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How to choose a barber chair

How to choose a barber chair

This article explains the main ways to purchase the best barber chair, tips on selecting it, and understanding the price.


Are you thinking about opening a barbershop? What a great idea! Or maybe you have already started planning one? Anyway, the article will be helpful to people who are just dreaming about launching a barbershop business and the entrepreneurs who have already started the project.

Let's find out what is a classic image of a barbershop. We are sure you know that it's not just a hair salon for men, but what's then? Barbershop owners and clients agree that it's a particular male area with a unique atmosphere, style, and concept.

Barbershop is a place where a man finds himself, maintains his individuality, and relaxes. Sounds good!

Being a barber is about taking care of the people.

Anthony Hamilton — American soul singer

A barbershop is a special place made by men and for men. So, naturally, it has to reflect the male vibes in the design, concept, and style. Professionalism is the key, but barbershop customers often like the place for its atmosphere even before realizing how professional the barber is. Any visitor can be attracted and amused by the unusual creative design of the barbershop. So, if you can win even without starting a haircut, why not try?

A pleasant male barbershop interior is a must-have in the 21st century because people got used to modern conveniences.

The first thing barbershop customers notice is furniture. You can't even imagine a solid bearded guy who is casually sipping a cup of coffee sitting on the tiny pink sofa. A mini-swivel chair or even usual chairs that are possible in regular hair salons won't work as well. We need a sizeable brutal chair. The barber chair is that thing that influences the atmosphere of a barbershop. That is why it is so essential to understand how to select the best barber chair.

Types of barber chairs

We have prepared an ultimate checklist on barber chairs to help beginners choose the best solution for their barbershops. Let's start with dividing all the barber chairs according to their styles. Then we will take a closer look at each type to see what's different. It'll be fun, so let's start!

There are several styles of barber chairs:

  • Classic barber chair.

    This style is pretty popular, and everyone can find it frequently. Barbershop owners know that this style will suit any barbershop as it is an old but gold classic. There are many offers of classic barber chairs as they are always in demand. Usually, this type of furniture is produced in a monochromatic color scheme, using black, gray, dark blue, beige, etc.

Imagination might not be limited.

Chang Rae-Lee — American writer
  • Futuristic barber chairs.

    Here imagination is the main component of the design. This type of creative furniture makes a barbershop look unique. However, you have to remember that not all of the clients will appreciate this idea. But those who liked the style will come back again and again. This interior is the best solution for those who are tired of casual classics. Depending on the design, central concept, and idea, the chair can be of matte dark or even bright colors. Moreover, each barbershop chair never loses its brutal features. On the contrary, it often looks even more attractive for your primary audience – men of all ages.

  • Vintage or antique barber chairs – the charm of the past together with modern innovations creates an ideal duet. This kind of barber chair is usually of restrained calm colors. The artfully worn eco-leather is so elegant. It even seems that the barber chair was made in the last century and miraculously survived to our days. Thanks to the antique style, the barbershop gets a creative and charming image. It also seems that a vintage atmosphere makes customers trust you way more.

How to choose a barber chair

Barbershop furniture has to be both comfortable and stylish. It also has to keep the central concept and the fundamental idea of the salon. To choose the best solution for staff and clients, you have to pay attention to many details.

When selecting a barber chair, pay attention to:

  • Tilt backrest lever.

    The backrest angle is adjusted with a lever located on the side of a seat. Some models are equipped with two levers on each side. This way, a barber can choose the needed angle to work more efficiently.

  • Seat depth.

    The seat depth has to be adjustable to make both client and barber comfortable. Otherwise, a barber won't be able to work well.

  • Size.

    Barbershop chairs usually don't take much space. However, when working with clients and taking the desired tilt, it takes up pretty much room. When working, a chair can reach up to 180 cm. Buying this type of furniture, pay attention to the chair size and the free space you have in a barbershop.

  • Adjustable headrest.

    It is better to get a chair with an adjustable headrest. So, then you can move it freely up to 10 – 15 cm. It helps a barber to find the best position when shaving, trimming, or styling a customer. It is significant for a client as he won't feel any discomfort during the procedure. And remember, the main goal is to combine professional barber skills, comfort, and a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Hydraulic pump to adjust the height.

    The height of a chair seat is usually 50 – 60 cms from the floor. It is essential to have the ability to raise a barber chair to 18 – 20 cm. It is needed mainly for the barber's convenience. Usually, barbershop staff work for hours, so comfortable furniture is a must-have. When buying a barber chair, check whether the hydraulic pump works smoothly. Sharp jumps will be highly unpleasant for any client.

