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How to start a successful climbing gym


An indoor climbing gym is a safer alternative to outdoor climbing. It is an excellent activity for those who enjoy sports and want to challenge their bodies without any possible damage.

Climbing gyms still need to be more popular, but they are starting to appear worldwide. It shows that the pandemic changed human lifestyles, and almost everyone enjoys indoor activities even more. On the one hand, it is cheaper, as you don't need to travel far to climb a high and tricky rock. On the other hand, it saves time and effort. See, only benefits! That's why clients choose indoor climbing among many other activities.

Would you like to open a climbing gym? Then, this article is for you! Today, we will see how to start a successful climbing gym from scratch, avoiding extra expenses.

Spoiler: An appointment scheduling system optimizes climbing gym performance in a snap.

Starting a rock climbing gym requires significant investments as you must buy equipment and renovate the premises. There is no point in overpaying for the location, as your audience will find you. Usually, there is just one climbing gym in the area, anyway. Tools and premises require good renovation.

Usually, this business uses CRM for convenient online appointments. The market offers a lot of choices, so there is definitely a good option for your business. We recommend choosing CRM based on your request. There is no point in overpaying for pricey but useless solutions.

The best way is to choose CRM that offers this feature. For example, EasyWeek software creates a website for your business while signing up. There is no need to pay extra or study IT. Everything is automated and very easy!

Indoor climbing session

Climbing gym business plan

In the end, it all starts with a business plan. No matter what business you are opening, business planning is the first essential paper to think about. It should be your roadmap for starting the climbing gym and cover all the important steps.

What steps does a climbing gym business plan include:

  1. Market and audience research is necessary as you should understand who will be your future customer. Sometimes, having a walk in the area you plan to open a gym is beneficial. See who lives there, then think whether these people correspond to your target audience image.

    Sure, research of the closest competitors is also a must-to-do. It is better to avoid opening a climbing gym near another climbing gym. The chance of this happening is low, but it is better to check in advance.

  2. Premises. A climbing gym requires spacious premises. However, the location doesn't really matter, which is a good money saver. You can rent or purchase any nice location. It will often cost less than the same location for a typical gym, where the place matters.

    Usually, standard gyms are suitable for opening in the center, near malls, or residential areas.

  3. Renovation. This step will cost a lot, but good renovation is essential for a climbing gym. It will directly impact safety, so better to choose quality materials. You can still save your budget by buying second-hand solutions, but then check what you buy well.

    Poor-quality renovation may cost you more if your guests damage themselves during gym sessions.

  4. Staff. Your employees will be the heart of your business. It is crucial to choose customer-friendly people who understand how a climbing gym works.

    Initially, you will need a few instructors, an administrator, cleaning staff, and an accountant.

  5. Marketing. Once everything is ready to work, advertise! Attracting your first customers is important as your business still has no famous name. You can offer a pleasant discount or a nice present for your first visitors. The first impression really matters!

Climbing gym client

Climbing gym scheduling software

Smart software is another handy tool to help your business blossom. It deals with clients' comfort and marketing. The good news is that CRM benefits for customers and the gym.

Benefits of CRM for the climbing gym:

  • Optimized customer interaction. Online appointments decrease no-shows and conflicts. It is also easier for climbing gym staff to control the load.

  • Improved organizational part. CRM offers reports and clear analytics. You can see what exactly should be changed for better performance.

  • Better reputation. Smart software will directly influence your image. Gyms with online appointments and handy notifications are always more profitable than those that still work in a more old-fashioned way.

Advantages of CRM for climbing gym clients:

  • Faster and easier booking. A client can book a climbing gym session in a minute. All he needs is the internet and some gadget. It is elementary and super convenient. Then the booking goes directly into the gym's online calendar.

  • Clear price and team image. Customers can easily see the price list and choose instructors. People prefer to be well-prepared before paying for a new service. In this case, you create a pleasant image from the beginning.

  • More trust in the gym. An online presence will automatically boost clients' confidence in your climbing gym. Add to it social media, and you are all covered.

Indoor climbing experience

EasyWeek scheduling software for gym

EasyWeek is a German CRM system that works for client-oriented services all around the globe. We offer much more than the closest competitors for better pricing. That's why EasyWeek is constantly growing. For example, we have +300% of new customers during the last year. Business trusts EasyWeek, and the EasyWeek team works 24/7 to keep this trust.

Why EasyWeek stand-outs:

  • 24/7 online appointments;

  • free website;

  • free widget;

  • more than 4K integrations;

  • fully supports Meta and Google services;

  • clear analytics;

  • dozens of reports;

  • financial module;

  • instant technical support;

  • works in 24 languages.

EasyWeek is a convenient CRM for small, midsize, and big businesses. We offer flexible tariff plans, so every company can choose a good option without overpaying. You can try the software for free. We do offer a 14-day trial.

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