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How to protect your beauty business from the energy crisis


The hair, beauty and spa industry faces a considerable increase in energy costs. So how can you reduce the impact on your salon or spa? Under normal circumstances, you would look for a cheaper deal from another gas or electricity supplier, but switching now could be more expensive as energy markets are volatile.

Energy consumption is a significant cost factor for any hair, beauty or wellness business. With the considerable increase in energy costs, reducing consumption and making changes to reduce costs will be a priority. However, with so many energy-dependent appliances and equipment essential to delivering services and treatments, it may prove impossible to reduce energy consumption across your business! Nevertheless, there are some opportunities you can take advantage of.

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Top 5 tips for saving energy in the beauty industry

Here are five simples, quick and effective changes you can make to save your hair, beauty or spa salon from rising energy costs.

  1. Replace your towels with biodegradable disposable towels.

    Towels are essential for your business, but have you ever thought about replacing traditional cotton towels with disposable towels or mixing them? As the industry looks for greener and more energy-efficient options, several brands specialise in natural, biodegradable towels. They are better for the environment, but they are also super absorbent, germ-free and cost-saving.

    Some brands offer eco-friendly biodegradable towels that can lead to substantial savings. They drastically reduce the water and electricity consumption that comes from constantly running washers and dryers, and you also use less detergent. Of course, some luxury and spa services call for thick cotton towels, but for many hair, barber and beauty services, this small change can make a big difference!

  2. Switch to energy-efficient lighting.

    It's time to switch to LED lights to save money. This small change will only cost a little time, but the benefits to your business will be huge. LED lamps are much more efficient than other incandescent lamps and use up to 90% less energy. That's impressive!

  3. Go paperless and switch to technology.

    We all live in a digital world, and it is easier to go paperless. With clients also increasingly using new technology, you no longer have to rely on appointment cards, flyers, paper loyalty cards and stationery and marketing materials to create clutter.

    EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for salons and spas makes the daily work of beauty and wellness businesses easier and helps you go paperless. Not only can you make all your bookings through the app or website, but you can also send marketing messages, run campaigns, send appointment reminders, give out loyalty rewards, etc.

  4. Reduce the temperature by one degree.

    Of course, you want your clients and staff to feel comfortable in your salon or spa. But did you know that you can reduce your heating costs by more than 300 $ per year by turning down the thermostat by just one degree? The temperature difference is so tiny that you will hardly notice it.

  5. Invest in a special hot water system.

    Hair, barber, and beauty salons can consider installing a dedicated hot water system to ensure a constant hot and cold water supply at the touch of a button. Unlike standard boilers and water heaters, industry-specific boilers, such as Salon Aquaflow, are more energy-efficient, durable, and have a longer life expectancy.

    If the investment is too expensive for you, make sure your existing boiler is maintained and running smoothly for peace of mind.

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EasyWeek – your energy-saving helper

Among the essential benefits of EasyWeek CRM software are the following:

  • You can track your customers and consider their preferences to make a personalised offer every time. Thanks to EasyWeek, the team can keep a customer file and personalise each visit with information on a personal card.

  • An electronic calendar and an online appointment system help your customers make appointments quickly. Clients can book online 24/7. You manage your bookings online. EasyWeek CRM software allows you to easily create and adjust schedules for your team to manage their workload.

  • Social media and map services integration. Social media is excellent for growing your business: search for clients with custom tags, photos and videos of your treatments.

  • Reports and statistics. EasyWeek salon software helps you keep weekly, monthly and yearly statistics for your business. Our service is also always ready to keep track of your consumables and analyse the results of your sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Free start-up and low-cost maintenance. EasyWeek has just launched and offers advanced features at a lower price than the competition. A bonus is a free trial for the first 14 days of use.

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Install an online appointment booking service that accepts appointments 24 hours a day. It also helps distribute staff workload efficiently and avoid downtime, resulting in less wasted energy and money. In addition, you can attract customers at a discount during less busy times with dynamic pricing. Again, the company will not be idle.

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