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How to start your own drum school

Introduction: drum lessons startup

Being a drum teacher is a responsible job. Would you like to try it? This profession is pretty profitable when planned well. The other benefit is that you will do the stuff you enjoy.

Drum business is 50% of creativity and 50% of administrative work. The good news is that smart business automation can optimize the boring organizational part effortlessly.

Let's see how to start the drum business and the best options in 2022. It'll be an exciting journey!

Teaching music is very profitable when done well. The main point is to work enough hours and plan everything. In this case, the wage can be higher than many popular jobs in the US.

First, you must register the business and deal with administration work and related issues. Then, plan the lessons and your load. In the end, you have to calculate taxes and your compensation. Remember, the drum business is profitable only when done right.

Drum teachers usually use CRMs. Customer Relationship Management software is a handy tool for sales optimization, in our case, student attraction. It helps schedule lessons and calculates your revenue, load, work hours, etc. Nowadays, there are many acceptable solutions. One of them, according to features & pricing, is EasyWeek.

Drum business from scratch

Teaching drums as a profitable business idea

There are a lot of advantages of choosing drums as your main thing to do. Let us show you the ones we like most.

Why being a drum teacher is a good business idea in 2022:

  • Your work = your revenue. Drum teachers often do freelance work, so they are free to choose what to do and whom to teach. Sure, the more you work, the more you gain.

  • Freedom of choice. Being a teacher can be challenging, as you cannot select your students. Private drum tutors can do that! You can also choose what to teach and what are the best ways for your students to get this information.

  • Practice & theory balance. Music schools often offer more theory than practice. Sad, but it barely works. That's why private drum tutors can make a profit. Students need real-life practice, which you can offer.

The benefits are clear. You must also remember a list of challenging stuff when starting a drum business.

Be careful with:

  • Planning. Make sure you schedule lessons well because quality and quantity are your revenue.

  • Administrative part. Business registration, taxes and other details have to be very well-thought-out. It is the only guarantee of a successful business.

  • Rent & Equipment. Invest in quality equipment. First and foremost, choose fine drums. Usually, 2 drum sets will be enough for the beginning. Each will cost you about $250-350. Then, sure, rent. Its price will differ depending on location. In general, rent will cost you about $2000-2500. This number includes a small place and basic utilities.

  • Soundproof system. Any music school needs that. Be ready to pay $10-30 per 1 square foot.

In the end, the drum business is a fine one to do. Plan it well, offer quality services, and it'll be alright. So let's see how to cope with opening your drum business.

Drum lessons appointment system

First steps in the drum teaching business

Teaching drums is cool and fun when you have organized it well. We have created a short guide about starting a drum teaching business from scratch. It is easier than you think!

Step-by-step instructions on starting the drum teaching business from scratch:

  • Register your business. Apply for official business registration. It usually takes up to a month and costs about $100.

  • Invest in equipment. The tools to use will depend on your business idea. Would you like to offer your students all the essential equipment, or it'd be better to work with their instruments? In any case, think about it in advance. Equipment has to be purchased and tested before starting the business.

  • Choose appointment software. This type of business depends on planning. That's why software is essential. Schedulers will solve 50% of the possible issues.

Drum school scheduling system

Best teaching drum appointment program

Nowadays, many businesses choose CRMs for their ability to optimize business in a snap. Teaching drum businesses aren't an exception. Students require attention. They enjoy well-scheduled classes and quality lessons. Your task is to organize the teaching process in a way that benefits your students and you. And here, CRM comes to the rescue!

Why would I need an online appointment program for teaching drums?

  • The online appointment program simplifies scheduling. Students will be able to make an appointment whenever they want. Just fill in the data about your working hours.

  • It is a straightforward way to attract clients. CRM often offers essential marketing tools such as email marketing, notifications, and loyalty programs.

  • CRM offers handy analytics. It is hard to scale without knowing what's happening inside your business. CRM solves this issue.

Try an online appointment program for your drum lessons

Drum academy in the US


Drum teaching business is a profitable niche to enter. However, your success depends on careful planning and strong motivation. Are you planning to start this type of business to make a living? Then, invest in yourself and in the online appointment booking program to work for you.

Innovative appointment software will optimize your performance. The main idea is to choose the system wisely. EasyWeek is a perfect solution for small and midsize businesses that want to scale. Contact us for more details or try EasyWeek appointment software for free right now.

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