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  1. Tire-fitting standards and types

  2. Tire-fitting services and their prices

  3. How much does it cost to open a tire-fitting business

  4. A tire-fitting service from scratch: business planning

  5. Minimizing expenses when starting a tire-fitting business

  6. Buying a tire-fitting as a ready business

  7. Benefits of online appointments for tire fitting businesses

  8. Conclusions

#1 Tire-fitting standards and types

A car service offers the whole list of car-related items, and tire-fitting is a specialized business based on one leading service.

Here is the list of possible services to offer in a tire-fitting:

  • tire inflation,

  • tire puncture repair,

  • seasonal tire changeover,

  • tubeless repair,

  • wheel removal and installation,

  • balancing,

  • storing tires and wheels,

  • tire disposal,

  • the tire pressure verification.

A tire-fitting can be of 2 types:

  • Tire-fitting station. So, the services are provided all in one place and regularly. It is pretty similar to some other car services.

  • Mobile tire-fitting. It is possible to call or book a specialist, so he'll come to your place or any place where you need to change or fix a tire.

A mobile tire-fitting sometimes also offers additional services. So it is pretty useful both for business and clients. For example, you can provide fuel delivery, emergency services, purchase of spare wheels. Then you will calculate the price based on the distance and the service a client has ordered.

Another division is tire services for different cars. There are special tire offers for cars, trucks, and specialized vehicles.

Tire-fitting services are top-rated. The main rule stays the same – offer quality for a reasonable price, and you are the winner.

#2 Tire-fitting services and their prices

Many factors influence the final price of the service. It usually depends on location, type of vehicle, tires, etc. The same services will cost differently for trucks and cars. So, if you own spacious premises, think about working with cars and trucks and other types of big vehicles.

Let's take a look at the primary services of tire-fitting together with their prices:

  • Checking the pressure and pumping – from $50.

  • Front-wheel removal – from $80.

  • Tire repair – from $40.

  • Blackening wheels – from $50.

  • Dismantling and installation of tires/wheels – from $60.

  • Replacement of a set of wheels with/without balancing – from $100.

  • Storage of a set of tires and wheels – from $20.

  • Disposal of tires – from $30.

There are many services you can add, but the basis stays simple. Once you've understood that your company is ready to offer something more, start doing it.

NB! Always stay sure that you can professionally provide all the services you offer.

#3 How much does it cost to open a tire-fitting business

To start any business, an aspiring entrepreneur has to analyze initial and regular expenses. It may seem that opening a tire-fitting business is easy, but there are enough hidden rocks. Let's take a look at the main items to remember when opening a car service or tire-fitting.

  • Initial investments start from $30 000 and go up to $200 000.

  • Monthly income starts from $2000 and goes up to $10 000.

  • To maintain the business, you will need about $1000 per month.

  • You will need a professional team – 2-4 employees.

  • There are many competitors in the field.

  • The ROI = about one year.

There is no magic in the world of business. Unfortunately, to start any business, you have to invest. The only exception is receiving a ready-made tire-fitting service as a gift. However, even in this case, you'll have to pay rent, salaries, utilities, and so on. We hope that fact doesn't make you scared: a successful business always needs investments.

There are a few ways to save money when starting. Continue reading this material if you'd like to open a tire-fitting but have no idea how to start and what to do.

So, fine, you've got the brilliant idea of opening a tire-fitting. What's next? It's a tricky question. Both complicated and simple at the same time. Once you've come out with any business idea, be ready to write down a detailed plan. In business, we call it a business plan. But it is just a simple roadmap with risks and possibilities of any business idea.

If you have a good business plan, it'll be easier to find an investor. So, we can tell that this thing helps to minimize the expenses. Anyway, remember that investors aren't your friends to present you with considerable amounts of money. They'll be waiting for them back once the business gets profitable.

#4 A tire-fitting service from scratch: business planning

We've just mentioned that planning is essential, now let's see how to cope with this crucial detail. First of all, think about the location. You can open a tire-fitting business only in places where are no living areas. So the best idea is to start a car service near the road to serve cars right there.

Then, think about work hours. Experts advise working round-the-clock or 8.00 – 00.00. In this case, you'll serve as many cars as possible, increasing your potential revenue.

Then renovation. There is no need to do a high-tech renovation to start a car service. That's a plus. But anyway, think about all the standards, including fire safety.

The best solution is starting a tire-fitting business as LCC or sole proprietorship. It means you'll be able to serve organizations, use cashless payments, and so on. To understand what is the best option for your state, ask for help from a lawyer. It can be tough to find out what you need without special knowledge and skills.

