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Goods and consumables management in a beauty salon


Owners of beauty salons are often concerned with providing the business with a stable growth of profits. The successful development of a beauty studio depends on many factors, such as location, the team's professionalism, and salon promotion.

Daily work with clients also plays an important role. The beauty salons that have chosen the business automation path significantly win. Salon CRM software can help track customers' interactions, employee activity, and movement of goods and consumables. So read how this happens and why you need special salon management software.

Opening a beauty salon is a promising business but will require time, financial investment, and effort. To understand what steps you need to take, read our blog article.

In attracting visitors, you need to act systematically and consistently. Here are a few strategies to attract customers. Ensure you have an online appointment widget installed on your website, social media, and Google Maps. Then, be ready to receive customers, so instruct your staff and receptionist properly.

A name is significant for a salon. On the EasyWeek blog, we've put together some guidelines for choosing an original name for a beauty business.

Cosmetics in a hair salon

Selling products in a beauty salon

Materials used by masters in hair care often arouse interest among customers. The secret is simple – the salon result is very eager to repeat at home, and buying such products in ordinary stores is difficult.

What is in demand

  • professional shampoos and masks;

  • thermal protection sprays;

  • oil for nourishing hair ends;

  • vitamin complexes;

  • care kits for colored hair and separately for bleached hair;

  • creams, emulsions, facial toners;

  • tanning and after-tanning products – if a solarium is available.

Installing a showcase with products for sale in a beauty studio is an excellent opportunity to increase the average check and make your clients happy. EasyWeek salon software allows you to track the number of products in stock, enter different suppliers into the system, and move products between branches within the network. The system will alert the manager in advance of the need to make a delivery.

How to reach employee motivation

Whether or not the products will be in demand depends mainly on the work and communication between the master and the client. To motivate employees to offer masks or heat protection sprays, give them a bonus for each product sold.

The approved commission percentage is fixed in the EasyWeek software, and each master will receive a bonus after selling products. The system will reflect all sales, and the director can track which masters are most successful. However, you should not overdo it and focus only on sales. Intrusive service is not beautiful to anyone. Your masters should first of all qualitatively perform the stated procedures. Sales of salon goods – although helpful, it is still an additional option.

How to open a beauty studio

How to manage beauty salon consumables

Salon services are not only the stylists' work but also a certain amount of material that is included in the cost of each procedure:

  • shampoo and conditioner;

  • styling products;

  • hair dyes;

  • foil, napkins, disposable towels, etc.

As a salon owner, you should fix the movement of all goods and consumables to distribute the organization's finances correctly. The beauty salon owner should be able to analyze purchases, identify periods of maximum consumption, and determine the number of unaccounted losses. This will allow competent budget planning in the future. When preparing a beauty salon business plan, it is necessary to provide a place for storing consumables and determine the frequency of materials inventory.

Product flow management in beauty industry

Management software for beauty studios

Any salon nowadays needs a proper CRM system. There are a lot of automated management systems for beauty salons on the market, but the "price-quality" ratio can distinguish the EasyWeek software.

In addition to accounting and inventory of goods, the software offers:

  • convenient appointment booking;

  • customizable notification module;

  • employee scheduling and payroll module;

  • easy-to-use calendar to keep track of all appointments and staff workload;

  • free SEO-optimized website ready to run ads.

How to sales goods in beauty salon


Any business requires a systematic approach, and there are no unimportant details, even if something seems so. When opening a beauty salon, the owner has the primary task of launching and debugging all processes – from customer management to quarterly evaluations of employees. Goods and consumables accounting will reduce costs and simplify controlling the salon's warehouse. Try EasyWeek salon software for free to see how it can optimize your inventory control.

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