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Class scheduling software

Online school and courses in the Covid-19 era

The Covid-19 pandemic has hurt many businesses. People have stayed at home for a long time, dreaming about a dinner in a restaurant, professional beauty services, and so on. So, on the one hand, plenty of companies couldn't survive the struggle. However, on the other hand, flexible entrepreneurs managed to scale their startups.

Online education is among the niches that benefit from the pandemic. While schools and universities were dealing with numerous issues concerning the world-spread virus, online courses were working flawlessly. And we guess you know why?

Many business people have chosen innovative software to keep their businesses prosperous. In the case of education, we are talking about CRMs.

Deciding on the managing system, pay attention to its features and pricing compared to your budget and requirements. The service you are thinking about has to be clear and contain helpful functions. Make a list of the functions you'll use daily, then research the market to find the solution according to your needs. The second notion is the client's reviews. A business owner will often avoid a headache by looking at what others think about the software.

Now there are many online school and courses software. Among the most functional are: EasyWeek, SchoolMint, Fresha.

It depends on the CRM you are thinking about. In most cases, you'll be able to get an affordable solution. EasyWeek, for instance, has a flexible tariff system. The single-user plan starts at $10. We also offer more than six options to choose from. Even if you'd like to get more slots, we'll do it for you. All you have to do is contact the EasyWeek support team and negotiate the details.

CRM software for online courses

The software is a handy tool to stand out from the active competition. Statistics claim that businesses that use CRMs are five times more effective than those that don't. So isn't it a powerful argument for the software connection?

Online school scheduling software offers:

  • Round-the-clock booking.

  • Marketing tools.

  • Convenient scheduling.

  • Reminders.

  • A client base.

Any school with the software can reorganize the working process quickly. It is pretty convenient and so easy!

Just imagine a course that has no proper management. Usually, it'll look messy, even though there are the most skillful teachers. According to the researches, any company has approximately 7 seconds to attract attention. It means if you have an unattractive website, lousy management, or the old-fashioned way of booking, your company loses.

An average student will look at the lessons you offer and leave the website. It happens so because there are no hacks to catch your audience. Starting with the basic CRM features, you'll be able to get a pleasant website together with convenient online appointments. Even these two functions boost sales. Mastering the software and its extra features, your school may look like a brand-new attractive offer. The most important is to choose the right CRM.

EasyWeek online school & courses management software

EasyWeek is a relatively young startup that has appeared a few years ago. Since then, more than a thousand business people worldwide have trusted the EasyWeek software. We serve education and beauty, medicine, and other niches.

Innovative management is in demand everywhere.

At the beginning of 2022, EasyWeek offers many exciting features for pleasant pricing. However, we remember how hard the start can be, so the EasyWeek team works 24/7, making it easier for you. Scaling together with satisfied clients is among our priorities.

So, know you see who we are. Let us tell you what we offer.

EasyWeek features include:

  • Convenient online appointments. They are available 24/7, and clients can do via the website, widget, and a booking link.

  • Free website creation. It is the favorite feature for many. Every EasyWeek user will automatically and for free get a personal page that works like a landing. No additional payments are required.

  • Customizable and free widget and a booking link are ready for your courses. We offer all the possible tools to make your school stronger than the others. That's why EasyWeek provides its users with a widget, which you can design according to your corporate requirements. And the second thing is a booking link to send via messengers, add to a bio, etc.

  • Notifications via email, SMS, or push reminders. By connecting the software, you'll never lose any clients. Same as customers won't forget about their appointments. Reminders are free, and the software will send them to teachers and students.

  • Convenient scheduling. Making a timetable can be complicated. Thanks to the online calendar we've created, teachers will correct the schedule with a click. At the same time, students will see when they can get a lesson and what is in their curriculum.

  • Financial analytics. There is a module to pay salaries, staff commissions, and others. You can also collect fines or reward employees via the software.

  • Business management. The EasyWeek software will show the impact of every teacher in the "Business analytics" module. The owner will track the progress, compare the income from different courses, etc.

Marketing hacks from EasyWeek

As you could already guess, being aware of the latest trends can make your school a powerful player. It doesn't matter whether you create courses, an online school, or work as a private tutor. In any case, some marketing skills are a must.

If you aren't sure how to start the business promotion, consider connecting online courses software. EasyWeek got many life hacks on client attraction and retention. Sure, there is no one recipe for every school, but using various trendy solutions, you'll find what suits your company best.

EasyWeek can offer your company:

  • QR-codes. They are available to generate for free, and then you have to print the stickers on the special sticking paper. Then, stick them to the places of your client's interest and wait for new appointments.

  • An instant-search client base. Once a student books a lesson, all the detail will go directly to the client base. After, you'll analyze the performance and see the detailed analytics. It is also a perfect tool to create loyalty programs, including individual offers.

  • Thousands of helpful integrations are available. We have integrations with all the most popular services: social networks, Telegram, Google Maps, and others. Using this feature, you can promote your online school much more effectively. This way is also much cheaper than many other paid ads.


It is high time to launch an online school or courses. Students are ready to study online. Concerning the restrictions, you'll also leave plenty of competitors far away. As soon as you start your startup, connect CRM software to make the school more effective.

EasyWeek is a perfect choice for online school or courses. Try EasyWeek for free to check its performance! Our team wishes you the best of luck in starting the school of your dreams.

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