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Wordpress salon booking

Salon booking WordPress plugin

WordPress is one of the best website constructors in the current market. It offers handy solutions for any business that needs a site. If you have a website made on WordPress, you know how good it is. However, many companies still seek additional software to improve their performances.

Indeed, WordPress offers a basic set to start a website. But, then, a business has to decide what's next. Just WordPress isn't enough anymore. WordPress time slot booking – that's what you need.

WordPress time slot booking plugin

So, alright, you've got a WordPress website. It looks fine, but clients still doubt how to reach you. You may think that the contact block is enough.

According to statistics, customers require additional comfort while making an appointment. They don't want to waste time calling you and waiting for some feedback. So, no, that's not what we need.

Booking WP plugin is an ultimate solution for any business, especially for a beauty salon. How does it work? Shortly speaking, you add a widget to provide your audiences with instant online appointments. The widget depends on its provider. First, you may choose CRM and then connect it to your WordPress widget to optimize the performance.

Benefits of booking WordPress plugin for a beauty salon

  • Widget automates online appointments. It helps to save your time and budget and your clients' nerves. Customers can choose time, service and a specialist to make an appointment with.

  • It attracts audiences. Widget is among the best tools to get more clients. They enjoy comfort, so they like comfortable online appointments.

WordPress plugin optimizes beauty salon performance. Any studio will benefit from the widget connection. First of all, it'll let your administrator more freedom for other tasks (s)he has to cope with. The second optimization tip is overlaps and no-shows minimization. If you offer online appointments, there is no chance of getting two clients simultaneously. The system will notify and remind employees and clients in advance, offering only the best client-interaction experiences.

TOP-5 widget features you will enjoy

  1. Online appointment feature. We love widgets for their online booking optimization.

  2. Notifications. The widget will remind clients about their appointments. Same as it will notify employees about the upcoming services. No more chance to forget about the event!

  3. Online calendar. The calendar allows fast and effortless check-ups and helps fill all the empty slots more quickly because you can see a clear picture of what's going on in your salon.

  4. Integrations. Widget usually comes as a part of CRM. It means this tool integrates with many services you may find helpful.

  5. Easy promotion. You can get a booking link to share on social media and messengers. The link will lead to the widget, so to your salon directly.

Easy online appointments determine a professional beauty salon. Offer your clients the best service quality together with flawless booking. They are worth it.

EasyWeek salon booking WordPress plugin

EasyWeek offers a handy salon booking WordPress plugin for daily usage.

What can the EasyWeek widget do?

  • Provide a beauty salon with an online appointment feature;

  • Notify staff and clients about their appointments;

  • Offer your beauty studio a handy online calendar with a set of integrations.

  • It is customizable and easy to use.

EasyWeek offers a free tariff plan for specialists who work alone. In case you do, you can use the software for free. Just sign up to connect the EasyWeek widget to your WordPress website. If you have a more significant business, consider our professional tariff plans. They include up to 50 users.

Would you like to try the EasyWeek software? Then, do not hesitate, do it right now. We offer a free trial for the first two weeks. Try EasyWeek for free!

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Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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