Investors love well-made business plans. What has to be included in the business plan to receive many offers for investing in the startup?

Make sure it looks attractive financially

The first step is to show that you fully understand who is your target audience. Usually, car services are popular among men who own 1 or 2 cars. Statistics show that 70% of tire fitting service's clients are men of 25-60 years. Another 30% are women of the same age group. So, yes, you'll work primarily with males, but don't think that car services are only for them.

After the audience is understandable, think about the location and how your clients will get to your company. For example, starting a tire-fitting or car service near a roadway will work well for you.

Describe the startup, its services, and prices

The next step to cope with is describing your business to the potential investors. They've just seen that you understand for whom you'll be working for, now explain how you'll be doing it. Start with a detailed plan with all the services you are going to offer. Thinking about small businesses, pay attention to the quality. Sometimes, people in the industry are eager to provide all at once, but can they give the best quality of all the 100 services. As Shakespeare once said – "Sometimes less is more." Never forget this simple idea while planing a tire-fitting company.

Describe your client

The first step to do is dealing with financial analytics of the services you'll offer. Now think about the cars, trucks, and other vehicles that your company can serve. How many of them can you do at once? How will you promote the service to their owners, etc.?

How to increase sales

Advertise yourself. The modern market is full of various solutions, and you have to stand out to be visible. The era when being shy and professional could lead you to success is in the past, be proactive, share your news, achievements, and even small achievements all around. And promote the tire-fitting.

Of course, this detail is important to be mentioned in a well-thought-out business plan. Before starting writing the paper, understand at least a few ways of attracting clients.

It will be extra beneficial if you have a few accounts on social networks or even a website. Online appointment is also a must-have for any 21st-century business.

EasyWeek will be your ideal solution when starting a tire-fitting business. The software is full of enjoyable, and most important, valuable innovations. We are sure you will use each of our functions every day, feeling pleased that you've selected the service.

The software offers a few tariff plans. There is an individual one if you are working alone, and then you can choose any up to 50 users. Even if you want to start a more significant business, ask us to add more slots. The EasyWeek team will be glad to do it by request.

Another perk of using the software is a free landing and widget. Nowadays, some companies ask to pay for these options, but we still offer them without additional fees. EasyWeek would be happy to grow together, not take all your money and leave.

Talking about marketing, promotion, and ads, EasyWeek will help with attracting clients with:

When starting this kind of business, don't expect a fast ROI. The investment is significant, so the process of its return has to take time.

We advise you to start with simple services, a few workers and a friendly lawyer, who will help with all the trifles when planning. Don't overestimate yourself: there are plenty of legal trifles, especially concerning the local laws. However, do you remember the golden rule of any business?

Go step by step, and soon you'll be far away from your competitors. Simply don't stop.

#5 Minimizing expenses when starting a tire-fitting business

Sure, there are many ways to minimize the initial expenses. However, the main idea is not to save on quality.

  1. Purchase best-quality equipment, even if it is a second-hand solution.

  2. Negotiate rental holidays if you rent the premises.

  3. Collaborate with a cafe or a restaurant. For example, choose a partner to work with. So the cafe will make income, and you'll get more satisfied visitors.

  4. Promote the tire-fitting using free options. Create your logo, handouts, etc. For example, use Canva.

  5. Connect a handy CRM. This way, you'll get a free website and a nice widget.

#6 Buying a tire-fitting as a ready business

A franchise is a good solution for those who'd like to try a new business. If something goes wrong, you can always sell it back via the management company.

Advantages of the franchise for a tire-fitting business:

  • The business plan is ready.

  • There are fewer risks, mainly because the management company is your main helper.

  • A well-known name is yours automatically. It saves time and money on promotion.

#7 Benefits of online appointments for tire-fitting businesses

Online appointment is our new reality. It is available starting from beauty salons and finishing with car washes. But why is it so popular:

  • Thoughtful planning and scheduling.

  • Many reviews are available.

  • A price list and services are easily accessible.

  • There are reminders so that you won't miss the appointment.

EasyWeek is a smart choice for entrepreneurs who don't want to spend thousands on CRMs. We offer good software for a reasonable price, and we are proud of it. While other CRMs wish to grab your money, we want to grow together, helping each other every day.

#8 Conclusions

Starting a tire-fitting service isn't much more complicated than opening any other business. Stay passionate about the profession, plan everything, and it will be fine. EasyWeek offers you a free 14-day trial to see how well we can work together! Just try and welcome you to our friendly family.

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