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How to lower administration expenses in your beauty salon

Beauty salon administrator: job description

Beauty salon administration is among the critical notions while managing a business. By hiring an administrator, you invest in the beauty salon's atmosphere. In most cases, an administrator is the first person your clients see. (S)He has to maintain the whole beauty salon efficiently, deal with online appointments, client base, loyalty system, etc.

The job may sound like an easy one for some people. Mainly for those who have never worked with clientele. Client-oriented businesses require flawless administration. A beauty salon isn't an exception.

Today, we will talk about the beauty salon administrator, the importance of this position, and how to help your beauty salon manager with daily routines. Also, we will answer the question – "is it possible to cut an administrator's salary and replace this position with an automated program?"

(S)He is responsible for welcoming customers, online appointments, client base, and the beauty salon atmosphere.

The average salary of a beauty salon administrator is $2 400. The maximum wage is $2 800.

These two terms are very close. An administrator is a person who works with clients and online appointments. At the same time, the beauty salon manager is the one to be responsible for the beauty salon's maintenance. However, that's how it works in theory. In real life, the positions have slightly mixed into one. The most famous name is beauty salon administrator. This job description usually includes the tasks of a beauty salon manager and administrator.

CRM to help beauty & hair salon managers

As you could already guess, a beauty salon administrator is pretty busy in any beauty parlour. In most cases, administrators seek better opportunities as the job is rather complicated, especially concerning the customer flow.

Many clients know that the place is fine if a salon has a good administrator for a long time. It is one of the signs of finding a lovely studio out of the crowded beauty salon market.

Are you planning to open a beauty salon? Or, maybe, you are a happy owner of one? Naturally, we are sure you would love to help your administrator. But, in the end, you help your studio to grow.

Software as a tool to help a beauty salon administrator

First of all, let's see what CRM is. CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. It is a system for online appointments and business maintenance in general.

Features of a management software:

  • Online appointment feature;

  • Business analytics;

  • Simple marketing tools.

The software optimizes a beauty salon administrator's job by doing all the routines. By connecting CRM, you can optimize a beauty salon and simplify the work-life of your team.

Beauty salon administrator & Online appointment system

CRM can help a beauty salon owner with the following tasks:

  • Online appointments. The system deals with booking and client base in general.

  • Loyalty program. CRM allows creating a loyalty program based on the data clients enter while making an appointment.

  • Paperwork. The service has report templates to use daily. It is much faster and easier than manual paperwork.

  • Marketing. Pretty often, administrators have to deal with marketing tasks as well. CRM helps to do it better and faster.

Beauty salon software doesn't try to replace humans. Instead, its main aim is to help beauty salon staff with their daily tasks. But sometimes, it is much more profitable to install a beauty salon program for basic tasks such as appointments and reminders and give the administrator other responsibilities.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software

We are a German software company that offers affordable CRM services worldwide. EasyWeek has created CRM to help a beauty salon administrator with his daily routines. Since 2018, EasyWeek has been working for business. Now, more than 10 000 companies trust EasyWeek all around the globe.

EasyWeek CRM is a service for beauty salons that would like to optimize their online appointment system and business in general. We offer various tariff plans to fit as many businesses as possible. Even if you need a customized solution, it is possible. Just contact our support to explain what exactly you would love to customize.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Online appointment system;

  • Free website, widget and booking link;

  • Business & Financial analytics;

  • A set of handy marketing tools;

  • Report templates;

  • Notifications & Reminders for staff and clients.

Service is customizable and ready to use right after signing up. Just enter the requested data to start working!

The average salary of a beauty salon administrator is $2 400. EasyWeek scheduling software monthly subscription starts at $20. See the difference? Save 10 times!

Business optimization is a key to success and profit

EasyWeek CRM allows fast and effortless business optimization via automation. EasyWeek has a lot of handy tools to scale your business in a snap. For example, let's compare a beauty salon that uses CRM and the one that deals with appointments manually.

  • In the first case, clients can choose time and service by themselves and then make an appointment in a snap. The system will notify them about the upcoming event via SMS or email. The chance of no-shows gets lower while customer loyalty grows. The software will also deal with the client base, making it arranged and handy to use.

  • Now, the second salon. If you make the booking manually, there is a massive chance of getting overlaps and, consequently, losing client trust and income. Customers will barely understand the booking system, as it is pretty hard to make it transparent. Hence, you get a chance of no-shows.

According to the statistics, online appointments shorten no-shows and cancellations. In addition, they optimize routines while staff deals with the main job. Would you like to lower administration expenses for your beauty salon? If your answer is positive, join EasyWeek and together, we will make a dream come true. EasyWeek works for you 24/7, so you can relax while doing your job.

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