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Opening a stretching center


Healthcare and sports services are always at the top. The world is tired of canned foods, the couch potato lifestyle and related issues. Instead, almost everyone wants to be healthier and look better. As a result, gyms, yoga studios, and beauty salons are becoming increasingly popular.

Humanity wants to be healthy. That's great! The business has to help. Sure, not only to do a good thing but also to make a profit. The more popular the niche is, the better its profit is. Healthcare, beauty, and gym industries aren't an exception.

Demand creates its supply. Indeed, there are plenty of businesses related to wellness and beauty. No worries, quality always wins over quantity. Different if you plan to start some sports business, for example, a stretching studio. The current market is overflooded with various offers, but the stretching studio still sounds fresh. That's good for us!

Today, we will see how to start a stretching studio from scratch and talk about its benefits and pitfalls. Let's start!

A center for stretches is a healthcare establishment that specializes in stretching practices. It usually offers various exercises for flexing mixed with yoga and related sports.

Yes, it is. Stretching practices are among the best exercises that help to relieve the body from pain and clean the soul from negativity. Stretching has not only physical but also mental benefits. It offers handy ways of stress relief.

The stretching studio business is among the top healthcare ones. Many gym enthusiasts have already felt how stretching helps to relieve muscle pain. A lot of sports centres use stretching exercises together with cardio and powerlifting. Offering stretching separately is handy as it covers not too busy but a popular niche.

Exercises for flexibility: why are they so famous

Stretching studios are popular and very profitable. Clients enjoy stress-relieving stretching practices, so they are ready to pay for them even if the price isn't the cheapest.

Modern clients prefer quality to quantity. They are eager to pay more for the well-organized stretching session rather than get cheaper but worse sports experiences. That is why a stretching studio has to be well-planned to be successful. Sometimes, it is better to open a small practice with a cosy atmosphere and loyal audiences than standard gyms.

Benefits of stretches business:

  • Unique offer. Stretching studios are less frequent than many other sport-related businesses. It means that you can stand out just by opening. Sure, later quality decides, but stretching studios are trendy among clients. Flexing sports are top-rated among women aged 20-45. In the end, fewer offers and more demand make this business suitable for a startup.

  • Fewer investments and decent income. Stretching studios do not require a lot of investment. At the same time, they produce an excellent profit. In the end, the ROI is better than many other businesses can get.

What to do in a gym for stretches

Stretching studios do not need a lot of tools. Usually, a coach will help her clients to flex their bodies safely. That's the reason why this business is a nice one to open. However, not everyone understands what stretching is and how to do exercises. Sure, if you are planning this business, it is a must to understand all the details well.

Stretching sessions are often held in a big room. There is no need to purchase a lot of equipment. Just make sure to decorate the premises. The minimalistic design will work very well.

What services do a stretching gym offer?

  • Stretch sessions in the studio. A professional coach guides clients and gives them the best sports care experience.

  • Stretch practices online. Just open your laptop and get ready to exercise. Many stretching studios offer online coaches who will guide you via the Internet. It is convenient for those who cannot visit traditional sessions.

  • Private lessons. The rarest and most expensive type, but it's still popular. Some clients prefer asking coaches to come and exercise at their place. Then, you get a private lesson at home. In many cases, it will cost more than the first 2 cases.

How to open a stretching studio in 2022

Opening a new business is always exciting. The good news is that sports training doesn't require a lot of effort to start. Let us show you the main steps to opening a stretching business in 2022.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Rent or purchase premises. You will need a spacious room with the option to decorate it.

  2. Look for employees. Professional coaches are the best business investment. Make sure to hire at least 1 - 2 coaches for a start. If you are a professional coach, then it's even easier to begin.

  3. Register the business officially. Make sure to register the company. It is best to do it as a sole proprietorship or LCC. We advise asking out this moment within the local authorities. They will help to see what will work better for your case.

  4. Purchase equipment and decorations. You don't need a lot to start. Stretching business doesn't require almost any tools. You can purchase the essentials of the sport online. It is cheaper and faster than looking for them offline. Same with decor.

  5. Marketing issues. First, you will need to attract clients. The best idea is to create a good marketing campaign. Smart stretching studio software will optimize your marketing via handy marketing helpers.

Online appointment software for sports studios

Scheduling software can help a stretching studio with solving a lot of troubles.

Main advantages:

EasyWeek appointment software

EasyWeek is an effective solution for stretching studio management. It offers a free website, widget, and booking tool with many marketing helpers.

Feel free to use our free tariff plan or choose among the professional tariffs. EasyWeek system is as flexible as you need it. Welcome to the successful EasyWeek family, and good luck in launching your new stretching studio business!

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