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How much does it cost to build a tennis facility, and how profitable is such an enterprise? Although tennis is one of the most popular sports, it takes effort to start a club. Building a tennis club requires a significant investment and a detailed business plan. However, the demand for indoor tennis rental facilities opens up great entrepreneurial opportunities. This article looks at the most critical aspects when opening a tennis center.

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Tennis court scheduling software

The main prospects for tennis clubs

Renting tennis courts or halls is becoming more and more popular. The sport is considered prestigious, and interest in it is growing.

Quick implementation

The construction of a tennis facility usually takes up to two months. After opening, guests can rent the court for individual or group training. If demand is high, consider expanding the project by building more courts.

Professional orientation

Not only lovers of active recreation but also professional athletes will be involved in the tennis club. Therefore, once the project is built, it is possible to hold tournaments and other sporting events.

Large target audience

As we have already mentioned, tennis can be played by both beginners and professionals. The sport has practically no limitations - it is suitable for all age groups.

Opening a tennis club

Risk assessment when starting a tennis business

When starting a business, one should always consider risks.

Start-up investment

Opening a tennis club is an expensive project. Building the court and buying the equipment will cost around $300,000-500,000. So before you start creating a business plan, you need to assess your strengths and consider finding potential investors in advance.

Tennis surfaces

The quality of the court is an essential factor in the success of a tennis club and the first item on the list of start-up costs. If visitors are uncomfortable moving around the court during practice, they prefer to play tennis elsewhere.

Qualified coaches

Finding qualified professionals takes several months, so consider this before the tennis club opens. Experienced coaches with a good reputation help strengthen the facility's image among customers.

Outdoor tennis club

Indoor or outdoor facilities: which is better?

Traditionally, tennis courts are divided into indoor and outdoor facilities. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Outdoor facilities

More and more visitors are choosing outdoor facilities for tennis. To increase the profitability of the court during the winter season, you can convert it into an ice rink or an ice hockey box.

Indoor facilities

This type of court can be profitable all year round. Moreover, weather conditions will be easy because all the requirements for an enjoyable game are on the indoor tennis court.

Appointment for tennis classes

Checklist for starting a tennis club

If you want to succeed, design a business plan and follow the steps below before opening your business.

  1. Market and target group analysis

    Renting a tennis court is a sought-after service for fans of outdoor activities. The popularisation of a healthy lifestyle makes this sport extremely promising for entrepreneurs. Moreover, tennis is aimed at a broad audience – adults and children can play tennis. And if you open 2-3 tennis courts with different surfaces in a club, you can appeal to several tennis players of varying skill levels or age groups at the same time.

  2. Business registration

    The most common options for business registration are a sole trader or a limited company. For example, if you plan to open a full-service tennis club, you should form a limited company. In this case, more responsibilities will come your way: you should hire more staff, renovate more premises, etc.

  3. Finding a location

    According to European standards, 700 m² of land is necessary to build a playground of 36 x 18 metres. For two to four courts, 2,500 m² you will need. If you add the administrative premises, you arrive at around 4,000 m². When choosing, consider the possibility of supply (water, electricity) and the proximity of transport links and public transport stops. If visitors have difficulty reaching the tennis court, they will look for another place to practice.

  4. Equipment

    The most critical equipment for a tennis club is a tennis ball cannon: a machine that "shoots" balls and helps improve the game's technique. The tennis cannon is suitable for both beginners and professionals and replaces the coach.

    Remember the most crucial tennis inventory, such as tennis rackets. They are selected according to the level of the club and its target audience; for courts where professional athletes train, specially branded rackets are a must.

    It would help if you also thought about the club's layout: reception, relaxation area, showers and sanitary facilities. All rooms should have comfortable furniture and changing rooms with mirrors.

    The total cost for equipment and appliances will be around 20,000 $.

  5. Staff

    At the beginning of the project, a tennis club does not need a large staff. However, for the maintenance of a tennis court, it is sufficient to find an experienced coach and a qualified professional who will regularly check the condition of the court. It is also necessary to hire a cleaner.

Online appointments

Appointment software for tennis clubs: why do you need it?

CRM software can make managing your business much more accessible. Nowadays, there is a wide range of software to choose from. Which option you choose is up to you. Let's take the EasyWeek service as an example.

Functions of the EasyWeek business software

  • Online appointment booking: via a website, maps and social networks.

  • Booking tennis courts and playground equipment.

  • A free SEO website that a business receives after signing up to EasyWeek. This option is particularly beneficial for a start-up business with a small budget.

  • Integrated online marketing tools.

  • Automatic notification for customers.

  • Easy customer management and analytics.

  • Resource management.

The EasyWeek online appointment scheduling service has a user-friendly interface. In addition, reasonable subscription fees make it affordable for businesses at all levels.

The benefits of CRM for tennis clubs

  • CRM software offers excellent opportunities to optimize tennis clubs. It can facilitate interaction with existing customers and attract new visitors.

  • A convenient booking system allows visitors to schedule their training sessions. And you, in turn, can control financial receipts and payments – all in one place.

  • Bookings are displayed in a clear electronic calendar – so you never miss a single event again.


Opening a tennis club is a profitable business for a broad audience. However, it would be best if you considered a significant investment at the beginning of the project. Setting up the EasyWeek online appointment system will help increase customer flow.

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