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Beauty salon reviews: how to get and handle them

Beauty salon reviews: how to get and handle them

Every business depends on customers, especially the beauty industry – competition is fierce. We'll share useful tips and a checklist for gathering more feedback from salon customers and handling any negative reviews better.

Why customer feedback is important

Customer reviews are crucial for enhancing your beauty salon service. They help you understand your guests' needs and identify problems. Positive reviews serve as excellent, free advertising.

Negative feedback often comes without prompting, which seems unfair. To balance things out and thoroughly evaluate your employees' performance, it's important to establish an effective process for collecting and handling customer feedback. You'll gain insights into what attracts or repels visitors. With the help of reviews, you will identify the level of customer satisfaction and reasons for abandonment.

Let's consider below how to encourage clients to write reviews, including using the functionality of EasyWeek salon software.

No, you should not remove such reviews. It would be much more effective to write a detailed response to negative feedback: apologize, explain, and tell what has been done to ensure the situation does not happen again. Customers appreciate honesty and openness, and it’s much better than being perfect.

Use salon management software. It allows you to request customer feedback after each service, and this data will be stored in your staff members' profiles.

Place a stand with a QR code that will lead to your internal questionnaire or the salon's profile on Google Maps for reviews. QR codes attract customers and encourage them to scan.

How to get reviews from your clients

How to get customer feedback

How can you encourage guests to leave honest reviews?

1. A follow-up call or message from the receptionist

After the service has been completed, ask the customer to leave a review. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via messengers. It is often the case that the receptionist will contact the guests after they leave and ask them to share their visit experience.

2. Online survey

You can automate the feedback process: the customer receives a link to an online questionnaire via email or any other communication channel. This process can be set up with EasyWeek salon software.

3. Tableholder with QR code and NFC

A QR & NFC stand can be installed at the salon reception area, programmed to ask for customer feedback.

4. Feedback on various platforms

The master or salon administrator can encourage the client to leave a review on social media or elsewhere. Usually, such a request is made only to a guest who is satisfied with the service performed.

5. Encourage customers to reviews

Rewarding customers for leaving reviews is an effective way to increase their numbers. Loyalty programs can include discounts, reward points, or freebies for those who actively share their experiences. According to BrightLocal research, 68% of customers are willing to leave a review if a reward is offered.

Contests and promotions are another effective way to motivate customers to leave reviews. For example, you can hold monthly drawings for those who leave a review, with prizes for free salon services or products.

Customer reviews in the beauty industry

Where to store customer reviews

You will need a CRM program to store information about each client. You can enter not only contact information and name but also preferences and characteristics of each customer.

For example, if a client mentions that he liked or disliked a certain master, this data can be noted in the client card in the CRM system. At the next visit, the staff can prepare in advance and consider all the guests' wishes. Being attentive to customer interests and feedback builds trust and loyalty.

Segmentation by demographics and other parameters

To create a personalized service, it is important to consider different customer characteristics. For example, younger clients may prefer modern and innovative treatments, while more mature visitors may favor classic care methods. Separating clients by age, gender, preferences, and behavior allows the salon to create more targeted offers, increase satisfaction, and avoid negative feedback. However, remember that everything is individual, with no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Marketing campaigns based on customer database segments

It's not ethical to publicly categorize your customers, but you can use information from your base to build and test hypotheses. For example, campaigns for a younger audience might include fashion trends and discounts on new treatments, while for an older age group, the focus might be on skin and hair health. You can prepare a separate email newsletter for each group and then collect feedback to see if it is helpful.

Reviews on the beauty salon's website

Posting reviews on your salon's website boosts transparency and builds customer trust. Seeing positive reviews makes new clients more likely to choose your salon. According to marketing company Nielsen, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Negative reviews are also a good thing! Paradoxically, it's true – public negative reviews and a professional response to them increase trust in a business. You can infer from the response to negativity how much the salon cares about customers and whether management is acting professionally. Bad reviews are the key to understanding the true competencies of your employees.

How to properly request a client review

How to automate feedback processing

Receiving and processing reviews is vital but still a chore that automation can simplify.

Implement salon management software

A salon CRM program can automatically send a feedback form link to clients right after their appointment. The software also generates reports on clients and allows you to get instant notifications of new feedback. This is important for resolving issues quickly and maintaining high customer satisfaction. A study by Zendesk found that companies that respond quickly to feedback retain up to 25% more customers.

Use AI to analyze reviews and determine tone

Artificial intelligence-based systems can automatically analyze reviews and determine their positive, neutral, or negative tone. This helps to identify major issues and respond to them promptly and quickly. McKinsey reports that companies using AI to analyze reviews can cut response times by 50%.

How to avoid negative feedback in a beauty salon

EasyWeek CRM system for managing reviews

The EasyWeek booking service is a great tool for managing all salon processes, including helping to encourage clients to leave feedback.

After completing the service, the system automatically sends a feedback request to the client. After a salon treatment, the technician can ask customer if everything was ok and warn them that they will receive a link to fill out a review. This procedure increases the likelihood of client action.

You can view and filter the feedback by location, employee, service, and rating parameters. This allows you to quickly and efficiently analyze all data. In addition, the CRM software allows the salon team to respond quickly to feedback. Consider that the open dialogue with customers increases their loyalty. The average rating and feedback can be displayed in the online appointment widget and on the salon's website from EasyWeek. Displaying real reviews on your website boosts trust among new clients, but you can always disable this feature if needed.

A review rating and ranking system helps potential clients quickly navigate through a large amount of feedback. This can include ratings of services, masters, and overall salon scores. Such a system helps to increase trust and improve the salon's reputation.

Beauty salon software for automating customer reviews

Checklist: an algorithm for working with feedback

1. Collect reviews

  • Use different channels for surveys – in-person or online.

  • Put a stand with a QR code and link it to your testimonials page.

  • Use EasyWeek salon software to automate feedback after each service.

2. Analyze customer feedback

  • Regularly review all reviews received.

  • Categorize them by type and topic.

  • Enter data into the salon CRM.

3. Respond to client reviews

  • Create thoughtful answers to all feedback, especially negative ones.

  • Avoid mutual blame – it's unprofessional.

  • Showcase how you resolve issues publicly.

4. Act due to client feedback

  • Implement changes based on feedback: schedule additional employee training or revise your salon appointment system. Regular training and courses based on real feedback help employees improve their skills and service.

  • Inform customers about the improvements implemented.

  • Implement a system to reward a client for unsatisfactory feedback: a discount on a salon service, a free service, or something else.

  • Conduct mentoring sessions with staff after every negative review, and always praise staff for their successes.

Why customer feedback is valuable to a beauty business


Customer feedback is one of the key elements for developing a beauty salon. A systematic approach to collecting and analyzing reviews, as well as prompt response to them, improves the quality of service and stimulates customer loyalty. With the EasyWeek salon software, your business can effectively manage feedback and become closer to its customers. Try CRM software for free and automate the feedback in your beauty salon.

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