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VR art gallery


  1. Introduction

  2. Who is the VR exhibition for

  3. VR possibilities

  4. How to create a VR exhibition

  5. Dive into VR

  6. Best examples of VR events

  7. Conclusion

#1 Introduction

VR gallery is virtual reality for art. Maybe you have heard about VR clubs? These places entertain the audience. VR exhibitions developed the concept of virtual fun into a whole new world.

New technologies allow creating a thousand different dimensions, immersing the audience in the colorful art content world. In addition, VR influences several senses at once. So, the effect is colossal.

A spectator can feel, see, touch or even interact with the art object. Now, museum visitors can look at the painting, go inside it, and hear its voice, melody, and touch.

VR exhibitions are extremely popular worldwide. They are famous for their innovative concept, creativity, and a new experience people get while trying VR. This niche is also beneficial for business. If before the exhibition could be visited only by local guests, now the whole world is your audience.

VR is available 24/7. It is an excellent alternative for those who have no desire to risk their health and visit the standard museums during the pandemic. Everyone can easily see any art he wants. VR opened a whole new world for passionate art lovers. It is affordable, engaging, and innovative.

VR is the abbreviation for Virtual Reality. People can immerse in the cyber VR ecosystem using special equipment. VR influences visual and aural perception. Pretty often, it also deals with the vestibular apparatus.

It is the equipment you have to use to try the VR. A person has to wear a headset to immerse into VR.

Virtual reality is safe when you use it correctly. There are strict rules:

  • It is forbidden to use the headset for more than 30 minutes for adults and 15 minutes for kids.

  • Children under 12 are not allowed to try VR.

#2 Who is the VR exhibition for

VR is beneficial for any business that is related to art, entertainment, or science. So let's see who VR is for and how to use it the most effectively.

  • Museums use VR to widen the range of visitors. They offer exhibitions online to impress worldwide viewers.

  • Galleries, similarly to museums, can demonstrate their artworks to different visitors all around the globe. It is simply a perfect chance to grow into a world-famous place.

  • Artists increase their popularity. They share their works online using VR to attract more people.

  • Collectors prefer VR for the ability to show their art at any time.

  • Exhibition managers get the perfect solution for show organization. The VR abilities aren't limited to time or space. That's why exhibitions can be supplemented with additional artworks. It also boosts sales of art products. The more spectators see the masterpiece, the more chances to sell it for a better price. VR exhibitions also let you decide whether the place is ready for real-life performance. All you have to do is to analyze the online coverage and see.

  • The audience gets a new, unforgettable experience. Now, culture is close to entertainment. It is the ideal scenario to make kids in love with art. Wearing a VR headset or glasses is pretty entertaining by itself. Together with an exciting excursion, it is just charming for teens and kids.

#3 VR possibilities

VR platforms allow creating entertainment exhibitions online. Cyber galleries and video excursions became in demand. The first reason is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the second is human laziness. Even art lovers aren't always ready to go out and take a trip to the museum they would like to visit. If it is nearby, yes, there is a high chance to attract locals. However, the audience that lives far simply won't bother to travel to you. So, VR galleries help to stay in contact with the spectators worldwide. They are safe. It is crucial, considering the latest restrictions. Even when everything is closed, you will be able to work.

With VR, you can:

  • Change and supplement the performance by selecting better object position, more preferable lights, color scheme, and design.

  • Create digital copies of all the artworks. Then it allows selling their copies. A database will store the materials. An organizer can curate them, plan the exhibitions, display them in high quality, and so on.

  • When you complete the process, you can share the product with VR clubs or other companies with VR services. The coverage increases fantastically.

  • Place an exhibition or its announcement on the website.

VR is an excellent tool for online auctions. Collectors can fight for the art they want to get, casually sipping a cup of hot coffee at home.

Just a few handy tips and your exhibitions are available in VR, and you can demonstrate the art online. In the digital era, it is one of the most effective ways to stand out.

There are two ways of using VR for a museum:

  1. Create a VR exhibition that works online exclusively.

  2. Supplement the current exhibition with the VR analog.

The world of art is at the beginning of a new era. The period when people are ready to pay for staying at home and visiting museums online has started. But, are you prepared for it?

