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TOP-7 appointment scheduling apps 2024

TOP-7 appointment scheduling apps 2024

Dive into the fast-growing online appointment software market and see how your client-oriented business can benefit from it – all about popular scheduling software in 2024.

Changes in the appointment software market 2024

Nowadays, almost every business tends to provide the best experience to its clients, so it's essential to look for solutions that work well for companies and their users. In this article, we dive into the world of online appointment software that will be popular in 2024. We will see how to judge, choose, and filter online booking appointment tools based on their performance, price, and support. The article will be helpful for those who are only starting a business and experienced business owners.

We aimed to consider software usage for online appointments by various companies, industries, and cases in different business niches. We wanted to find online booking tools that make the process easy and suitable for clientele and the business management team. The task was challenging as many choices and even more niches seek online appointments.

In an era when flexibility and ease of use are crucial, these popular online appointment tools are like good friends for businesses. They don't just help you get by; they help you do well amid all the changes happening in the digital world. Let's dive into the details of these cool helpers that promise to level up your company revenue and performance and, for sure, increase your loyal audiences' satisfaction.

Our evaluation includes software that can cover business management and appointments.

Booking software for your business

  1. EasyWeek. The system is suitable for its ease of use and efficient performance. It covers online appointments and provides a costless website creation feature, digital marketing helpers, UI/UX interface design, and more. The final costs vary from a free-to-use tariff for small companies to professional options that suit bigger businesses. You choose the number of uses and branches connected.

  2. Acuity. This service covers booking and simple marketing together with partial client base features. Tariffs start from $20 monthly to $61 per 1 month. Here, you choose a plan based on the number of employees, branches, and primary or professional functionality.

  3. Calendly. The system is well-known for its simplified booking feature. It offers additional perks but is primarily handy for business organizations, including online appointments. Companies can choose a simple tariff that covers one kind of appointment and goes up to individual tariffs with customizable features.

  4. Appointy. The software is a basic scheduling solution that provides additional benefits, such as a client base feature and financial calculations. Costs vary depending on the number of users, branches, and pro/basic tools. It starts from a costless tariff with one staff member and five services and goes up to a corporate plan with two locations and multiple event types, costing up to $100.

  5. Zoho. This online appointment solution focuses on simple booking and calendar organization. Tariffs are based on the number of staff. A plan is available for one staff member, for which a business is not required to pay, and then you are asked to pay $6 or $9 per staff member. The final price will depend on your choice and business preferences.

  6. Setmore. The program aims to simplify booking by covering businesses with digital calendar optimization, a pack of notifications, and marketing essentials. Price is based on the employees' limit. It starts from a no-pay plan with restricted tools that cover up to 4 staff members and goes up to the PRO plan, which will be $12 for every person.

  7. SimplyBook.Me. The provider has expertise in booking, basic business organization, and simple digital ad tools. Its cost varies from a minimal, costless variation. It covers one user and 50 events and goes up to the professional CRM with 30 staff members, unlimited bookings, and other benefits. This will cost you $59.9 monthly.

Below, we will go into detail about each planner.

Online appointment software market

EasyWeek booking software

Clients choose the EasyWeek app for its clear interface, which only requires a short practice to use and connect the system. Users can set up the solution in less than 30 minutes and immediately start working, benefiting from the software.

The service suits companies that work with daily online appointments and deal with clients. EasyWeek handles bookings via the widget, landing page, and links to share. It allows your company and customers to choose a time that suits everyone best, a favorite expert, and the best place for the event.

It manages online appointments and customer data and handles financial calculations. For instance, you can pay a salary or collect fines via the system. Your business will benefit from customers' ability to create, edit, and pay for appointments online via EasyWeek. Because of this functionality, the system decreases canceled bookings and the number of clients who did not appear.

Easy connection with Google and Meta products will also optimize a business, as EasyWeek offers a fast and easy connection with almost any 3-rd party service. The system covers over 4000 integration options, making the tool attractive for any business that works with client management online.

EasyWeek suits many companies serving small, midsize, and big businesses. It is perfect as a salon booking software and fits healthcare, education venues, and entertainment centers.

The additional advantage for company owners is EasyWeek's pricing. The provider does not charge too much, highlighting the needs of users rather than financial advantage. It is a reasonable solution for those who want to find a good quality/price balance. For example, small companies with one branch and staff member can use EasyWeek without charge. A no-cost landing and a stylish, customizable widget to set up will additionally boost your client-centered business.


