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How to open a range room


Range rooms are becoming increasingly popular: the current world situation stresses people. Anger or rage rooms are popular as an excellent anti-stress activity for bachelor parties, birthdays, fests and just for fun. A lot of people undergo a crazy amount of stress, and a rage room is a perfect idea to cope with it.

The primary purpose of starting such a business is to relieve people's stress and allow them to vent their anger healthily.

In a Rage Room, also called a Smash Room or Anger Room, people can vent their anger by destroying objects in a room. For example, customers can ruin things by throwing them against hard surfaces, throwing other objects at them or smashing them with tools such as a sledgehammer.

Rage rooms can consist of mock living rooms and kitchens with replica furniture and electronic equipment such as televisions, DVD players, chairs, tables and desks. Sometimes, rage room operators allow clients to bring their possessions to destroy if they wish.

Therefore, clients must wear a body suit, mask, gloves, closed shoes, etc.

You cannot overstate that opening a rage room is not easy, and you still need to get creative if you want to make money from this business. So in this article, we have put together some tips on opening your Rage Room.

You can start with minimal investment. $5 000 should be fine to cover rent, utilities and basic consumables. In the beginning, it's better to work without extra employees. You can always ask for help from friends and relatives. Sure, later, you can offer excellent compensation for this support. Things take time.

Yes, of course! One visit costs $10 – 25, depending on business strategy. You can get back the initial investment in 8 – 12 months. Sure, it is also possible to do it earlier, then marketing and smart software will be your best friends.

The idea first came to Donna Alexander when she was 16 years old and growing up on the Southside of Chicago in the late 1990s: What if all the people who are in prison for hurting others and breaking things could vent their anger somewhere else?

A Rage room business

Anger room business plan

What to consider when opening a Rage Room? Any business requires careful planning. The range room isn't an exception. If you would like to get a constant customer flow, work for it. It all starts with a good business plan. A business plan will help you to succeed as an entrepreneur: outline the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. Keep a few critical issues in mind:

Study the industry

From a Wikipedia report, the first Rage Rooms probably opened in Japan in 2008 or earlier. After that, the concept spread to other countries such as Serbia, England and Argentina. Today, there are hundreds of Rage Rooms in the United States.

The most prominent global rage room industry players are Today, Smash Therapy, SimplySmashing, Thundrdome Amusements, EXIT Holdings, Rage Room of Maryland, Smash Room, Rage Room Madison Heights and Battle Sports. In Germany – Crash Room, Rage Room Central, KarlsWut. There are not many rage rooms on the German market – so this is a niche with minimal competition and great opportunities for your business- especially with good preparation and promotion.

Determine your target group

Many customers can see the humour in Rage Rooms. They will take their momentum to blow off steam and have a good time without causing significant damage. For example, clients might book the room for birthday parties, stag or hen parties, or stressed-out workers on their lunch break.

However, attracting clients who urgently need to blow off steam can also be beneficial. This may include individuals or groups who have recently become unemployed, have involuntarily broken up from a relationship, or are otherwise filled with unreleased anger.

Choose the legal form

The most common business forms are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

If you set up a legal entity, such as a limited company, you are protected from personal liability if your anger space is sued. You can set up a limited company and pay only the minimum cost or hire one of the best formation services for a small additional fee.

Your company also requires a separate bank account. It's easy to open but should be done on the first steps of the business launch.

Connect an appointment software

Online appointments and precise business analytics are must-haves. The proper software will help you to cover them all effortlessly.

How to deal with anger

Rage room equipment

What equipment you should buy to get started:

  • Various destructible items

  • Long hand digging shovel

  • Fibreglass sledge hammer

  • Ash baseball bat

  • Fibreglass rubber mallet

  • 3M headgear, face and head protection

  • Padded chest protector

  • One pair of tactical gloves

  • Robot hoover

  • Combination dustpan and broom

How does a Rage Room earn money?

The money a rage room makes is more than the cost of purchasing the breakable items that are provided for destruction. It also needs to cover overhead costs. These include:

  • Renting promises

  • Energy costs, if not included in the rent

  • Paid advertising and other expenses incurred in promoting your business

  • Staff costs, e.g. for staff to arrange the tableaus, acquire customers, take bookings, provide security, clean up after one booking and prepare the room for the next – even if the owner themselves can do these tasks.

Make your Rage Room more profitable

A key source of income is finding a steady stream of breakable items at the lowest possible price. Visit garage sales, flea markets and roadside litter regularly. Households regularly put broken televisions, sinks, toilets, washers, dryers, cabinets and other large and small fragile items out for trash pickup. Find out who in each neighbourhood and municipality in your area designates the day for rubbish collection, and pull up with a van the night before. The more items you can pick up for free, the greater the potential profitability of your business.

Once you have the essentials figured out, consider how you can expand your business with additional space or a mobile component.

Also, think about additional services that could provide you with extra income. For example, consider offering drinks, snacks, and professional video services to document the visit.

The anger room

Automating your Rage room business

Installing scheduling software for your Rage Room would be a great advantage. On the one hand, your customers can book rooms quickly and easily. But on the other hand, you get the opportunity to manage your client flow and your team's work effectively.

Let's take a look at what the EasyWeek software offers you, for example:

  • An online calendar allows you to manage all bookings in real-time.

  • Automatic booking confirmations and reminders.

  • Your customers' data is stored and evaluated, and you can set up a convenient labelling system in your customer database.

  • You can create your loyalty program with different pricing options.

  • The system also offers a range of integrations with social media and other services and apps.

  • If you don't already have a website, you can create one for free on the EasyWeek platform.

  • With the resource and staff management features, you can monitor all daily operations in one place.

Rage Room target group


Before investing, you should weigh the pros and cons and carefully examine the companies' offers for opening a Rage Rooms franchise. You may find a partner who will share the risks with you. It won't be as expensive as starting your own business. You can partner with the Rage Rooms owners by offering them a version of the business development.

Analyse the possibilities for developing the business. For example, consider looking at the prospect of opening several Rage Rooms in one area. This way, you will accelerate the payback period of the lease.

A competent analysis of the target group's ability to pay helps answer the central question: "Is it worth opening a rage room?" The search is exciting but static; demand can drop quickly in a city with a small population.

Make sure you install the scheduling software, which will significantly reduce administrative costs and optimise customer service. Believe in your power, and everything will be fine! And also, try EasyWeek appointment software.

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