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How to open a dance studio


The world has entered a new online era. Many businesses tend to present themselves both offline and online. Even classic startups like, for example, schools and dancing studios require innovations. And here we are to offer them.

This article will help young entrepreneurs cope with the primary pitfalls of starting a new business in 2022. Then, we will talk about opening a dancing studio and its main risks and advantages.

Spoiler: The dance business is tricky, but it is worth the risk.

Focus on business planning – it is the first document to launch a startup. A strong business plan has to include all the details on your location, premises, staff, services together with the aims and risks you may face. We will talk about powerful business plan creation a bit later. Just keep in mind that this paper is your roadmap to success.

This type of business isn't among the most expensive ones. The initial investments will start from $20 000, including rent, equipment, salaries and marketing budget, etc. Then, you will also need to pay some monthly expenses, for instance, rent and wages, marketing fees and related extra costs. So be ready to spend about $3500-5 000 monthly. The good news is that the ROI is pretty fast. You will be able to return your investments in 6-8 months.

The easiest way is to create a business plan to attract investors. Then, you will cover 50% and more of the expenses. Then, it is a perfect chance to launch a startup with minimum investments.

Dance studio as a business idea

Once you are ready to start a dance studio, think about its planning strategically. As we have mentioned, it all starts with a business plan.

How to create a perfect dance studio business plan?

  1. Write down your aims and goals.

  2. Calculate rent and premises in detail.

  3. Look for teaching staff and establish the ways of their motivation.

  4. Invest in marketing and ads.

  5. Connect dancing studio software.

P.S. Once the plan is ready, make sure to show it to your colleagues and friends. They usually see the trifles you miss. It saves time and effort and helps to avoid a lot of issues.

Dance studio management

Your employees are the heart of your business. It means they influence it the most. Since you will work mainly with professional dancers, learn their psychology and establish some rules of professional communication.

Essential staff to start a dancing studio

  • 2-3 coaches;

  • an accountant;

  • administrator;

  • SMM.

Indeed, the list looks a bit complicated, while at the beginning, you can multitask and cope with basic stuff alone. Sure, the results may be not so fulfilling, but it is still something to start with.

For example, create an account on social media and promote a dance studio there. You can also share your expertise and client reviews to make your brand positive. That is the best to do at the moment.

Talking about coaching and managing the business, you have to plan it well. We are crazy about planning, so we advise you to do it too. It saves time, effort and money.

Dance studio software and online appointments are among the best tools to automate routines and optimize the business in general.

Dance studio scheduling software

Dance studio software is the most effective way of business organization. First of all, it automates the sales funnel, and the second benefit is that it deals with business optimization in general.

What does CRM do?

  • It offers round-the-clock appointments.

  • It covers marketing and analytical aims.

  • The system calculates salaries, pays rewards & collects fines.

  • It deals with the client base.

  • It excludes human error and related issues.

How to choose the best dance studio software?

  • Pay attention to the brand. We advise looking for reliable but not the most popular solutions. The last companies barely cope with all the customers they get now so that it can cost you a lot.

  • Look at client reviews. Customers share their experiences. Just read them to see how the service works.

  • Compare the features you need to the functions the service offers. It is best to do if you need a fast and clear understanding of what the provider offers and whether it fits your goals.

EasyWeek dance studio software

Our team offers the easiest way to boost sales in 2022. First, we have launched CRM to cover all the basic needs of a regular dance studio. Then, once you grow, you can select the other PRO tariff and get even more features.

EasyWeek has a free plan for startups and small and midsize companies who want to grow.

EasyWeek features:

Would you like to try the service? Then take a look at our free trial and free plan. We are sure you will be able to choose the option for your dancing studio. So take your time and keep growing!

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