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How to reduce administrative costs?


Although administrative work is essential to your business, it can be daunting and even lead to wasting valuable resources that you could use for something else. Time is the most valuable resource that you cannot risk losing. Thanks to today's technology, there are helpful solutions to this problem. This article is about productive ways to reduce administrative work and keep everything on track efficiently.

Administrative costs are all the daily expenses required to maintain and manage your business. Continuous analysis of costs allows companies to cut out unnecessary expenses and reduce costs – reducing these overheads can improve your profitability.

Technology improves employee productivity. Business automation means your staff are not distracted by mundane tasks and can focus on what's important.

Administrative staff are those who support the business. This support can include general office administration, duty scheduling, customer service, answering the phone, assisting the employer, clerical work (including filing and data entry) or a range of other tasks. An online booking program can optimise your company's performance in the service sector.

Ways to reduce administrative work

Benefits of reducing administrative tasks

  • Fewer working hours: Time is a crucial factor that you should use to outperform your competitors and provide better services and products to your customers. You can invest more time in better areas when you reduce administrative work. For example, in research and development, improving the internal structure, entering other markets, launching new products or services and other areas.

  • Lower costs: If there is too much administrative work, your team will have to work overtime to do the necessary tasks, or you will have to hire more staff to either do the administrative work or support their colleagues in their duties. In both cases, you will spend more money than you should. However, reducing administrative work will lead to a gradual reduction in these costs. If you put in place a productive solution to minimise administrative duties, you will start to reduce expenditure.

    Imagine: You have a business and employ a receptionist for about $2,000 per month + other costs. Of course, the receptionist is an important position. However, if it's just about recording your customers, this can quickly be done by automated software that costs you ten times less. It's easier to pay $30 per month and leave other essential tasks to the reception staff.

    The EasyWeek business software subscription costs ten times less than the average administrator's salary!

EasyWeek subscription plans

  • More accessible for customers – less bureaucracy: Customers always want to receive services as quickly as possible because nobody likes organisational processes and routines. For some companies, this has become a competitive advantage as customers start to compare companies based on their responsiveness. Your customers will notice the difference if you reduce bureaucracy and keep your workflows organised.

  • Happy employees: Productive employees hate wasting their time on distracting tasks and prefer focusing on their primary tasks rather than administrative ones. When you reduce administrative work in your company, you create better conditions for innovation and creativity, and your colleagues become more productive and satisfied.

How EasyWeek can help you automate administrative work

If you decide to reduce your administrative workload, you should first assess your current situation. Then, you need to look at your existing business processes and analyse their productive capacity. The next step is to weed out unnecessary administrative tasks and remove them from your current workflow. Scheduling software will help you to assign and prioritise tasks correctly. It will take care of all routine tasks while your staff can focus on more critical things.

EasyWeek is an easy-to-use appointment software which fits any service business.

EasyWeek offers:

  • User-friendly interface. You can understand the system's workings even if you are not good enough at technologies and computers. The support team will help in any troubles, by the way.

  • 24/7 online appointment booking is the best way to attract customers to your company. It's time to stop inconvenient telephone or in-person appointments. Instead, give your clients opportunities to choose the service, time slot and employee online.

  • Free website. EasyWeek automatically creates a website after you sign up and enter your company's details. You will have a stylish landing with an online appointment widget and all necessary company information.

  • Digital marketing tools. EasyWeek makes customer segmentation and preparing loyalty programs easy.

  • Inventory and Salary modules help your business deal with staff commissions and consumable accounting.

  • An optimal price with flexible tariff plans – you can choose the one suitable for your business. Moreover, EasyWeek offers a free plan for one user and is a good solution for specialists working alone. However, if you have a more extensive business, choose one of our tariffs that allows the number of users you need.

  • Integrations with various services and all other popular social networks. Online presence is essential: so you can connect your EasyWeek business account with Google Calendar, Google Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Outlook, Google Maps, etc.


Automating your workflows means giving your team higher value, targeted tasks. Instead of letting them fill in the gaps of administrative work, leave this part to the systems and take your business to the next level. Automation goes hand in hand with digitalisation and the use of collaborative solutions. These approaches cover a lot of important work your team needs to do.

Today, productivity approaches allow you to achieve better results with the same resources you already have. All you need to do is thoroughly analyse your business and look for the perfect software to help you do this.

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