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Free barbershop software

Free barbershop software

Connect convenient online appointment scheduling and get a mobile app, website, and widget. Discover all the benefits of barber booking software.


Staying organized is paramount in the hustle and bustle of modern barbershops. With clients seeking personalized barber services, managing appointments and keeping track of customer preferences can be daunting. 

That's why there's a game-changing solution: online appointment booking software. Acting as a digital assistant for barbershops, this innovative tool simplifies the entire scheduling process, allowing barbers and owners to manage their time and resources efficiently. From setting appointments to sending reminders, online booking systems ensure seamless communication between barbers and clients, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

This article will examine the benefits of online appointment software for barbershops, the current software market, and its best options.

In theory, yes. However, practically every beauty business will only benefit from easier and smoother online appointment scheduling. It not only increases the average check but also boosts customer satisfaction.

The prices vary depending on the features, number of users & branches, providers, and location. Generally, a good solution will cost from $20 monthly to $100 per month for some options. 

There are many worthy solutions, so telling what is the best is challenging. We vote for EasyWeek as it stands out thanks to handy online appointments, free website creation, a customizable widget, instant notifications, more than 4K+ integrations, including Meta & Google products, and more.

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What online appointments bring to barbershop

Online appointments bring numerous benefits to barbershops, transforming operations and enhancing the overall customer experience. Online appointments offer several key advantages for barbershops, including:

  1. Efficient scheduling. Clients can easily book appointments online, reducing the time and effort required for manual booking processes.

  2. Reduced no-shows. Automated reminders and confirmations help minimize no-shows, ensuring that barbers' time is utilized effectively.

  3. Improved client satisfaction. The convenience of online booking enhances the overall client experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

  4. Enhanced organization. Online appointment systems provide a centralized platform for managing bookings, reducing the risk of double bookings and scheduling errors.

  5. Increased productivity. Barbers can focus on delivering quality services rather than spending time on administrative tasks like scheduling appointments.

  6. Accessibility. With internet access, clients can book appointments 24/7 from any location, catering to a broader range of scheduling preferences.

  7. Business growth. Online appointments can increase client retention and word-of-mouth referrals by streamlining operations and enhancing client satisfaction, ultimately driving business growth.

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7 simple steps to choose barber online appointment software

We have prepared 7 easy steps to choose barber online appointment software:

  1. Figure out what you need. Decide what features you want, like online booking or reminders.

  2. Research. Look for different software options for barbershops online.

  3. Read reviews. Check what other barbershops say about the software you're interested in.

  4. Compare features. Compare the features and prices of different software options.

  5. Check compatibility. Make sure the software works with your current systems.

  6. Try it out. See if you can try a demo or trial version to test how it works.

  7. Consider support. Think about what kind of help and training the software provider offers.

Following these steps can help you pick the right online appointment software for your barbershop without hassle and increase customer satisfaction quickly.

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EasyWeek barbershop software & competitors

The modern software market is overflooded with various business solutions that are often not worth your attention, starting from extra features that your barbershop will probably never use and up to hidden costs, a super complicated interface, and almost no customer support. That is why a business owner should be careful when choosing software for a barbershop. 

Let's see how EasyWeek deals with client demand and stays popular and efficient for barbers and other beauty businesses.

Why EasyWeek:

  1. It is super EASY! Setting up and starting work will take you no more than 30 minutes.

  2. A free website. After filling in all the basic business information, the solution will automatically create a landing with your company information.

  3. 4K+ integrations. EasyWeek is integrated with almost any business software you can even think about. It offers over 4,000 integration options, including Meta and Google services.

  4. Customizable widget. With the service, you can style your widget as creative as you want. There are many icons, all possible colors and shades, to help you in the process.

  5. 3 types of notifications. EasyWeek offers email, SMS, push reminders, and notifications, which you can easily create and send to clients and staff.

  6. 24/7 support. Usually, all goes well, but if not, EasyWeek support will immediately help to cope with the issue as they work 24/7.

  7. 14-day trial. It is always better to try the solution before buying it. EasyWeek understands it, so it offers a free trial to test the system.

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Online appointment software has become a cornerstone for modern barbershops, reshaping how they manage operations and elevate customer experiences. By simplifying scheduling, minimizing no-shows, and enhancing client satisfaction, the software offers indispensable benefits for business growth and efficiency. 

As the market evolves, staying abreast of the latest solutions is crucial for barbershops aiming to remain competitive. Investing in online appointment software streamlines operations and enhances overall customer experiences, positioning barbershops for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

EasyWeek stands out thanks to convenient online scheduling, free landing creation, a customizable widget, 3 types of notifications, and many other advantages. Try the software today to benefit from it tomorrow.

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