  • Time-saving thanks to customization options

  • Optimization of planning strategies because of detailed reports

  • A fast and helpful support team

  • Integrations with various platforms that enable seamless connections and smooth data exchange

  • Two-click access to a centralized payroll management module

  • Effective control over the consumption of materials

  • It is possible to sell goods directly via the system


  • Customization is required for large companies and groups

EasyWeek software


The Acuity booking program is a tool for booking business meetings online. It was created to help companies manage their daily agendas. It suits professionals and beginners who are focused on working with clientele and offering services. The platform facilitates Internet sessions and personal meet-ups, providing a functional approach to business routines.

A notable option is its compatibility and connection with various 3-rd party services, guaranteeing a smooth work process. You can set up booking automation and change the booking after its creation, then set up notifications and partial service payment. The service works 24/7, dealing with tasks such as sending day-before emails to remind them about the visit, congratulating loyal audiences on their birthday, and sending discounts or personal offers. Also, your guests can edit a created appointment when they need it. It works to avoid cancellations that are too late.

Acuity Scheduling software will serve businesses that seek only essential features, as the solution is mainly tailored to appointments. It will help to create a simple appointment booking way to organize events for your project, but not more. It is best paired with 3-rd party services for flawless performance.


  • Various configurations are available

  • An option to set up discounts and promotions

  • A free trial


  • A complicated interface with hidden features

  • Bugs with time slots

Acuity software


Calendly earns recognition for its clean UI/UX design and management for staff and guests. It offers a no-payment tariff for beginners and paid options for professionals. For those who work in digital marketing teams, Calendly makes it easier to cover daily tasks, offering business owners extra time for more critical business moments and simplifying aspects of marketing campaigns.

A helpful tool is Calendly's smooth performance with popular business management systems. It, for example, works with Salesforce, offering a centralized hub for basic management within a simple app. Additionally, it seamlessly embeds into websites and various online platforms for easy client access. Calendly's routing features connect with leads, directing appointments to the employees directly responsible for their execution based on specific criteria. Clients appreciate the non-disruptive scheduling process, contributing to positive feedback. Meeting analytics offer insights into trends and general engagement, empowering informed analytics.

In essence, Calendly is celebrated for its simplicity and expertise in simplifying and bringing business closer to consumers. However, it's essential to consider that it will only address some company requests independently and could only work well when paired with CRMs. It is indeed a basic solution, which also makes it popular.


  • Customizable booking pages

  • Advanced workflows for businesses

  • Integrations with various calendars

  • Reporting dashboard


  • Shared availability only in the PRO plan

  • Tiered pricing with locked features

  • Comparatively expensive compared to competitors

  • Lack of override controls

Calendly appointment booking software


Booking software is used in various niches and industries. The main idea is to provide quick and quality bookings while organizing business routines and marketing, which takes second place. It simplifies the online booking process, making it fast for clients. They can choose a service provider on a particular page, then proceed to time selection, adding extra details, if needed, and paying for the service within the system.

What's good about Appointy is that it is responsible for more than simple booking. You receive a flexible tool that covers online appointments, partly marketing, and organization of business routines. There still needs to be more control over the company using Appointy, but it gives freedom to rely on the software.

Appointy makes appointment booking simple and fast, packing your startup with features for various businesses that deal with daily client interactions. The software is relatively simple; customers can set it up and start working. Still being basic, Appointy is fine for those who do not seek fancy CRMs.


  • Optimized appointment scheduling

  • Employee motivation system

  • Custom features availability

  • Extensive integration with external systems and tools


  • Bugs and glitches

  • Limited mobile access

  • Delayed or absent notifications

Appointy software

Zoho Bookings

It is a program for effortless bookings in different niches. It is widely used for niches that work with sophisticated consumers, such as beauty studios or medical and cosmological clinics, where timing is crucial.

What stands out about this solution is its ability to sync multiple calendars. This means the business owner and staff have one shared calendar, making scheduling smoother. Clients can quickly choose a convenient time and then proceed to payment. The solution provides a basic site where clients can book your service, edit it, and then pay for it. It is a basic online scheduler functionality, which still gives your company freedom if used well.

