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Best self-storage booking software

Best self-storage booking software

Advantages of online booking for self-storage services and self-service warehouses. Choose an online scheduler, integrate it with self-storage business, and attract first customers.


Self-storage businesses are in high demand at the moment. Before starting such a business, you should conduct thorough market research and plan your project. After all, you are fully responsible for the personal property of your customers. It's essential to make sure you're prepared for this commitment. Online booking software will help you organize workflows efficiently.

It is a company that offers storage boxes of various sizes suitable for storing things, sports and construction equipment, outdoor furniture, car tires, etc. Such a box is divided into many zones (rooms) of different sizes. Some companies additionally offer storage of cars or boats in separate garages or large warehouses.

From the smallest boxes to large warehouses, self-storage is rented out to private clients and businesses. Private clients can store their personal belongings when they move, renovate, or don't have enough space at home.

The first self-storage service appeared in the United States in 1958; today, there are more than 50,000 facilities in the US. This service is not yet as widespread in Europe, but the industry is growing steadily, showing promising results.


How self-storage services benefit from online booking

Online booking is the process of managing your load through a digital system. It can help optimize a business's performance. Scheduling software can be useful for clinics, beauty salons, fitness centers, and other businesses that work with clientele. Self-service warehouses also greatly benefit from online booking.

Key benefits of an online scheduler for a self-storage:

  • Reducing the number of errors

    If your self-storage facility is busy, employees are often overworked. They deal with many different cases simultaneously, which can be quite difficult and not always efficient. When a paper calendar is used for scheduling, there are more errors because it is not synchronized with other business processes.

    Scheduling errors not only disappoint customers but are also costly. Real-time online scheduling for self-service warehouses can put an end to these problems.

  • Fast and easy planning

    Another reason to use online booking is that the service is not complicated. It can be customized so employees' information is always at their fingertips.

  • Reduce no-shows

    No business likes it when customers don't use the service they booked. To solve this problem, most scheduling software sends customers automatic reminders via email or text message.

  • Low costs

    Lost revenue due to scheduling errors can be costly for your business. With online scheduling software, you can cut costs.

  • Comprehensive reports

    Most systems generate detailed reports to help you identify the most profitable customers.

  • Easy access

    Some scheduling systems, such as EasyWeek, also work on mobile phones and tablets, so you can access the data you need anytime, anywhere. This makes planning convenient even if you're on the go.

Self-storage software

Online booking software features

A reliable program provides the following functions:

  1. Client management. Storing contact information in a searchable database, such as names, addresses, and social media accounts.

  2. Interaction tracking. Add notes and track interaction history to document conversations with specific contacts.

  3. Lead management. Turn leads into customers by identifying, scoring, and moving them through the sales pipeline.

  4. Integrations. Integrate with clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo to manage and segment your contact lists. This is considered a central hub for internal interdisciplinary collaboration.

  5. Document management. Collect, upload, store, and share documents in one central location to provide easy access to information for all stakeholders.

  6. Price management. Create and send new offers to customers.

  7. Analytics. Get summary reports on sales or staff performance (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly).

Self-service warehouse

How to choose self-storage software

Choosing the right service is crucial for attracting customers. To choose the best booking tool, consider what you want to automate in your business and what features are important.

The main features of online schedulers include the following:

  • Integration with marketing tools

    Marketing is the foundation and goal of any business. The online booking system should provide a complete overview of all current and past customers. This includes relevant data such as contacts, demographics, products purchased, and warehouse space booked.

  • Social media features

    Your team can create content such as short messages, social media posts, YouTube videos, and blog posts. The program helps you turn customer interactions into two-way communication.

  • Ease of use

    If the system is not intuitive and easy to use, the effectiveness of implementation will be low. That's why many modern booking solutions, such as EasyWeek, offer free trials to test the effectiveness of the service.

  • Price

    You don't have to buy the highest-priced system if you don't need extra features. Small businesses can start with common, accessible, and simple solutions.

  • Support

    A reliable software provider will train and consult your employees.

Preparation for self-storage

EasyWeek competitive advantages

With the help of EasyWeek, you can optimize the work of a self-service warehouse and self-storage. All employees will immediately feel the difference in work processes, and the business owner will appreciate the increase in profits.

The main advantages of EasyWeek for storage services:

  • Free website and booking widget;

  • Easy-to-use calendar;

  • Notifications about appointments for customers and employees;

  • Dozens of reports to analyze business performance;

  • Comparison of data on the performance of different branches;

  • Financial module for calculating salaries and bonuses for employees;

  • Access rights management;

  • No additional or hidden fees.

Self-storage services


People have so many things that they often can't fit them in their homes anymore. Building a self-service warehouse requires a significant investment but provides high passive income in the long run.

The demand for storage space is always high, so that your self-storage won't have problems with customers. EasyWeek's online booking service makes managing your self-storage service even easier. Try all the benefits of EasyWeek for free and see for yourself!

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