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Our features

  • Online Booking 24/7
  • Calendar Management
  • Client base
  • Online website
  • Integrations
  • Statistics & Data analysis
  • Notifications
  • Multi branches
  • Loyalty program
  • Commission Staff
  • Mobile Application
  • Products

Questions / Answers

Personal page of the salon. What is this?

We have developed for you a personal page of the company. In its structure is not inferior to the full site. On the page, you can place information about your business, services, masters, answer frequently asked questions. Also on the page will be indicated the entire list of services, prices, and a link to the online record. This is not all! Customers can leave feedback on wizards, view the work of masters and photos from social networks.

How will integration into my company take place?

The first launch of the program occurs in conjunction with our manager on Skype, Zoom or any similar service. We will talk about the functionality, perform the first settings of the system and answer all questions.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. You can stop using the program at any time. We will certainly be sad about this decision, and we will try to do our best to make you satisfied 😉.

Can EasyWeek integrate with other sites or programs?

Yes. Over 2000 services are available for integration. We use the Zapier platform to connect. Upon request, we can set up a connection with any available system and automate your business processes.

Is there any user support?

Yes! We are here to answer any questions and help launch a customer flow. Just write to us by e-mail [email protected], or chat and we will help you.

After what time does the new record appear in the schedule?

Instantly! After recording, the client receives a confirmation by SMS (it is possible to disconnect), and the wizard receives a notification about a new record (it is also possible to configure).

Can customers sign up after hours of a specialist?

No, the EasyWeek algorithm completely eliminates this possibility. The system sets the work schedule for each master and the client sees only the available working time of the master.

Can I install an online recording on our website?

Yes, to install the widget on the site, you need to copy the HTML code in the integration section and place it on the site page. Email us [email protected] - installation is free!

Do I need a website for online recording to work?

No, not needed. You can use the direct link to the online record by adding it to facebook, instagram. Our customers also receive an online web page that serves as a site.

What are the access roles in the program?

Role "Owner" - full access to program management. Role "Administrator" - management of program settings, setting the schedule of employees, administration. Role "Employee" - can view your schedule and work schedule.

Can I use the program on more than one device?

Yes you can. Since the program is provided in the web version, you can access it from several devices at the same time. You do not need your own server or computer space to work in EasyWeek.

Can I set up SMS alerts?

Yes, you can configure almost everything. Unique Alpha name, message text, events by which to notify customers or employees.

How can I add an online-appointment link to my social media?

Yes of course! After registration, you will have a unique company link that you need to publish on social networks. By this link your customers will be able to make appointments 24/7.

Is this program just for beauty salons?

This is the personal page of the company. It contains the services of your company, prices, employees, portfolio, contacts and links to social networks. Of course, an online appointment appointment is available on this page.