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Dog school business plan

Diverse dog schools and training methods have gained popularity, reflecting the continent's rich and varied canine culture. These schools cater to the needs of dog owners and their pets by offering a wide array of training programs.

Whether it's basic obedience, agility, specialized working dog training, or behavior modification, European dog owners have access to many options to enhance their furry companions' skills and behavior. Let's delve into some popular types of dog schools across Europe and see how to open a successful one from scratch.

A dog school is a specialized training facility or program where dogs receive instruction, socialization, and guidance from professional trainers to improve their behavior, skills, and obedience.

The cost of starting a dog school in Europe can vary widely depending on location, size, and the level of services offered. Still, it may typically range from €5,000 to €50,000 or more, depending on various considerations like rent for premises, training equipment, staff salaries, and marketing expenses.

The best option is via smart scheduling software. EasyWeek for example, offers automated landing creation, which is included in every tariff plan.

Dog training


Germany is renowned for its well-structured and comprehensive dog training programs. It has a strong culture of responsible dog ownership, and many Germans enroll their dogs in training schools for obedience and specialized training.

United Kingdom

The UK has a robust dog training community with numerous schools and trainers offering services, including obedience training, agility training, and behavior modification.


France has a rich tradition of dog ownership, and dog training schools are quite popular. French dog owners often seek training for their pets in obedience, hunting, and dog sports.


Sweden has a strong dog training culture, with many enthusiasts participating in dog sports and obedience training. The Swedish Kennel Club plays a significant role in promoting responsible dog ownership and training.


Dog schools in the Netherlands are well-regarded, and Dutch dog owners often enroll their pets in obedience classes, agility training, and other specialized programs.

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Business plan for a dog training business

A good business plan is a roadmap to success. Here are some steps for creating a successful dog school business plan.

1. Concept

Describe your dog school's focus (e.g., obedience training, agility, behavior correction).

2. Market and demand

Explain why there's a need for your services in your area.

3. Services and pricing

Detail the services you'll offer and their prices.

4. Marketing strategy

Highlight how you'll attract and retain clients (e.g., online presence, local promotions).

5. Financial overview

Provide a snapshot of startup costs, projected income, and break-even point.

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Initial and monthly investment for a dog school

The financial part of the business is one of the most important. It's essential to create a detailed budget tailored to your dog school's needs and consult with financial experts for precise cost projections. We have prepared some general calculations to open a dog school in Europe.

Initial investment:

  • Facility: €4,000 – €15,000;

  • Renovation and equipment: €4,000 – €12,000;

  • Insurance and licensing: €500 – €2,000;

  • Marketing and website: €800 – €4,000;

  • Training and certifications: €300 – €2,000;

  • Miscellaneous expenses: €800 – €2,500.

Monthly operating expenses:

  • Rent or mortgage: €800 – €4,000;

  • Utilities: €100 – €300;

  • Staffing: €2,000 – €8,000 (salaries for employees);

  • Marketing: €300 – €1,200;

  • Insurance: €50 – €200;

  • Maintenance: €100 – €300;

  • Supplies: €500 – €1,000;

  • Taxes: Variable based on income and location;

  • Miscellaneous: €100 – €300.

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Online appointments for effective client management

Online appointments boost client acquisition, revenue, and respect by providing:

  • Convenience. Clients can book at any time.

  • Professionalism. The modern approach builds trust.

  • Reduced no-shows. Automated reminders cut missed appointments.

  • Upselling. Offer more services during booking.

  • Data Insights. Analyze client behavior for better marketing.

  • Positive experience. Happy clients return and refer others.

  • Efficiency. Resource allocation and cost savings.

  • Stronger relationships. Personalized service builds loyalty.

  • Competitive edge. Stand out in a crowded market with modernity.

EasyWeek is one of the trustworthy online appointment software providers. Let's see why.

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Benefits of connecting EasyWeek booking software

For dog coaches:

  • Time saving. Reduces the time spent on manual paperwork for client records.

  • Efficient record-keeping. Stores all client and dog information digitally, eliminating paper records.

  • Error reduction. Minimizes scheduling and data entry errors.

  • Visual data. Presents training progress and assignments in a clear, visual format.

  • Reference materials. It contains helpful resources for diagnosing issues and interpreting test results.

For dog school clients:

  • Convenient booking. Enables 24/7 online booking through widgets, links, or personalized client pages.

  • Transparent information. Provides details about the training team, services offered, and pricing.

  • Flexible scheduling. Allows clients to book training sessions during their chosen trainer's available hours.

  • Personalized choices. It lets clients select their preferred training date and trainer.

  • Appointment reminders. Sends reminders via SMS, email, or push notifications to keep clients organized.

EasyWeek suits dog trainers and schools of all sizes and experience levels. It's user-friendly, feature-rich, and doesn't require special expertise to set up. You can have a personalized page with a sleek booking widget and link within an hour. It offers competitive pricing, flexible plans, and responsive customer support.

If you're considering implementing an online appointment system for your dog's school, why not try EasyWeek for free? You get a 14-day trial period to set it up, test all the capabilities, and decide if it fits your business. EasyWeek – so easy, so effective!

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