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How to open a salon for medical pedicure


Recently, people have become more aware of their health. Physical complaints and other unpleasant feelings no longer take a back seat, and the aesthetic appearance of nails and feet is significant. As a result, the demand for podiatry services and specialist consultations has increased considerably. Now is the right time to open your podiatry pedicure practice and earn money.

The easiest way is to set up the EasyWeek online scheduling software. Your podiatry centre will then receive a free website with a widget for online appointments.

The room complies with all hygiene regulations. Wall and floor coverings should be made of materials that can be frequently disinfected. The master must have a medical licence.

Firstly, create a website. You can do this for free via EasyWeek software. Then set up a social media page and post pictures of your work. List your practice on Google Maps for free. Set up online appointments to be more convenient and closer to your clients.

Medical pedicure in beauty salon

What is podiatry?

The term podiatry only appeared on the service market not so long ago, and, compared to other medical and salon fields, it is not yet so well known.

Podiatry or podiatric medicine or foot and ankle surgery is a branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of foot conditions. A podiatrist is a specialist in foot care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation: it involves the work of a master chiropodist and a specialist in treating foot problems. A podiatrist can detect foot problems early and help you choose the right shoes.

The classic services of a podiatry practice include:

  • Diagnostics. The doctor performs a visual examination of the feet to identify possible problems.

  • Consultation. A podiatrist chooses how to treat the existing problems.

  • Treatment and prevention.

Podiatry practice

Advantages of the podiatry business

Podiatry is a unique field in that almost 50% of podiatry services are provided in dedicated podiatry practices.

Opening your podiatry practice requires more risk-taking than working in extensive medical practice, but it's worth it for those who can survive it.

Opening a podiatry centre has the following advantages:

  • First, as a specialist, you can determine what level of productivity is acceptable to you.

  • Podiatry is becoming more popular every year, and more and more people want to get their feet fixed.

  • The average duration of a service is 40 minutes. So in a month, one podiatry chair goes through about 150 clients, which brings a decent profit.

Foot care in salon

How much investment is required to open a practice?

On average, you need 10000 $ to start a foot care salon. A significant cost factor is a cost of renting premises and staff salaries if there is more than one cubicle.

  • The average cheque for service is 40 $. By the way, it depends on the country and city.

  • Average monthly net profit – from 6000 $.

  • Net profit for one year - from 40000 $.

Equipment for opening a foot care clinic must also be considered:

  • Chair for a medical pedicure: it must be reliable, have height adjustment and a handstand;

  • Pedicure equipment: there are options for different budgets;

  • Drying lamps;

  • Foot baths: in stationary or portable versions with hydro and vibro massage functions;

  • Disinfection vessels, ultrasonic cleaners, and UV sterilisers – are the materials used to soak, disinfect and store podiatry instruments.

A list of basic instruments:

  • Applicator sets;

  • Sets of spatulas, files, tweezers, forceps;

  • Scalpel handles;

  • tampon holders;

  • cosmetic products, disinfectants;

  • Consumables: gloves, shoe covers, tampons, napkins, etc.

You can buy, rent or lease the equipment for a foot care facility. The most expensive option is to purchase new equipment. You will have to pay it back later if you choose to rent. A third option is suitable for the aspiring entrepreneur – leasing the equipment. It's a simple way to buy new equipment and use it immediately by paying an initial lease fee and agreeing to pay in further instalments over several years. The equipment is directly profitable, and you repurchase it as you go.

Install an online appointment software for the podiatry centre

Foot care practice

Permits and regulations for podiatrists

According to the training and examination regulations, anyone who has been trained as a podiatrist has the right to become self-employed in the field of podiatry.

To open your practice, you must comply with specific legal requirements. You have two options: to set up a practice with or without health insurance approval. If you choose to be licensed with a health insurance company, you will bill the health insurance companies for your treatment. If you do not have a health insurance licence, your patients will have to pay privately for your treatment. You will also need an institution licence.

Beauty salon appointment scheduling

Online scheduling software EasyWeek

A valuable tip for budding podiatrists is to select and install a CRM program for salons right at the start of your business.

EasyWeek allows you to create a free website for your foot care centre and set up online appointments on the website and social media. You can also use the software to create staff schedules, pay salaries, send mailings and keep track of your goods and consumables.

You can test the full functionality of the software for 14 days. EasyWeek has also developed a free plan for individual service providers. You can set up the desired functions within half an hour yourself or online with the EasyWeek Manager.

EasyWeek makes it simple:

  • Manage your finances without an accountant,

  • record and store your customer base without a diary,

  • send notifications, reminders and newsletters to customers without employing a single person to do the job.

With your salon appointment software, it's easy to increase workflow efficiency, fully use customer communication channels and maximize sales.

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