Considering the latest changes, CRM is a modern must-have. Any art exhibition requires effective management. CRM allows maintaining a client base, working with every guest individually, informing about news in the art market. CRM helps with events planning also.

And most importantly, it offers a comfortable online appointment feature. Now, clients can book a visit online via smartphone and edit or cancel it if necessary. It is very professional and innovative.

#4 How to create a VR exhibition

There are several options for creating an attractive VR exhibition. In all cases, you have to deal with a platform that allows making 3D galleries. The most important and complicated is selecting the right platform. The first thing to do is to test the choice. There is always an option of checking how the final result will look like. Please take a look at the provided examples to see whether you like them.

  • To choose the best variant, see the gallery's planning. You can also rent a VIP space. To create the exhibition, upload the paintings, then place them according to the central concept.

  • Try different styles and designs till you are satisfied with the final look.

  • Design the floor, walls, furniture, and equipment. Make sure everything looks natural and attractive. You can also select various frames for paintings.

  • Do not forget to add important information about artists. Guests will be glad to get to know the author of the masterpiece they are looking at. VR allows attaching PDF with all the detailed data. You can also add a few links to the artist's social media or any other resources.

  • Be sure everything looks as required. Then press "Publish."

  • Now, you can promote the exhibition. Place its link on your social media and website.

  • If you organize a face-to-face experience, order multiple sets of VR equipment. They include joysticks, VR glasses, and VR helmets.

  • The entertainment part has to be very well-thought-out. When doing the project, make sure the copyrights and other permits are OK.

#5 Dive into VR

Let's take a more detailed look at the organization of the VR exhibition's interactive part. First, guests dive into the VR with the help of a VR helmet connecting with a computer.

The construction reacts to the movement of the client's head, so guests get the best experience. It is the same as looking at the object in real life. Every step and move takes a visitor further and further. In a few seconds, he will dive into the world of VR art.

Detailed graphics and vivid colors allow total immersion. Guests in the VR gallery feel the actual shape of the room, see the objects in 3D, and forget about the real world.

Navigation allows:

  • Walking in the gallery.

  • To get closer to the painting and see it in detail.

  • Zoom the objects and see them closer.

  • Press the VR button to get some additional effects.

With additional features, users are fully involved in the VR world. For example, there is an option of "bringing" the object to your place. It means you can upload a photo of your room and see how the painting will look like there. This rather funny option is suitable for interacting with kids and teens. However, adults are also happy about trying new stuff like this.

VR exhibitions create a safe area for presenting new artists, demonstrating famous authors, and connecting creators and their audience. In addition, a VR gallery is an option to scale business and boost sales.

#6 Best examples of VR events

VR technologies found their place in many cultural areas. They are the most effective in:

  • Cinema

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Performances

  • Shows

  • Exhibitions

There are several formats of VR experience:

There is an option of enjoying VR at home in connecting to the laptop or TV. To make it, a person must purchase or rent equipment: a VR helmet or glasses.

The second variant is a VR club. It is affordable, entertaining, and pretty popular. Guests use special VR gadgets and listen to the instructions on interacting with the equipment and using it effectively.

There are a lot of VR events that people successfully managed during the last few years. Even the pandemic couldn't stop the VR expansion. Now, at the end of 2021, the niche has an even higher demand. People want to have fun. They are tired of sitting at home and doing nothing.

A list of popular VR events:

  • Annual Real-time Conference

  • XR Europe

  • Facebook F8 Developer Conference


  • Oculus Connect 7

  • Experience Louvre Museum in VR

  • V&A (Alice in Wonderland)

  • VR tour by Peterson Automotive Museum

  • VR excursion by National Museum of Finland

  • VR in the Tate Modern

VR experience is getting even more popular. So it is high time to start this prosperous business.

#7 Conclusions

Starting a VR gallery is a good idea. There are some competitors, but the demand is high. VR equipment is relatively affordable. There are almost no permits needed.

The critical detail to mention is connecting good software. Innovations are your everything. That is why CRM will be an excellent option to choose. Online appointments, marketing tools, and many valuable features will help stand out from the competition.

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