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Makeup artist makeup case


  1. Introduction

  2. Standard makeup artist case

  3. Makeup trolley case

  4. Bags for makeup

  5. A suitcase

  6. Inconvenient cases

  7. Backpacks

  8. Conclusion

#1 Introduction

The makeup artist business is a risky one. There are many trifles and issues you have to know before starting. But, in general, this business is much easier than opening a beauty salon, a massage parlor, and even creating a nail studio.

It is so, mainly because there are no official requirements. However, an aspiring entrepreneur still has to register the business. The best options are LCC or sole proprietor. Then there is no license to obtain or permits to get. The most important thing is to decide how you will work.

Usually, they work from home or in a beauty studio. If you have already created an excellent client base, consider working from home. You will not need to worry about organizational details, renting premises, and other trifles.

The second option is working in a beauty salon. Of course, then, you will be required to pay 25-50% of the revenue for renting the space. Nevertheless, it is a good start for those who would like to work as a makeup artist but still have no loyal clients.

The equipment includes various tools and consumables. We recommend considering your budget and getting quality products. There is no point in buying cheap AliExpress replicas to impress your audience. Your clients are smart enough to understand that the product is fake. If you are low-budget, you better get good affordable products. Their range varies. First, you can use drugstore options. Brands like Essence, Maybelline New York, NYX are not too expensive and have good quality.

Most of the time, clients will ask you to create makeup at clients' places. So, you have to get there and your cosmetic tools too. That is why a good makeup bag is a must-have.

You will not be required to spend months learning theory. Practice is what your clients appreciate. So, in general, it takes up to 6 months. During this period, you will be able to dive into the theory, practice on models, and develop your unique style.

There are several options. You can either study makeup offline or learn theory online. When selecting makeup courses provided on online platforms, you better remember that theory alone without practice won't help while working.

#2 Standard makeup artist case

The standard makeup artist case is usually boxes made of metal or plastic. These makeup cases are prevalent among makeup artists. They are affordable, beautiful, and the best – they last long.

Let's take a look at the small makeup artist case. It can cope with 5 kg of products. This option is the best for those who are only starting. Beginners do not have too many cosmetics, so that they will be delighted with the slight variant. Plus, the small case costs much cheaper than the big one.

Another benefit of such cases is that they can be your workplace. If you come to a client and understand that there is no free space to work on, use your bag!

You can transform the case into a mini table thanks to its top. Another benefit is that if you want to place the case, and it is small enough, you will not need to bother about finding a lot of free space. Usually, a small table, chair, or even a bed will be fine. Then you can place makeup brushes on a special belt. You won't need much space to work. A client will feel satisfied, so only benefits.

Makeup cases made of metal can be pretty heavy. Consider buying plastic or aluminum ones. A metal makeup case weighs 2-2.5 kg. Then put some cosmetics there, and you have to be a superhero to deal with it.

A professional makeup artist case made of metal will cost you about $50-100. Plastic and aluminum options can be found cheaper. Their pricing starts from $25.

Where to buy a professional makeup artist case?

The best idea is to buy the cases online. Sure, there are a lot of makeup stores to get all the equipment, but the products there usually cost more.

Beginners should think about buying non-metal cases online. There are so many affordable solutions so that everyone can get a good option.

#3 Makeup trolley case

Starting with a small case is a good way to grow to a trolley one. Once you start working with hair services, think about changing the case. Trolley makeup cases are more significant than the standard ones. They look like a small suitcase. The material differs. It is similar to the 1st option. Trolley cases can be metal, plastic, aluminum, and so on.

If you have to think about its weight in the case of the standard option, it does not matter. You will not suffer because of it anyway. The trolleys are suitable to help petite makeup artists with carrying all the equipment to their customers.

The classic trolley can hold up to 150 kg. It is pretty convenient as the bag can work as a chair for your models. Sure, it is not crucial if you work inside, but outside shootings often require professional makeup. So, you can offer the case as a chair to the client and create any makeup without any difficulties.

How to choose the best trolley makeup artist case

As usual, the "suitcase" includes a few small makeup bags. It can be convenient, but only if you know how to organize the space efficiently. The main rule is to place all the big heavy bottles down, fill the bag with lighter products like pigments, eyeshadows, etc.

You have to be careful when carrying the trolley makeup case. The artist cases are made of solid materials, but still, the products can be damaged. Space organizing will solve this problem.

The cases are very comfortable for those who have a lot of cosmetics. So, you can carry everything in one big bag.

Another benefit is that the cases are perfect for traveling. If you are afraid to lose your working material, choose this option. In addition, trolleys are allowed to be inside the plane's salon.

How much do makeup artist cases cost

Same as the previous variant – it depends. Designer trolleys are expensive. They start with $150 and go up to a few thousand. But we do not need to spend so much to get a makeup bag. Consider getting a budget option. They are cheaper, still good, and look just fabulous.

Where can I buy the case?

Anywhere! Like literary. You can get this makeup case online, in offline stores, at marketplaces, etc.

#4 Bags for makeup

Are you a low-budget beginner? It is okay – get a bag! The bag is big enough to cope with all the products. In addition, it costs much less than professional makeup cases and standard makeup bags.

Sure, this option won't work out if you are a famous professional makeup artist. But then, you can get a better chance. Simple bags are suitable for beginners who serve friends or offer budget services.

It is better to save on a bag than on cosmetics.

  • How much do they cost?

    The price starts from $5.

  • Where can I buy one?

    Go to any shopping mall and look for a nice bag.

#5 A suitcase

What about getting another budget option – a suitcase for your makeup. This variant is perfect for aspiring makeup artists who are eager to start but have no money.

You can use the standard suitcase for traveling. This "makeup case" looks good but not too professional. Same as the previous option, bags are best for beginners.

  • Where to buy a suitcase?

    The best way of getting one is to order it online. Usually, there are many discounts so that you will save even more.

  • How much do they cost?

    The budget option will be about $30-50. If you want to get a better one, be ready to spend about $70-100. In any case, it will be much more affordable than getting the same stuff in an actual offline store.

#6 Inconvenient cases

There are so many good affordable makeup bags, but there are also many bad options. So let's see which cases are better to avoid.

  • Complicated, professional makeup suitcases.

    They can be gorgeous, simply charming, with vivid designs, additional light, mirrors, and so on. And, it sounds so lovely till you see their price and know that they will break in 3-4 months. Too complex solutions won't work. We recommend choosing simply attractive, affordable options.

  • Too big makeup cases made of 2 and more sections.

    They can look pretty attractive. It seems you can use them all year round. They are big, so it is easy to put all the products inside and so on. The cases are often of awful quality. Unless you are ready to spend a lot on a good one, select smaller and better options.

#7 Backpacks

A backpack is a stylish and affordable solution for many. Beginners often choose simple backpacks to start practicing. It is a good option to try. Just one moment to know: this kind of artist bag can be pretty heavy. If you have a lot of consumables, better choose a trolley. Carrying a trolley is much easier than a backpack.

  • How much do they cost?

    Their price starts from $10 for a small one and can go up to $50 for more prominent solutions.

  • Where to get a backpack?

    You can find a nice backpack in mass-market stores. They are available both online and offline.

#8 Conclusions

We have mentioned all the most popular makeup cases: professional ones and bags with casual options. Usually, makeup artists try a few bags before selecting the best one.

We recommend starting from simple variants like backpacks or ordinary makeup bags. Then with time, you can get a more quality option.

EasyWeek will be happy to be with you on this difficult way to success. We will simplify it for you as much as possible. That's our main task!

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