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New integration marketplace and other awesome EasyWeek updates

We are continuously working on system improvement. During the past winter, we expanded our system and gathered many new opportunities for your business in spring 2022 update.

This year's first release includes renewed Apps and Integrations, opened beta features, a referral system, and much more. Keep reading for other updates.

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Referral program

Get money to the bonus account for your loyalty! It is simple: copy the invite link from the special menu, invite your friends, and you both will get a bonus reward.

Moreover, we have individual terms of referral program if you can involve multiple new clients. So text us on support chat and get the way to earn money.

New integrations catalogue

We are glad to present a new integrations catalogue. Choose services and expand your business possibilities.

New registration form

We updated the registration form. Now it's possible to customise your company's category. For instance, it will affect your clients' title – for medical institutions, they are "patients" now.

Tax rates setting

A new simple form to add and describe tax percentages. Apply the tax rate to all added and new services/products. A client will see notices like "including taxes" on service selection or product sales.

Beta features for clients

If you want to check experimental functions before their release, you can turn on this option in the Business settings. Enjoy using features before they're added to EasyWeek, detect bugs and give us feedback!

Disclaimer: some tested features can work unstable during the testing period.

Dynamical price settings

Your services can have a dynamic price in special offer hours. Pick needed weekdays and hours, and adjust the individual schedule of discounts.

Time zone setting (beta)

Now you can set an automatic time zone change during online booking. It will adapt to the location’s timezone or the client's position, and you can also edit it manually. The "Automatically" option will select the time zone based on the client's browser settings.

Useful contact menu

We added a helpful dropdown menu for your clients. There are a few options: call, copy number or send some types of messages.

New calendar features

You can set work hours and edit employees' info directly from the Calendar.

Copy appointments

There is a utility for your regular customers' appointments. Now there is no need to pick each service by one. Instead, you can move/copy a complete set of them. It also includes cancelled, closed or different workers' services.

Improved client profile creation

When you enter client information, the system searches across your client base for matches and also offers to create a new one. More than this, entered data will be separated into name and phone fields.

Name format

Four name formats are available now in the system. Define it in the Business settings.

New QR codes

In the Integrations menu, you can create renewed QR code with one of the links: to your website or booking widget. Then, adjust QR code colours, download the result and use it for promoting your company.

Replace the EasyWeek logo with yours

Partners with white-label tariffs can set their logo instead of the default one. Ask for support to activate this option.

Form builder

That is for you to decide what data you will collect from clients during the booking process. In the form builder, you can change the sorting of items and add or remove them in the widget form.

HTML-code for website (beta)

You can add any custom code to your website page to help your business with analytics and marketing.

Phone number format check

There is a simple validation for customers' phone numbers. Green coloured numbers look proper, and the red ones are most likely unexisting or wrong.

Note: system checks validity by basic attributes like country code, operator code and the number of digits.

While you read this article, we became one step closer to the next update. From day to day, we will release other new features such as access control and Google Calendar integration 🤓.

Stay tuned for future updates, and chat with us for any questions!

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