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How to overcome burnout in business


Feeling tired and depressed may look normal in the modern world. But it isn't. A casual bad day may often transform into the wrong week, then into the worst month, year, life. That's how you feel that you are not okay.

Burnout is a trendy topic of 21st-century discussion. Yet, any employee felt used, not significant, and tiny at least once or twice. The problem exists both for big, medium, and small companies. Preventing stress is barely possible, but managing work the way staff feels better is more realistic.

In today's article, we'll see how to prevent and overcome burnout in the workplace. Keep reading to check whether you have any burnout symptoms and improve the situation if needed.

Burnout is a state of mind when an employee is constantly tired of his work.

The first signs of burnout are feeling tired before and after work, the same as during the days off. The second signal is becoming cynical about the work you perform.

There are many ways of reducing stress at the workplace. However, many of them won't guarantee that staff will be okay. Burnout isn't a medical term, but it has a complex nature. The best is to combine two options. The first is creating a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels safe and connected. For example, some business owners offer free gyms and healthy foods to their employees. Others care about staff and business performance by using software to minimize work stress.

Burnout at work: what is it

Burnouts are frequent, and that is tragic. Employees worldwide suffer from poor self-management, depression, and monotonous work routines. The history of burnouts is pretty old. The staff was always tired of much stress, complicated tasks, etc. That is why the problem is crucial today.

The issue happens to the people who work too much for too long. It is okay to spend one or two extra hours at work, but if you do it once a month. If it's a daily routine, you have to do something. Working overtime may lead to harmful health conditions and poor performance.

There is nothing worse than worrying too much. Nerves can cause serious health issues. According to the statistics, 52% of employees at least once felt too tired to continue working. In the beginning, it doesn't sound like a severe problem, but later, the issue can develop into: apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts.

There is nothing worse than surviving through a mental breakdown silently. Sooner or later, the unspoken feeling will hurt the employee. But, unfortunately, there is a high chance that it'll damage your business as well.

That's why preventing the problem is the best any leader can do – especially concerning the Covid-19 pandemic with all the connected restrictions. You want it or not, but caring about your mental health is the same important as thinking about business prosperity. A healthy team brings flawless management and high income.

Post-Covid business burnout: how to release tension

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced plenty of companies. Therefore, it is essential to show staff that the manager understands their struggle and supports them.

The latest research claims that 54% of medium businesses were closed due to the pandemic. Ensure your staff knows what is going on in your company to prevent misunderstandings and waste of human resources.

Nervous, disorientated workers have no desire to do great things. How can you think about business development when you have no idea how to survive the next month? So, offering at least some type of stability will significantly help to optimize business performance.

When many businesses are closing, try to see the possibility to grow, not the reason to close. Do you know that Amazon sales have increased by 200% during the pandemic? This giant e-commerce platform is a perfect example of the correct business management. Amazon has scaled thanks to its flexibility. The service is accessible online via smartphones and PC. Its coverage has increased after clients sat at home, waiting for the best time to shop.

And the right moment is always now. So, a lot of users went shopping online.

My company cannot provide online services, what to do?

Sure, many businesses can't do their work 100% online. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot scale via the Internet. Let's see how a beauty salon can establish a healthy atmosphere during the pandemic:

  • First of all, there is a need to connect salon software. It'll automate daily routines.

  • Then, make sure staff understands their role in the company management. If they don't, you'll barely work well.

  • Provide some online and offline activities for employees and clients. It can be a professional seminar, a beauty lesson, a party, etc.

  • Minimize negative comments, be constructive. The Word is a powerful weapon. No need to criticize staff. Help your employees to grow with you, not against you.

How to prevent burnout

In theory, it is. However, there are many risk factors any business leader can't control. The task of an effective manager is to motivate the team to grow. There are some ways to do it, but everything starts with the right attitude.

Never minimize expenses by compromising your staff's comfort. Even though you'll save on some basic stuff, the damage will be inevitable.

How to prevent staff's burnout:

  1. Communicate with employees.

  2. Motivate employees to live healthily. Do not make workers do the stuff that software can do.

  3. Offer coffee and treats to keep employees satisfied.

  4. Schedule staff's timetables correctly. Rush and calls will never help to grow.

NB! CRM software is the easiest way to prevent burnout. It schedules staff's time, shows who is responsible for what, and much more.

Remember that preventing the problem is much better than solving it.

How to overcome burnout

If you or your employees feel any signals of burnout, change the routines. The first thing a person has to do is understand what is wrong, then change it as fast as possible.

Algorithm for dealing with burnout at work:

  • Negotiate the current situation with your boss/employee. Explain your concerns.

  • Ask for support. Don't hide a concern. You can ask colleagues, friends, beloved ones, etc.

  • Try something new. Any relaxing activity will help. Why not try yoga?

  • Exercise daily. There must be a gym in your area. Get a membership to distract. You can go there daily or several times per week. The most important thing is to get used to the new routines.

  • Sleep more. Yes, it is significant. Sleep helps to relieve stress and healthify your body.

  • Treat yourself. Always get yourself some small (or not) treats to feel better. It can be a cup of coffee that is usually too expensive to earn daily or a dash of reading before sleep. There is no one way – just think about what you find pleasant.

Keeping work-life balance effectively

Let's see whether you suffer from burnout right now. First, take a look at these factors:

  • Working more than 8 hours daily.

  • Feeling no control in your current position.

  • Having no desire to read professional materials.

  • Spending more time at work than with family/at home.

  • Being in everyday stress.

  • Having high blood pressure.

Are there any of the items from the list in your life? If you have noticed more than 2, consider changing your routines.

You can also ask yourself:

  • Am I satisfied at work?

  • Am I doing the stuff I enjoy?

  • Do I understand my achievements?

  • Do I treat myself often?

  • Do I have regular communication at the workplace?

  • Do I have any problems with concentration?

  • Do I overeat, drink too much to forget some difficulties at work?

Same as with the first test, more than 2 positive answers require rescheduling your routines. If you've noticed any signs of burnout, come back to the algorithm dealing with this issue we've mentioned in the previous chapter.

Connecting scheduling software to optimize work and prevent employee's burnout

Software is a perfect tool to minimize any burnout issues. It helps schedule employees' timetables, avoid conflicts, and reduce stress.

How does software help to prevent burnout

  • It offers online appointments, so an administrator and staff won't need to deal with endless calls and emails.

  • It provides a company with a website.

  • It also helps with widget connection to get appointments via different channels.

  • It minimizes Covid-19 risks as software controls the company's load.

  • Software motivates your team – you can see the result of every employee in the system.

  • CRM automates daily routines. Workers will feel relieved as a part of their tasks will be delegated to the software.

  • It boosts revenue.

The main is to select the CRM that works well for your company. Before choosing, think about whether you need:

  • Cloud-based or On-premises CRM.

  • Open-code or Ready-made solution.

After that, consider the features you will use. It will help to avoid useless expenses. And, last but not least is to check client reviews. Users are eager to share their experiences, so take a look at them to avoid similar troubles.

EasyWeek software against burnout

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