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How to choose car dealer software

How to choose car dealer software

How EasyWeek helps with managing online appointments in the car dealership. Connecting online booking and attracting clients via a handy free website and social media integrations.


Almost every aspect of the auto industry has changed over the past decade. Inventory, sales, finance, and service departments have modernized. Most importantly, the buyer's path to purchase has changed. This means that the business toolkit needs to be updated as well. Online appointment software is essential in today's highly competitive auto dealership industry.

Almost every car dealership has showrooms. An auto dealership is a place where a potential buyer can take a test drive, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen model with a consultant, and make a purchase. EasyWeek is a reliable ally of car dealership owners in managing appointments and business analytics. Today, we will see how to connect online appointments to your business and its benefits for auto dealerships.

It is an automated system that allows installing a booking widget on a website so clients can self-book consultations and other services.

It is easy with EasyWeek – a software for businesses in the service industry. EasyWeek allows managing client base, maintaining employee schedules, and automating notifications. In addition, every EasyWeek client receives a free website with a booking widget.

When choosing a booking solution, consider the features and subscription fees. In addition, it is essential that the service continues its development and invests in new functionality. The best way to check it is via client reviews and free trials.

A car dealership

Online appointment system for a car dealership

There are dozens of car dealership services in the market; they differ in price and feature set. EasyWeek is a modern booking platform that simplifies and speeds up client appointment scheduling. With EasyWeek, car dealerships can schedule in-person and virtual appointments and efficiently manage schedules and car availability for test drives.

EasyWeek offers:

Client management

A personal record of all customers who have requested a consultation or test drive. Information is securely stored in a database, allowing the use of the data to analyze the audience and prepare advertising strategies.

Lead generation

The system offers a free SEO website or adds a booking widget to the existing car dealership website. According to statistics, the online appointment feature allows for a 30% increase in online applications.

Improved relationship with customers

EasyWeek allows organizing online appointments for consultation at the car dealership and setting up automatic notifications. Clients just need to use the form on the website to select the desired time. No additional phone calls will be required. The buyer will know that a specific consultant will be waiting for him at the appointed time. With the help of online enrollment, the car dealership will be able to manage client flows. Meanwhile, the absence of queues and personalized attention will guarantee quality service.

Online calendar

The service visualizes all bookings and consultations in a convenient online calendar format. Your employees will see their tasks for the day, week, or month.

4K+ integrations

EasyWeek supports integration with various platforms and programs – CRMs, Google Calendar, Zoom, Meta services, etc.

A car dealer

More convenience – more clients

The more accessible users can sign up for a consultation, the more likely they will reach your car dealership. Empower your business with an online appointment widget and enjoy the impressive results. Car dealerships get potential customers from websites, social media, and online advertising. With EasyWeek, storing all contacts in one place and tracking where leads come from is easier than ever. Over time, you'll be able to see which channels are producing the best results and what can be improved.

EasyWeek booking software suits large car dealership chains and small car showrooms. It is a flexible system that grows with its clients. Test the software for free and see all the benefits of automating online appointments.

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