing altogether, so we have created the software to keep precise business management and motivate the car wash team.

Is a car wash business easy?


The car wash business is a profitable niche to enter right now. It requires some preparation, but it is not too difficult. So let us sum up starting a car wash:

  • Write down a strong business plan. We have already taught you how to do it.

  • Rent or purchase premises.

  • Hire professional car washers.

  • Advertise the new car wash.

  • Connect car wash software.

Try EasyWeek software for free to check its performance. We offer a 14-day trial. In case of any queries, text our technical support. We are waiting for your feedback!

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