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TOP-15 salon manager skills


The beauty salon manager job is relatively clean, manageable, and well-paid. Many people mix receptionists with salon managers.

The receptionist is a person who chats with customers, offering them support while deciding on the service. In comparison, the salon manager is responsible for the business in general. He deals with all the paper and actual work when the owner is dealing with the salon officially.

On the one hand, both positions are similar, but the salon manager position is wider in reality. It deals with 90% of the stuff needed to maintain a beauty salon. Let us show you the beauty salon manager's requirements and skills.

This person is responsible for beauty salon maintenance, including staff scheduling, paperwork, and client interaction.

This job is well-paid. A beauty salon manager earns up to $70 000 yearly. In some rare cases, the income can go up to $100 000. It is extraordinary but possible.

There is a list of requirements for the profession. First and foremost, you have to be polite and very well organized, after that goes some basic financial and cultural knowledge. Beauty salon managers are mostly people related to the beauty world, for example, former hair stylists or makeup masters. So it is normal and even beneficial.

Salon manager job description

The beauty salon manager is responsible for the average beauty salon performance. It may look like an easy job, but too many trifles can ruin the whole business.

Duties of salon manager:

  • (S)He opens&closes the place.

  • (S)He is responsible for consumable stock management and related stuff.

  • (S)He deals with customer complaints and financial analytics.

  • (S)He manages staff scheduling and goods stock.

  • (S)He manages beauty salon tools and innovative IT technologies for the beauty business.

The description is rather general as the main is soft, not hard skills. Indeed, you do not need to be a pro in maths or get a degree to operate a salon. The stuff you better do is be a pro in communication and organization.

Top-15 salon manager skills

Soft skills are the thing that matters the most. But, do you know the difference between hard & soft skills in general?

Soft skills are the skills that deal with human interaction. The other part is organization. It is hard to deal with clients if you have no idea how to communicate in general.

Hard skills cover the professional side that deals with staff scheduling and finances. They are in second place only because we work with people. But, it means that all the organization has to be done very carefully and with love.

15 skills any salon manager should have

  1. Controlling beauty salon routines. The daily processes you perform is the basis of effective performance. A beauty salon has to manage them well. That is why we need a manager at all.

  2. Looking for professional beauty salon stuff. Human resources are essential in any business. Talking about client-oriented services, they are a must.

  3. Managing staff timetable. The beauty salon revenue shows how well you tend the studio. If the beauty staff has too much free time, you lose money because they could use it to serve customers, increasing income.

  4. Consumable stock management. The stock should be very well-ordered to maintain an average performance. If you offer a limited number of services or provide multifunctional services, get more and track the goods via the system. EasyWeek salon software, for instance, provides many tools to work with goods management and related stuff.

  5. Maintain beauty equipment. Each tool requires very well cleaning and careful storage. These processes are also on the beauty salon manager.

  6. Financial part. Usually, managers use CRM software to optimize and control staff commission and other payments.

  7. SMM. Yes, the salon manager is responsible for the marketing part too. It means (s)he promotes a salon on social media to boost sales and get more clients. Sure, it is not the same as a full-time SMM specialist, but if it is additionally paid and works, why not?

  8. Tracking payments is a part of financial analytics and business control. In another case, the business may fail at the beginning.

  9. Compare competitors and look for ways to stand out. Yes, it is another task of a salon manager unless you have a professional marketer on your side, which is desirable for bigger salons but not mandatory for small ones.

  10. Look for trendy services and beauty products. The more you know, the better service you can offer. Customers prefer modern solutions because they are more popular and effective.

  11. A degree in a business organization would be rather beneficial. It is not compulsory but provides a better salary and related perks.

  12. Stress resistance. Customers may be irritating, so make sure the hiring person understands what s(he) will go through.

  13. Experience. Well, in case you want to prosper, hire an experienced manager. Another solution may lead you to failure.

  14. Computer-skills. Managing any business requires some computer skills. In the case of a beauty business, CRM software is a must.

  15. Bright smile and positive mood. Well, it matters. Stay open and positive to attract more customers. It always works.

Tips and tricks to manage a successful beauty salon

There is no secret of immediate success. Any business requires hard work. Dreams come true, but they need time.

We have collected easy management hacks you may use right now.

Lifehacks on beauty salon management

  1. Understand that success takes time.

  2. Stay persistent and work hard till you see the results.

  3. Motivate your team to work well daily.

  4. Rely on quality services.

  5. Connect beauty salon software.

Salon software as a salon manager helper

CRM is a handy choice for those who would like to optimize a beauty salon in a snap.

Why do I need beauty salon software

  • It offers handy scheduling.

  • CRM deals with essential marketing.

  • Salon software covers more audiences.

  • It tracks appointments and controls payments.

EasyWeek salon software, for example, offers a free website, widget and a booking link for free. Take your time to decide whether you would like to connect the software. Being better is easier than you think. Try it for free right now!

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