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Opening loft space


The rental business has gained tremendous popularity recently, especially regarding rooms for seminars and various cultural events. Among other things, renovated industrial buildings with a large area suit this purpose. The creative and practical use of old warehouses is quickly flourishing, and a new "loft style" is becoming a trend. This article discusses what this style requires and how you can successfully furnish a loft and rent it out.

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First and foremost, it's an appointment booking program that helps your clients conveniently make, reschedule and cancel appointments at any time. So, for example, if they want to rent a loft space for their event, they can choose the day and time in a digital calendar without having to call.

Loft interior

What is a loft?

A loft is a large open area in a former storage room, attic or even old factory building converted for residential or cultural purposes.

Usually, we can characterise loft by concrete floors and bare stone walls, high ceilings and large window areas. However, such elements as steel, glass and brick create additional industrial charm.

Arranging a loft means not only great possibilities but also significant difficulties. Sometimes open spaces are furnished with massive pieces of furniture, industrial shelving and other "islands", so the unique feeling of spaciousness remains. Sometimes, however, the area is divided into zones, and individual spaces are separated with partitions to organise the space meaningfully.

Even though they are former workshop spaces, when furnishing a loft, on the contrary, one tries to create a feel-good climate through multiple glazing, all-round insulation, radiant heat and all kinds of textiles.

Barbershop in a loft space

Loft space renovating

When looking for an old factory that you could renovate to loft space, consider all of the following:

  • Location, transport links and infrastructure.

  • Size and equipment: what does the networking of the building look like; is there a lift?

  • State of renovation: what do floors, ceilings, and windows look like?

  • Development potential: are adjoining rooms available?

  • Price and Financing

Loft renovation is quite costly, and the initial cost will depend not only on the size and condition but also on the city and area.

Get in touch with experts

Setting up a loft space requires contacting specialists who can give you information on whether an old industrial building is polluted or listed, for example. You need to contact energy consultants and building biologists at the very least.

Think in advance about what painting work you will need

The walls and ceilings in a loft are usually enormously high, which makes painting not only challenging but also expensive. You could save time and effort with airless equipment that allows you to spray paint faster.

Refrain from laying carpet

It is advisable to opt for PVC flooring when renovating the floor space because it is cheaper, easy to wipe down and helps maintain the industrial flair. The shade of flooring will depend on the style you have chosen for your loft.

Customise your design depending on the type of event

There are loft spaces for almost every occasion, from corporate and client events to parties and weddings. Determine your target audience and cater to their basic needs.

Setting up online appointments for rent

Loft rooms for making photos

Room rental for events

When renting out a loft, the main uses are as follows:

  • Conference room and office space rental

    These rooms differ in size and number of seats. In addition, your customers will need event technology for training courses, such as a podium, audio system, TV set, radio microphone, and on-site technical support.

  • Party room rental

    In this case, you need various design options for multiple festivities. This includes, above all, professional sound and lighting equipment. As far as design is concerned, it pays to create room dividers – in other words, to buy large coffee tables and sofas. In expansive rooms, large pieces of furniture do not get lost.

  • Yoga room rentals, as well as for dance clubs, gyms, etc.

    If you want to choose the last option, purchasing yoga mats and chairs would be good. Furthermore, such a loft usually offers additional changing rooms and a shower.

A requirement is the installation of an appointment booking program. So, on the one hand, your clients can book rooms quickly and easily. But, on the other hand, you get the opportunity to manage your customer flows and your team's work effectively.

Let's take a look at what the EasyWeek software offers you, for example:

  • You get an online calendar to manage all bookings in real-time.

  • The software creates automated booking confirmations and reminders.

  • Customer data is stored and analysed, while you can set a convenient tagging system in your customer database.

  • You can create your loyalty program with various pricing options.

  • The system offers a range of integrations with social media and other services and Apps.

  • If you don't have a website, you can create one for free on the EasyWeek platform.

  • Resources and staff management functions to monitor all the day-to-day work processes in one place.


You can opt for loft space rental if you want to grow your business in the rental niche. Industrial premises with large and bright rooms are in demand, so you can quickly get your investments back.

However, the rental business requires additional digital tools, one of which is a booking system. EasyWeek provides a 14-day free trial with the full range of functions to see its benefits for yourself.

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