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Stand with NFC & QR: a contactless handy tool for business

Stand with NFC & QR: a contactless handy tool for business

Discover takeaways on how QR code and NFC technology attract customers and save on company advertising budgets. Also, learn how to get affordable and impactful stands with QR codes and NFC from EasyWeek booking software.


Contactless communication is increasingly in demand among consumers and businesses. NFC is an innovative solution that simplifies client interactions and automates various processes, such as NFC Google reviews. This article explains what QR code table holders with NFC stand for, how they work, and their benefits.

What is a QR & NFC stand?

A QR & NFC table stand combines two cutting-edge technologies: QR (quick response) and NFC (near-field communication). These stands feature QR codes and NFC tags for interacting with smartphones or other smart devices like watches. As a result, users gain instant access to information, can smoothly book services, make payments, or leave Google reviews quickly and conveniently by tapping.

Customers initiate pre-programmed actions by scanning or tapping their phone on the NFC display. Businesses can direct these actions to specific links based on priorities, such as Google Maps reviews or online booking.

This technological device saves time for both staff and clients and serves as an outstanding marketing tool that leverages human curiosity. Fortunately, humans want to scan anything that can be scanned, so QR stickers or displays become handy options for your company's business purposes. For example, you can redirect customers to the appointment module to encourage them to book your services online.

The QR & NFC stand is intuitive and easy to use. Customers scan the code or tap their phone on the NFC stand, triggering a pre-programmed process that directs them to the company's website for service booking, transaction confirmation, or Google Maps reviews.

Safety is a top priority when using QR and NFC displays. These technologies use proper encryption and security protocols to protect user data, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure payment defense.

Tabletop stands with QR code and NFC tag

Benefits of using QR and NFC stands

Utilizing freestanding QR stands with NFC provides several key advantages:

  • Customer convenience. Quick access to online booking modules and contactless payments enlarges the company's reputation and makes the business accessible to all users, regardless of technical skills.

  • Transaction speed and security. Advanced encryption methods protect payments instantly.

  • Cost efficiency and sustainability. Reducing paper-based information saves resources, minimizing wasteful paper advertising costs.

  • Increased customer feedback. The ease of using QR codes and NFC tags improves service quality and simplifies the process of getting customer reviews via Google Maps or any other resource.

  • Marketing solutions. Quick setup and parameter adjustments of the QR stand allow easy adaptation to business needs.

  • Higher average order value. Clients can select services and products independently, often leading to higher order values as they add items to their cart without pressure.

Stickers with QR codes and NFC

Uses of QR & NFC display stands

One can meet NFC-enabled stickers with QR codes nearly anywhere, from the retail to the hospitality industry. These devices can indeed serve multiple purposes:

  1. Easygoing online booking. For service-oriented businesses such as beauty salons, healthcare centers or photo studios, linking the QR stand to a booking widget saves time for both staff and clients.

  2. Contactless payments. NFC-based transactions are convenient, fast, and secure.

  3. Digital showcase. The simple way to invite customers to view a menu, choose services, or purchase event tickets.

  4. Marketing and customer attraction. Prominently placed NFC displays with QR codes attract interest and encourage customers to scan them, replacing costly and ineffective print ads.

  5. Customer feedback requests. Place QR and NFC display stands in high-traffic areas to collect reviews. Customers can quickly scan the QR code or tap the NFC tag to access a review form, making leaving feedback on Google Maps or elsewhere easy and convenient.

Stand with NFC and QR code for booking appointments

Why choose an NFC tag stand?

NFC and QR stands offer a variety of benefits that often surpass outdated methods that some might call "traditional":

  • Reduced time to complete operations: Faster processes improve the quality of customer servicing.

  • Increased security: The tap payments through NFC tags or QR codes protect user data.

  • Modern engagement: NFC and QR stands provide a contemporary way for clients to interact with your business.

  • Resource efficiency: These tech-savvy devices eliminate the need for printed flyers or extra staff.

Payments and reviews via stands with NFC and QR codes

How to install and use a QR NFC stand

Installing a QR NFC stand is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. The key is setting up the link that customers will follow, which can direct them to an online booking widget, company website, online payment, or Google Maps profile. Once set up, place the stand in a visible location to maximize the benefits of QR and NFC technology.

The EasyWeek booking app provides a comprehensive solution for launching online booking technology. It also allows businesses to order affordable, stylish-looking QR stands with NFC tags. These stands require no programming, and you can adjust settings within minutes through the booking app interface.

Stands with NFC and QR from EasyWeek

Pricing for QR and NFC displays

The expense of stands or stickers with QR codes and NFC depends on the number ordered, design features, and the chosen supplier. Ordering directly from companies that implement online booking for businesses, like EasyWeek, can often be more cost-effective. Investments in QR stands with NFC quickly pay off due to their efficiency, durability, and immediate improvement in service quality.


QR and NFC stands, or stickers, represent a significant advancement in contactless business communication. They offer a modern and convenient tool for promoting services and addressing business marketing tasks. The QR code-based online booking and contactless payments enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Set up an NFC stand with QR today to leverage all the advantages of NFC and QR technology, including tap reviews, for your business. Easily order and set up a QR and NFC stand with EasyWeek's online booking service.

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