  • Barber chair upholstery.

    Eco-leather is usually used in modern barber chairs. Natural materials aren't the best solution because of ethical reasons and because the material is hard to clean. Genuine leather or textile absorb all the liquids. They are hard to deal with and maintain.

  • Footrest panel.

    This detail is essential for the client's comfort. Usually, a footrest panel is a steel, so it'll cope with any human body weight. Sometimes, a cushion is also from eco-leather. It can add a dash of luxury to the chair and offer even more comfort to a client.

  • Material.

    Oversized, heavy barber chairs indicate the quality of a salon. It means that the owner invests in furniture. Such chairs are usually made of stainless steel as well as impact-resistant plastic. That is why this type of barber furniture can cope with a human body weight of up to 150 kg.

Barber chair price

The current market is full of different offers. Choosing a barber chair, pay attention to its price. The price is the factor that influences the quality pretty much. Usually, a barber chair price starts with $1500 and can go up to $6000. Let's find out why the price difference is so huge.

The leading manufacturers of barber chairs are Europe, Japan, and most of them are from China. The key feature of Chinese furniture is quality for a low price. Of course, there are some exceptions, but relatively affordable Chinese barber chairs generally live longer. You can find a Chinese barber chair for $1500. If the price is higher, it is primarily because of the brand or Japanese or European furniture.

Talking about Chinese brands, they are not too expensive, and their quality is quite good. So, in the beginning, there is no point in spending a lot on brand European or Japanese furniture. Sure, if your budget affords it – why not? But in general, selecting a well-known Chinese brand will be much cheaper than getting a European brand with the same characteristics.

There are three main reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of Chinese barber chairs:

  • Quality: Chinese manufacturers usually use the same technologies as European ones. So, the main idea is finding the right brand to get a chair. Then, if you've coped with selecting the brand with a good reputation, affordable prices, and warranty support – get the barber chair.

  • Service: Chinese manufacturers are pretty responsible. There are reliable Chinese brands with a long history. They offer warranty services, fast, professional support, and help in case of an accident.

  • Price: Chinese brands are much cheaper than their European or Japanese analogs. Sometimes it is wiser to purchase a Chinese barber chair of the same quality as, for example, a European. It will be just cheaper.

The main rule is to check the brand and the distributor. If you buy stuff in a reliable store, it is a 99 % guarantee that everything will be alright. When buying a barber chair, pay attention to the warranty card. It is your main helper in case of any issue.

Buying a second-hand barber chair

Getting a second-hand barber chair can be a good idea. You have to know how to choose the right one. First of all, pay attention to the seller and the price. It happens that significant barbershops want to get new furniture, so they sell their old stuff for a pleasant price. However, many sellers want to get rid of old broken items. Watch out for scams.

Buying a second-hand barber chair, you have to understand that the process will take a bit longer than purchasing a new item. But the quality and price will compensate for it.

Advantages of second-hand barber chairs:

  • Quality: the quality often remains outstanding. If you choose the stuff right, you can get the best quality barber chair much cheaper.

  • Price: we love second-hands for their costs. Usually, you can get a barber chair twice cheaper just because it has been used for a few years or even months.

Disadvantages of second-hand barber chairs:

  • Time: It happens that to find a suitable solution, you'll need a few attempts.

  • Quantity: it is better to get a set of stylish barber chairs that fit one concept. With second-hand stuff, it can be complicated.

Renting a barber chair

Renting a barber chair is a good solution. You don't buy a chair, just rent it and then give the furniture back.

Many companies offer barber chairs for rent. However, they often have a limited number of items, so that such chairs may argue with your central concept. Anyway, the service is pretty valuable.

Pay attention to: Price: it depends on the state. Usually, you can rent a barber chair, paying its total cost. Then give it back, when not needed, and get your money back. In this case, you use the renting feature as extra insurance. In classic rentals the rental price can be even higher than the chair itself. Variety: Barber chair rental companies offer a limited number of chair models. If the concept of your barbershop isn't classical, then finding a stylish and suitable option can take time.


Selecting a barber chair is a challenging but fascinating task. There are many trifles to remember. However, we are sure you'll cope with it well! And while you are choosing, EasyWeek booking software will be glad to help your barbershop with business automation and optimization. Try booking software free 14-day trial to check how well the solution works for your company. If you have any questions concerning the software, feel free to contact our support team. They will be glad to help you!

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