The tattoo is a modern art. More and more people choose tattooing as a profession or want to make a tattoo. As a result, the industry is blossoming, and it's inspiring for everyone related to the niche.

Starting a tattoo studio is a challenge many people are afraid of. Indeed, it can be difficult to launch a new business and even more challenging to deal with clients. That is why CRM software is popping up all around. On the one hand, it is a handy tool for business management. But on the other hand, it is also beneficial for improving customer experience.

Today, we will discuss CRM, its benefits, and the best scheduling software for the tattoo industry. Let's start!

There are two main ways to attract customers: create a website + social media accounts and connect a proper salon booking software.

Beginners often start with lower rates – around $50-80 per hour – while they work on building their portfolio. Artists with at least one or two years of experience usually charge at least 100 dollars per hour, and artists who have worked for several years often charge between $150 and 250.

Actually, people of any class, income, gender, and nationality may want to get a tattoo. So the target group is broad.

A tattoo shop

Online scheduling software for your tattoo studio

CRM is a customer relationship management system. Each software has unique functions and uses cases, which the entrepreneur chooses individually for his business.

The CRM service for tattoo studios allows you to automate and improve service in the tattoo art industry.

The human factor is always critical: your administrator may forget to register a customer, or there may be some overlaps, etc. However, with a tattoo studio CRM, such problems are mostly avoided – no more useless issues, just handy software, and easy appointments.

  • CRM will always remind you that you have an appointment in your online calendar.

  • Within seconds, it will generate the required report.

  • The software will pay salaries to employees on time and do hundreds of other important and urgent tasks.

Tattoo studio website in the EasyWeek system

How does CRM help to manage a tattoo studio

The software simplifies the work of staff and improves customer experience. For example, CRM for tattoo studios will notify customers about appointments or send SMS with announcements of special offers and discounts.

The software can analyze the following aspects of the studio's work:

  • client base,

  • effectiveness of provided services,

  • number of services rendered by a particular specialist,

  • sales.

Planning assistant

CRM helps create and track service and product sales plans, along with calls and appointments. Tattoo salon software is a way to manage your tattoo business efficiently.

Every business owner wants to keep in touch with their business. So why not control your salon's performance remotely – it's so easy. With EasyWeek tattoo salon software, you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world.

EasyWeek tattoo salon software

What is EasyWeek CRM for your tattoo salon

EasyWeek CRM improves all business areas, from booking to payroll management. The software ultimately increases the profitability of any business. The versatile CRM EasyWeek is suitable for automating many companies in the beauty industry – beauty salons, barbershops, lashes&brow studios, etc. But what can the software do for a tattoo studio?

Benefits of EasyWeek CRM for tattoo studios

  • A customer can choose the time and a tattoo artist in a few clicks.

  • There is no need to call. If there is a slot, a guest can book it.

  • No overlaps. The software eliminates the human factor. Each visitor is given their own time for the service without making mistakes.

  • The customer is notified in advance by the software of their appointment at the tattoo shop. It can also congratulate clients on their birthdays and offer a discount for the next visit.

Advantages of the EasyWeek system for tattoo studio owners

  • You'll always be way ahead of your competitors because you won't attract customers via phone and outdoor ads only.

  • Do you have a website? Then the free online appointment widget is the right choice for you. But if you need a website, EasyWeek solves this problem and offers a handy web page for your tattoo studio.

  • Do you use social media for advertising your studio? Clients love them, so EasyWeek helps with social media marketing as well.

  • Setting up an advance payment, booking multiple appointments, and many other options are so easy with EasyWeek.

  • Want to offer a discount for Christmas or Black Friday? With EasyWeek, you can send promotional offers to your clients in a snap.

  • Distributing the workload among tattoo artists and managing the schedule is easy: staff can be rewarded for good performance in a few clicks.

EasyWeek tattoo studio software is a handy tool that offers numerous features and continuously adapts to trends. It is effortless to set up and convenient to use. In addition, the software is competitively priced and offers discounts. New users can test the solution for free for two trial weeks. Also we offers a free tariff plan if you have a small business with 1 user and 1 location.

Try EasyWeek now and optimize your tattoo studio in a snap!


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