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Appointment software for osteopathy practice

Appointment software for osteopathy practice

Do you own an osteopathic practice and handle appointments manually? Then, discover the benefits of booking software that will make managing and working with your clients easier.


Osteopathy is a relatively new method of treatment based on the manual manipulation of various body tissues. The osteopath exclusively examines the mobility, position, contraction, and even temperature of tissues (e.g., muscles or fascia) with his hands. The value of this method lies in its ability to detect and reverse a problem in its earliest stages, even when traditional medical examination methods – including ultrasound, X-rays, or blood tests – cannot provide complete information about the condition. The technique is entirely safe because no drugs are involved, so even young children and pregnant women can benefit from it.

Demand is high, so opening your center and working independently is a good idea. The image and reputation of osteopathic centers depend primarily on their staff. Therefore, the team is essential because it is your business's face and heart. The organization of work processes is also crucial.

Online appointment systems for medical businesses greatly help develop a thriving osteopathic center. They allow you to optimize all the daily medical processes, build and maintain a quality customer base, and increase the company's revenue. Let's look at all the benefits of online appointment schedulers using EasyWeek software, for example.

This system helps healthcare managers attract, retain, and engage with patients and provide personalized services. It is not only limited to the hospitality industry but also to medical suppliers, finance, and pharmaceutical departments in the healthcare industry.

Schedulers make health information more accessible for patients and all team members by providing cross-device tools for collaboration and communication. The service also allows you to track the entire patient process, from admission to active treatment and care.

Ideally, you would benefit from combining both. However, online appointment software will be more than enough to start. EasyWeek, for example, will cover client attraction and online appointments – the main factors when starting an osteopathy business.

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Benefits of online appointments for osteopathy

Modern clients choose comfort and convenience; thus, medical diagnostic centers with online appointment scheduling automatically win the competition. It is just what your customers like.

Medical companies opt for online booking because of their reputation and patients' convenience. This is convenient for both medical staff and patients. As it saves time and nerves, customers can make online appointments anytime with just a few clicks. It also minimizes human error. In addition, online booking looks much more professional than simply calling and arranging everything the old-fashioned way.

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What is the best software for osteopathy

There are a variety of systems in the market. You should understand the needs of your business and choose software that covers all or most of it. One of the best solutions is EasyWeek, which offers handy online appointment features for a pleasant price.

The service offers:

  1. A website;

  2. A widget;

  3. An online booking.

All the features are created automatically; the system uses the data you enter while registering.

With the handy EasyWeek tools, every osteopathy practice team will be satisfied. What more does the service offer:

  • Convenient online appointments and client management;

  • Statistical data about patients;

  • A patient card with all the details about the treatment: procedures, medications, complaints, etc.;

  • A work schedule for medical staff;

  • A financial module with calculation and payment of salaries, rewards, or fines;

  • 24/7 online booking widget and a booking link to place on social networks;

  • Customizable reminder features for patients and staff: email, SMS, push;

  • Detailed analysis of the osteopathic center with a dozen reports;

  • Consumable management: accounting of the number of goods/medicines consumed by a medical center and replenishment.

Usually, it takes up to a week to get used to, set up, and test a new system. EasyWeek simplified the process and created a system that can be set up in 30 – 60 minutes, has all the features you need, and is affordable.

Online appointments for osteopathy

How online appointments help osteopathy business grow

The primary purpose of any booking software is to automate and optimize routine processes and increase revenue. EasyWeek appointment scheduling allows you to manage business online, work with your customer base, and manage supplies inventory. EasyWeek offers flexible plans for any business, including a free plan for private specialists.

Try EasyWeek for free to see how well it works for your osteopathy or physiotherapy practice. The service provides a free 14-day trial, so you can set everything up, test it, and decide if the system works well for your business.

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