Looking at Zoho Bookings, you do not need to expect too much as it is a basic practical choice for companies that seek online appointment connections. The software focuses on the convenience of online booking, but sometimes, this is not enough. Then, synchronizing Zoho with third-party software can come to the rescue.


  • Highly customizable and flexible

  • Multiple unique booking pages for locations, booking types, and employees

  • Option to automatically assign new bookings to the least busy employee

  • Extensive integration with external systems and tools


  • An extensive number of features and customization options can be overwhelming

  • Possibly a more extended training period for full use of the software

Zoho software


The service is one solution that aims to connect consumers and sellers directly. It has essential tools that can be handy for many. For instance, it offers appointment creation, analytics, partial financial feature coverage, etc.

The scheduler is adapted to different niches, covering a step-by-step selection of specialists, date and time, organizational moments, and more. It is tailored to bring a client from point A to point B. In our case, it ranges from the first contact with the company to buying a product or service.

Setmore also covers businesses with an API, allowing clients to create and use individual software features and integrations. This API enables the importation of new and loyal clientele profiles, staying flexible for those companies who seek a balance between convenience and price.

The provider gets a simple business management solution for companies needing basics to cover bookings. The service does not complicate the process with extra features. You receive a scheduler with partial options to extend its usage with another software.


  • Free for up to four users

  • Excellent mobile and desktop apps

  • Advanced contactless payments

  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • Limited reporting and analytics

  • Unclear scheduling form

Setmore booking program

SimplyBook.Me covers businesses with a corporate website when users sign up. This primary site is responsible for online booking and can sometimes serve as a website for a small business. It is a landing that caters to the needs of small companies, while bigger firms should go for more qualified options. Users can add more pages with info about their business, making accepting bookings through the service fast and convenient. has an easy app for your phone. The app focuses on the essential things you do daily, giving you easy access to your booking system and sending messages to your phone about new bookings.

To remind you, is a basic booking solution. It keeps things simple and easy to utilize. While it might not have many fancy tools, it just does its task. It's an optimal selection if you only want to connect online appointments.


  • Appointment scheduling in 14 languages

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant

  • Activity dashboard and daily/analytical report

  • Integration with multiple calendars and CMS (Content Management System)


  • Limited customization options

  • Complicated pricing structure

SimplyBook.Me booking scheduler

Do I need an online booking?

In most cases, the answer will be positive. It is like having a superpower that helps to go far ahead of competitors. Here is why:

  • Whether you're a single-person show or leading a team, a smart software choice will make setting up appointments much faster and easier.

  • This tool gives you a complete solution, making the sometimes tricky job of planning and organizing bookings more manageable.

  • With a booking solution, you can significantly reduce the number of clients who do not show up and those who cancel at the last minute. The solution automatically sends reminders about the next visit and notifications with crucial information about the service and its features.

  • Putting a credit card on hold during an online appointment allows you to charge a fee, protecting you from rapid cancellations made within the last minutes.

  • The automatic features in appointment software make things super efficient. This way, business owners and staff can focus on the most crucial parts of their work without getting bogged down by admin tasks.

  • Overall, a booking app isn't just about appointments; it's like having a secret weapon that makes work smoother and more efficient. It helps you do your best by keeping everything organized and improving your communication with clients.

Just connect the booking app

The year 2024 brings a significant change in the software market, where many tools cater to the unique requirements of service-based businesses. This vibrant landscape calls for effective solutions to streamline operations, leading us to delve into the realm and identify standout performers that perfectly balance comfort and simplicity.

The above solutions offer a handy online appointment and a positive customer experience. These programs empower guests to make appointments that fit their lifestyle, will, and demand. This combined set of tools contributes to a smooth and efficient process, helping you to free up time for more important tasks and level up the operational efficiency of service-based businesses.

In an age where adaptability and ease of use are crucial, these top-notch appointment-scheduling tools become invaluable allies for businesses striving to thrive amidst the ongoing digital transformations. Whether it's beauty studios or consulting agencies, Yoga teachers, or Spanish tutors, the solutions provide practical ideas that prioritize expertise and make business performance as easy as ever.

As the offer continues to develop, online schedulers are needed to make company performance efficient and convenient in a snap. Today, we discovered TOP-7, the most popular online appointment scheduler that led in 2024. You can try one of the listed booking apps and check out how convenient it can be for your business.

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