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The game of golf is becoming increasingly popular: it can be played by almost anyone without gender or age restrictions. Therefore, establishing a golf club can be profitable for leisure entrepreneurs.

Golf is a sport where teams or individuals compete on a special course to get a small ball into holes with a club. The goal is to complete all the holes in a specific order, hitting the ball as infrequently as possible.

Yes, golf is a popular sport around the world. While it may not be as universally popular as football (soccer) or basketball, it has a significant following globally, particularly in countries like the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Scotland. Golf is also an Olympic sport, which helps to increase its popularity and exposure worldwide. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the sport, and its popularity continues growing.

An appointment scheduling system for a golf club allows members or guests to reserve a tee time in advance. The system typically enables users to browse available tee times on a specific day or range of dates, select a desired time slot, and then make a booking. The scheduling system may also allow users to cancel or modify their bookings and send automated reminders or notifications to users regarding their upcoming tee times.

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Location of the golf club: checklist

1. Decide on the concept of your golf club.

You need to decide on a concept to understand where to build a golf club and what to consider when creating it. There are different types of golf clubs:

  • Training fields,

  • Concept of "pay and play",

  • Golf resort,

  • Golf club with half the number of participants,

  • Indoor golf club – for members only.

The concept primarily determines the area set aside for a golf facility. As a rule, it is always a minimum of 130 hectares, with 70 hectares allocated for the golf course.

2. Plan the golf facility's location near a major city, at most 30 minutes to an hour away by car.

Location will determine the success of a future golf club or its low occupancy rate.

The customer will have to spend time on the road, in the game, and on the way back. In today's reality, it is hard to imagine allowing two hours for a one-way trip, then another six hours for a game of golf, and another two hours for the return trip.

However, golf facilities with well-developed infrastructure can be built in remote areas. The main thing is that there is beautiful nature and strong ethnographic and gastronomic traditions in the region, which, apart from golf, are a reason to visit.

3. Consider the terrain.

The terrain for a golf course does not necessarily have to be flat. The more attractive the landscape, the more fun the game will be. Often golf clubs are built near beautiful water sources. People are willing to fly all over the world to play golf on a course in Brazil next to Iguazu Falls or in Bali in the jungle.

A golf course in Germany

The cost of opening a golf club

The entire golf set can be purchased online on specialized sales websites. Since golf balls differ not only in size but also in their properties, they can cost up to one thousand rubles. But you can always buy balls for 30 euros. You can only do it entirely with equipment, so you must purchase golf equipment.

If you decide to open a golf club, the following costs will come to you:

  • Rental of premises or facilities. The cost will depend on where the desired location is located.

  • Design of the playing surface. The cost may be affected by the area rented, i.e., its size and shape.

  • Covers for playgrounds – about 1,000-2,000 euros.

  • Golf equipment – clubs, flags, balls. It will cost about 5,000 euros.

  • Advertising measures will cost about 500-1,000 euros.

To start a business and buy all the necessary golf equipment, you will need between 10,000-20,000 euros.

Income from the golf club

The income will grow to enormous proportions over time. Most often, it is the following factors that lead to gain:

  • Hourly wages. It is also possible to charge money for the ball shot.

  • Tournaments and competitions between companies and educational institutions.

  • Membership fees.

  • Opening your restaurant or café next to the playing area.

Payment for lessons conducted under the direction of coaches. Without highly qualified staff, it will be tough. Note that individual training of visitors will contribute to additional profits.

Such a business idea is promising, as the competition must still be deeper. According to the calculations, the creation of a golf club will pay for itself in a few months during the summer period. However, for the business plan to bring maximum profit, the company must be built practically, carefully organizing every detail.

How to create a free website for a golf club

Golf club as a business idea

CRM system for golf clubs

The first task of a young company is to attract customers and keep their attention. However, it is much more challenging to gain and maintain their trust. CRM software can be helpful at each of these stages.

As with most modern businesses, making appointments over the Internet is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. Most customers hardly bother to call because they can find several places on Google Maps, such as an online booking system with a clear list of dates, times, prices, and available trainers.

To avoid irritating your audience with intrusive offers, you need to know their needs. Golf club manager can accomplish this by collecting source statistics and customer segment data in the software. Based on this, you can optimize your newsletters, social media posts, and company descriptions on your website and launch successful promotions.

Advantages of EasyWeek CRM software

  • Online booking 24/7.

  • Staff scheduling with reminders of booked appointments.

  • Advanced client notification system through multiple channels: SMS, email, and messenger.

  • Free website with booking widget and integration options

  • Customer segmentation with a tagging system and the ability to block customers

  • You can test the full functionality of the service for free for two weeks.

Appointment scheduling for golf clubs


Opening a golf club is a great business idea for outdoor activities and entertainment. There has yet to be serious competition in this field, so many customers can come to play golf. Your business will be stable and profitable with proper advertising and excellent service. EasyWeek appointment scheduling service can streamline your company's work processes and simplify golf club management. Try it now for free!

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