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Free online appointment app for private psychiatrists


The psychological business is pretty popular. People look for experienced psychologists and are eager to pay for their quality services. On the one hand, opening a therapy practice sounds easy. If you have a diploma and license, do it. On the other hand, there are plenty of tricky moments and even pitfalls. No worries, we will help you.

EasyWeek team offers a 100% free tariff plan for private psychologists. Feel free to use the solution without any charge in case you have 1 location & 1 user only.

Appointment booking system for psychiatrists and psychologists is a special IT solution which covers online appointments together with basic marketing and business analytics. CRMs are widely used not only in medicine, because customers prefer flawless service, even if it costs more.

In many cases, it is. But not with EasyWeek. It offers a free solution for private psychologists who work in 1 location. Bigger teams can use the solution for pleasant pricing. You will never overpay for useless features or extra slots. Just enter the number of your locations and users to see the final price. It is pretty clear and very cost-saving.

A private therapy practice

Psychological business

Private therapy practices are in demand in most European countries and the US. Being a private psychologist means offering psychological services in a private clinic without a big team. As a result, private psychologists are cheaper than big organizations. Moreover, they often provide even better quality services as there are no complex administration and other tasks to distract.

How to open a psychology office?

The main thing you have to cope with is obtaining a license. It all starts with high education in psychology that later allows you to receive a medical license. Once you have this official paper, proceed with legal steps. They include:

  • Start with legal requirements: register the business officially;

  • Proceed to administrative part: hire (if needed) staff: administrator, a cleaning lady, an accountant, 1-2 psychologists;

  • Continue with marketing: launch Google ads, and invest in SMM to attract clients.

  • After all the essential steps are done, keep learning and growing together with EasyWeek. Don't forget to connect the software for free.

Online appointment with a psychologist

Psychology practice management software

Therapy practice software offers your business many handy hacks such as business analytics, convenient appointments and an improved customer experience.

Benefits of psychology practice CRMs:

Investing in CRM improves your social image, your client's experience and more. The good news is that now you don't even need to invest. There are a lot of free solutions. EasyWeek – is one of them.

Scheduling software for therapy practice

EasyWeek is a free solution that offers a full range of professional features. We are a team of remote workers who provides the best experience to our users by using innovative technologies and handy hacks. So let's see what you get together with the EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software.

EasyWeek provides you with:

  • Online appointments;

  • Landing & widget;

  • Booking link;

  • Business management tools & analytics;

  • Marketing helpers.

  • Reminders & Notifications.

The free solution is available for private businesses with 1 user & 1 location. It gives you access to all the needed features to start working. After, you can move to the professional version and receive even more. PRO EasyWeek version will work well for medium and big businesses, while the basic one mostly serves small businesses.


Private psychological practice is a fine idea to start. It is a relatively easy business for those with high psychology education. Legal and administrative requirements depend on the country and even the state. However, in most cases, you must register the business and focus on its promotion. CRM connection helps to optimize the start by handy automation. EasyWeek is an excellent chance to use CRM for free.

Feel free to apply for the free EasyWeek tariff plan, and good luck with your business!

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