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Planning software for billiards


Opening a billiards club is a good solution if an entrepreneur is interested in the entertainment and sports business. These clubs are trendy, providing recreational opportunities for professionals and amateur players. In addition, it is possible to organize various tournaments to quickly expand the business and attract the most significant possible number of customers.

The following types of billiards are shared all over the world: Pyramid (Russian billiards), Carambol (French billiards), Snooker (English billiards), Pool (American billiards).

It takes little time for an entrepreneur to open a billiards club. On average, it takes two to three months to prepare a business plan, register a business, lease and set up a location. And even if you're already well prepared, starting your own business takes at least three weeks.

The payback period of this business is about 14 months.

When you set up EasyWeek software, you will receive many valuable features for managing business processes and, as a gift, a website with an online appointment system. In addition, you can test the EasyWeek booking program for 14 days free of charge.

Billiard club management solutions

Types of billiard clubs

To open a billiard club, you must decide your establishment's level. Then, depending on the services offered and the amount of your initial capital, you can choose one of the three options:

  • Billiards club for hobby players

    Players at the tables of such a billiard hall are mainly people who want to relax. Therefore, for this facility, you can choose no-professional equipment.

    You can also create a billiards bar for hobbyists. The main business of opening a billiard bar is selling drinks and food. Some billiard tables are available for the entertainment of visitors. That is, they are part of the bar.

  • Billiards club for professionals

    In this facility, it is necessary to adapt the equipment to world standards. As a result, the club's competitiveness increases, and you get more customers.

  • Premium class billiard club

    In such a billiard room, in addition to professional equipment, there are higher prices of services for visitors. It makes sense to consider this option if the club is established in a big city.

  • Billiard bars

    The main business of opening a billiard bar is selling drinks and food. In addition, some billiard tables are available for the entertainment of visitors. That is, they are part of the bar.

Services and events in billiard clubs

The main goal of establishing a billiard club is not only to realize a profitable business idea. It should be a place where your customers can spend time well.

Here is a list of services that you can offer in your billiard club:

  • Playing time on fully equipped billiard tables, with the active support of competent staff;

  • Benefits of a professional coach who helps to master the game;

  • Free master classes by billiard professionals;

  • Regular game tournaments in which players with specific qualifications can participate. The club should provide prizes for the winners and other participants of such competitions and tournaments.

Opening a Billiard Club

Equipment for a billiard club

The following items are needed to set up the gaming area of your billiards club:

  • Billiard tables

    Different billiard tables are used depending on the type of game. For example, Russian billiards, pool, and snooker are played on tables with holes, while the billiard table for the game of carom has no holes. The tables can have different sizes, qualities, and costs. However, there should be at least two tables for the most common types of games.

  • Billiard balls

    Billiard balls are available for different billiard game variations and billiard table sizes: 7-foot tables, 8-foot tables, and, of course, the tournament size of 9 feet. Therefore, when buying the billiard table, inquire which ball size exactly fits your table. Quantity-wise, you should buy more sets than there are tables in your billiard club so that there is always a reserve.

  • Cues

    It is recommended to buy two cues for each ball set and have several cues in reserve. For a professional level, you need cues that meet international standards.

  • Other accessories

    This list includes everything necessary for playing billiards and players' convenience: triangular frames, chalk, gloves, coasters, scorekeepers, etc.

You will also need furniture for your office, entrance areas and staff rooms, sales and kitchen equipment, a cash register, and other items to keep your club cozy and clean.

Interior decoration affects the reputation of the billiard club and shows how the owner serves his visitors. If your guests get the best, they will come back. That is why you should not buy used tables or furniture to avoid disappointing your guests on their first visit.

Playing billiards

CRM software – the best solution for promoting your business

To quickly attract customers to your billiards club, it is advisable to take basic marketing actions:

  1. Make a bright sign.

  2. Create a website.

  3. Inform your followers on social networks about the opening of your establishment.

  4. Organize a welcome party.

CRM software will help you automate all business processes and make managing your billiards club easier. You can try a functional software from EasyWeek.

What does EasyWeek offer to users?

  • Online appointment scheduling,

  • Integration with social media,

  • A free website,

  • Booking widget,

  • Business analytics,

  • Financial module,

  • Reminders and notifications: SMS, push and email,

  • Instant technical support and much more!


You should work seriously on the facility's attractiveness to achieve business results and gain a foothold in a niche market.

EasyWeek scheduling software can quickly improve the performance of your billiards club. It offers many handy options that many business owners need. The main thing is to find the best rate plan for your needs. We would be glad if our service meets your needs. Try for free and use practical features right now.

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